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Ron Paul Draws 1,200 Colorado Supporters in Fort Collins



Fort Collins event a success as Centennial State voters turn out en masse for Dr. Paul’s message

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul again drew a huge crowd of supporters.  The 12-term Congressman from Texas attracted more than 1,200 supporters and undecided voters in Fort Collins, Colorado earlier today.  The crowd gathered for Dr. Paul in the Lory Student Center’s Main Ballroom at Colorado State University. The event demonstrated the support and enthusiasm Coloradans give Dr. Paul.At the event Dr. Paul discussed provisions of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America,’ and other elements of his limited-government platform.

Ron Paul in Colorado

Ron Paul surveys the crowd of 1,200 in the Main Ballroom

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Ron Paul ties GOP in knots



By Matt Welch, Special to CNN

Ron Paul with supporters

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul greets supporters outside a polling station in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Editor’s note: Matt Welch is editor in chief of Reason and co-author of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America (PublicAffairs).

To get a sense of how Ron Paul is tying the GOP establishment in knots, look no further than Sen. Jim DeMint, the powerful Republican from the site of the next major primary, South Carolina.

Until November 2010, DeMint had a clear claim on being the most influential, populist-flavored fiscal conservative in the Senate. Then a wave of Tea Party freshmen helped bring a Republican majority to the House of Representative and a new breed of politician to the Senate — one best exemplified by Kentucky’s Rand Paul, whose post-campaign memoir was titled The Tea Party Goes to Washington.

DeMint, a strong social conservative, greeted it with both a hearty welcome (“[P]ut on your boxing gloves. The fight begins today”) and an attempt at line-drawing. “You can’t be a fiscal conservative,” he claimed just after the election, “and not be a social conservative.”

DeMint was totally wrong about that — polling data has indicated that a majority of Americans feel comfortable with the label of “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” — but that’s not what’s interesting here. What’s interesting is that after pooh-poohing the existence of a species that closely resembles the politically homeless tribe known as libertarians, DeMint, in the wake of Rep. Ron Paul’s solid second-place showing so far in the GOP presidential primary season, is using the L-word as a compliment.

“One of the things that’s hurt the so-called conservative alternative is saying negative things about Ron Paul,” DeMint told radio host Laura Ingraham this week. “I’d like to see a Republican Party that embraces a lot of the libertarian ideas.”

This is a departure. In both 2000 and 2008, the top two GOP delegate-winners ran on explicitly anti-libertarian platforms. As John McCain wrote in his campaign memoir “Worth the Fighting For,” “I welcomed a greater, if still limited, role for government in national problems, anathema to the ‘leave us alone’ libertarian philosophy that dominated Republican debates in the 1990s. So did George W. Bush, I must add, who challenged libertarian orthodoxy with his appeal for a ‘compassionate conservatism.’”

The mix of compassionate conservatism, with its emphasis on domestic spending initiatives such as No Child Left Behind and the Medicare Part D, and neo-conservatism, with its emphasis on interventionist foreign policy, produced results that were both predictable and predictably repellent to libertarians: A 60% increase in federal nondefense spending under Bush, and a federal government that recognized no corner of the globe or hospital room as off-limits to American police power.

It’s no wonder, then, that libertarians, like the rest of America, have been fleeing the Republican Party in droves. From 1972 to1988, libertarians voted Republican for president 69 percent of the time; since then the percentage has dropped to 46. Meanwhile the country, and especially younger people, have been turning more culturally libertarian on issues like gay marriage and marijuana prohibition, at a time when the mainstream GOP keeps fighting those lost causes.

Mitt Romney is on the glide path to the Republican nomination. But it is not escaping GOP notice that Romney’s vote total in Iowa was the same as it was in 2008, and just 5 percentage points higher in New Hampshire than four years previous. Turnout among self-identified Republicans decreased in both states, even after more than three years of Barack Obama’s misgovernance.


American Idol Kelly Clarkson Endorses Ron Paul – Attacks & Record Sales


Kelly Clarkson Credits: MTV

American Idol sensation Kelly Clarkson sent out some communications on Twitter and WhoSay Wednesday expressing her choice for president in the 2012. Kelly boldly announced “I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance,” and “If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he’s got my vote. Too bad he probably won’t.”

This was quite a courageous stand for the musical star hailing from Texas.  Most in her position would have only one concern, that being record sales and the profits derived from them.  Clarkson is not only a fan of Ron Paul but also of the idea of limited government.  Not unexpected the attacks and harassment started coming her way by those that either uneducated regarding Dr. Paul’s voting record or absorbed with a crafted smear campaign that has been launched.

Addressing the criticism of her endorsement of Ron Paul, Clarkson later tweeted:

“I am really sorry if I have offended anyone. Obviously that was not my intent. I do not support racism. I support gay rights, straight rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, white/black/purple/orange rights. I like Ron Paul because he believes in less government and letting the people (all of us) make the decisions and mold our country. That is all. Out of all of the Republican nominees, he’s my favorite.”

Clarkson later told an angry Twitter follower that “I have never heard that he’s a racist? I definitely don’t agree with racism, that’s ignorant.” She told another that, “I love all people and could care less if you like men or women. I have never heard that Ron Paul is a racist or homophobe?”

The pop star continued her defense, saying: “Man my eyes have been opened to so much hate tonight. If y’all ever disagree with something I say please don’t feel the need to attack me. I will listen to what you say and any articles or viewpoints you have when you say it with respect. Being hateful is not a healthy way to get people to see or hear you. I was raised to respect people and their decisions and beliefs and I hope you will grant me the same decency. If you don’t agree with me simply unfollow me. It’s really that easy. I hope you don’t because I would love the chance to hear what you have to say but if you’re so blinded by hate you can’t seek peace and progress then that is your unfortunate prerogative.”

Appreciative supporters of Ron Paul returned support for Clarkson, as posts appeared on Twitter, Facebook and other locations online calling for a Kelly Clarkson Musicbomb.  The message spread with excellent results.  As on writing this post Kelly Clarkson record sales are up 200%, pushing Clarkson up in the ratings from #39 to #13.

With all the battles ahead I am happy to report this battle between good and evil, good is winning! :)

UPDATED: As of 6:00 PM EST Kelly Clarkson has had an ever increasing sales presence.  Sales of her new album are now up 442% pushing her up to #7!  Way to go Kelly and to all that appreciate her speaking up and are showing Kelly their support!







You can show support and purchase the new Kelly Clarkson album her at Amazon.

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Jay Leno interview with Ron Paul on 12.16.2011

YouTube Preview Image

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Great interview with Jay Leno!

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Obama: Limited Gov’t That Preserves Free Markets ‘Doesn’t Work. It Has Never Worked’



( – In a speech delivered at Osawatomie High School in Osawatomie, Kansas, on Tuesday, President Barack Obama argued that while a limited government that preserves free markets “speaks to our rugged individualism” as Americans, such a system “doesn’t work” and “has never worked” and that Americans must look to a more activist government that taxes more, spends more and regulates more if they want to preserve the middle class.

“‘[T]here is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. ‘The market will take care of everything,’ they tell us,” said Obama. “If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes–especially for the wealthy–our economy will grow stronger.

“Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers,” Obama continued. “But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn’t trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty.

“Now, it’s a simple theory,” said Obama. “And we have to admit, it’s one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked.

“It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression,” said Obama. “It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ‘50s and ‘60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

“Remember in those years, in 2001 and 2003, Congress passed two of the most expensive tax cuts for the wealthy in history,” said Obama. “And what did it get us? The slowest job growth in half a century. Massive deficits that have made it much harder to pay for the investments that built this country and provided the basic security that helped millions of Americans reach and stay in the middle class==things like education and infrastructure, science and technology, Medicare and Social Security.

“Remember that in those same years, thanks to some of the same folks who are now running Congress, we had weak regulation, we had little oversight, and what did it get us?” said Obama. “Insurance companies that jacked up people’s premiums with impunity and denied care to patients who were sick, mortgage lenders that tricked families into buying homes they couldn’t afford, a financial sector where irresponsibility and lack of basic oversight nearly destroyed our entire economy.

“We simply cannot return to this brand of ‘you’re on your own’ economics if we’re serious about rebuilding the middle class in this country,” said Obama.

To read the full speech as transcribed by the White House click here.

[CIM Comment: I won't waste my time ranting about this Socialism loving scum bag, as the people pulling this puppets stings need to be cast into the light as well.  With the well announced, repeatedly, plan they have for taking this country down, is this not the right time to make a challenge with the only Champion of the Constitution?  We have a choice, follow the staus quo of Obama or the "Liberal Right" such as Romney and Gingrich and become another fallen empire in the history books, or turn this countries direction and fate around by supporting the Constitution and supporting Ron Paul.  Your choice, serfdom and servitude or individual freedom and peace.  Which will serve the next generation a better life?  Time to think and decide.]

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