The One Percent Rallies Behind IMF Director Christine Lagarde ~ Paul Craig Roberts

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig Roberts.org December 23, 2015   The One Percent Rallies Behind IMF Director Christine Lagarde   Washington removed Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the leading contender for the French presidency and as director of the IMF by framing him on phony charges of raping a New York hotel maid. The obviously […]

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Napolitano: Obama Breaking Law While Congress Worried About Leak 1

Source: http://www.realclearpolitics.com Watch the latest video at video.insider.foxnews.com “It is appalling that there is no talk about the substance. The substance is that the president looks at pictures and bios of people and decides who to kill, even Americans, without any judicial process or any declaration of war,” FOX News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said on […]

Fox Business News Axes Freedom Watch

Source: http://theintelhub.com Was Judge Andrew Napolitano cutting to close to the bone for the establishment? Steve Watson Infowars.com February 10, 2012 The Fox Business Channel has cancelled one of the only shows on the entire Fox News network that was in any way informative or watchable – Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. In a […]