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Ongoing Costs of “The Forgotten War” – Christine Ahn


Ongoing Costs of “The Forgotten War” – Christine Ahn

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In a ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War cease fire, President Obama paid tribute to veterans of what is often called America’s “Forgotten War.”

In an address in front of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on The Mall in Washington, Mr. Obama described the conflict as a “victory” in which “freedom held its ground and free peoples refused to yield.”

Many historians and critics of the war, however, lament that U.S. and allied troops were called on to “die for a tie” in the war, which ended not with a peace treaty but a cease-fire that resulted in a tense stand-off along the Demilitarized Zone at the 38th Parallel.

Tensions between North and South Korea have spiked in recent months as Kim Jong Un, the hereditary ruler of North Korea’s ruling Communist dynasty, continued work on the country’s nuclear weapons program and declared that his government was on a war footing.

Kim’s regime treated the anniversary of the Korean War Cease-Fire as cause for a victory celebration. However, just a few weeks earlier, it sent a message to Washington indicating a willingness to engage in direct talks with the objective of defusing tensions and working to stabilize the Korean Peninsula.

Is there hope for an end to this decades-long conflict — and relief from the financial burdens it has imposed on the United States, as well as both Koreas? Sixty years after overt military conflict ended in the Korean Peninsula, will the Korean War finally come to an end?

We’ll discuss these questions with Christine Ahn, executive director of the Korea Policy Institute and co-founder of the National Campaign to End the Korean War.

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U.S. secret flights to North Korea with equipment, Japan threatened when asking about it




U.S. secret flights to North Korea with equipment. Threatened Japan, when they found out and asked about it.

All the rhetoric that happens around the world with the U.S. threatening one country or another is most likely all bullsh**.  The U.S. is most likely working with the dictators behind the scenes, except for those they want out now (Syria).

Why do I say that?

The U.S. secretly flew into North Korea last year, providing them with equipment, besides who knows what else (nuclear secrets/bombs?).

Not just that, when Japan figured it out…. this administration threatened Japan and their relations with Washington D.C.!

At the end of the article linked, they “suppose” why the U.S. secretly flew into North Korea.  They said it was “For getting the remains of soldiers from the Korean war.”  Give me a break, if that was the reason that information would be all over the U.S. media.  I remember in the 80′s the constant news about the U.S. wanting to recover the bodies of soldiers from the Vietnam war.  It was a big deal and was all we heard about for months with them negotiating for the bodies.

What is absolutely outrageous is the U.S. has been giving a horrible dictator equipment and help in who knows what ways.   A dictator that does not allow the people to be free in the least and kills them besides starving them to death.

The same online news site has an article about how Japan knows that the U.S. is holding back information about North Korea’s nuclear tests from it’s allies, by giving limited or bad data to them.


North Korea has death Gulags/camps where they have an estimated 150 thousand people imprisoned.

North Korean camp

North Korea last year made a statement about U.S. and the people’s right to own guns.  Needless to say they said “It is evil, for people to own guns in the U.S. because people kill other people with them.”  The statement says “The people should not have that right and guns should be controlled.”  You really have to laugh, because of course a dictator would say that.  Guns threaten those who want to completely control the people, that is why they have to be taken away.

North Korea has death Gulags/camps where they have an estimated 150 thousand people imprisoned.   Google just released maps of NK with locations of death camps this last month.

We have a right to know along with all other countries what the U.S. is sharing and giving to North Korea.  There are UN resolutions against North Korea and the U.S. had labeled them “Axis of Evil.”  

Here are sanctions against North Korea and what is banned from any country trading with them:

  • Embargo on arms and related materiel
  • Ban on exports of certain goods and technology listed by the UN
  • Prohibition of procurement of arms, related material and other goods and technology listed by the UN
  • Ban on provision of certain services
  • Ban on exports of luxury goods
  • Restrictions on admission
  • Freezing of funds and economic resources
  • Commitment to take cooperative action to prevent illicit trafficking in nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, ballistic missiles and their means of delivery, related materials and technology
  • Ban on import and purchase of goods and technology listed by the UN
  • List of goods and technology subject to ban on exports and imports (other than luxury goods)

When Japan, a friend and ally figures out that the U.S. is flying into North Korea, they threaten them and the relations between them?   That is unacceptable!  North Korea is just across the Sea of Japan from Japan and they have a right to know if NK is receiving help from the U.S.  and what the U.S. is providing North Korea.


AMERICA IS GONE!! Listen to this… It is over! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!

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