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Letter of Warning to the GOP



By KingDiz

** I’d like to preface this to the Daily Paul crowd by saying that this was written directly to neo-cons who don’t actually realize that they’re neo-cons and that while some here might not relate to my opinions or share my journey to enlightenment, I feel that many will. **

Ron Paul photoI’m sick of my only option being which establishment candidate can you stomach the most? How many times will we have to say “I don’t really like any of them, but…” and vote right down party line. I’m 29. I voted for the “compassionate conservative” Bush in 2000 because he was the republican. I defended the hell out of him and voted for him again in 2004, obviously, because he was the republican. Same in ’08. I naively wanted Romney, but voted McCain (like there is any difference) so I could help the team win.

I listened to Rush and Levin and Glenn. I watched Foxnews and only Foxnews, regularly. I’d brag about how “I don’t watch the mainstream media” unable to see the irony that Fox has more viewers than every other cable news channel combined. I would go to Drudge multiple times daily and keep up with only the news cycle that he peddled. I was informed. I knew I was informed. Liberals know nothing, liberals hate and are destroying this country, liberals don’t care about patriotism OR the constitution OR freedom, blah, blah, blah. While that’s true, they don’t :D I was never looking at the other side of the same coin. Why hadn’t they informed me of the path of destruction, debt, and disregard for our Constitution that the “conservative” majority Congress and Bush had actively been undertaking for the last two decades? Why don’t they ever talk about how deficit spending really started under Reagan, ramped up with Clinton, and then exploded with Bush? And why wasn’t I smart enough to see through it?

The reason is that the “conservative” party was hijacked long before many of us were ever born and we’ve never gotten a chance to truly appreciate or learn about what REAL conservatism is. We get accustomed to getting our news from comfortable sources. Sources that reinforce our beliefs, regardless of whether or not they are right. Here’s something everyone should know: Ron Paul is the last remnant of what, for the majority of our nation’s history, was considered conservative.


Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win




Contrary to the false propaganda proclaiming that Dr. Ron Paul is “not electable”, his numbers are rising, his support growing and he stands an excellent chance of winning both the GOP nomination and the 2012 presidential race.

Dr. Paul’s opponents are desperate to stop Americans from listening to, and subsequently electing Ron Paul. Opponents of liberty falsely present Ron Paul as “unelectable” to the American people, attempting to plant subconscious seeds doubt of “don’t listen to him, don’t vote for him in the primaries or caucuses because he’ll never win”. This strategy is failing as more Americans hear Dr. Paul speak, leading them to contribute to his campaign and vote for him. The American public understands Dr. Paul’s common sense approach and trusts him. The other candidates are clearly in the race to serve their egos and personal agendas. The “Dr. Paul is not electable” rumors are deliberately created and spread solely as a calculated attempt to confuse honest, hard-working American with falsehoods such as “Ron Paul is crazy, anti-women, anti-Israel and anti-blacks. He’s isolationist, he’ll wreck the country, he’s anti-government”. These are simple “control the masses” fear tactics to try and stop Americans from actually listening to Dr. Paul, hearing his logical and intelligent plan and deciding for themselves.

Dr. Paul went from third in Iowa, to second in New Hampshire and may win South Carolina. The new video about Romney’s career, King of Bain, depicts Romney as a deceptive and greedy man with Wall Street connections who made his money destroying viable companies. The film portrays as Romney unnecessarily eliminating jobs of hard-working people while getting rich himself.

Romney is the unelectable candidate, not Dr. Paul.

6. Dr. Paul not an “isolationist”. He is a veteran who believes in only going to war when it has been formally declared per the U.S. Constitution. “We shouldn’t have so many injured and in our hospitals because we shouldn’t go to war unless it’s declared. If it’s declared, we should go win it and get it over with.” If he were an isolationist, what reason would he be the candidate who gets the most donations from people in the military? Dr. Paul wants to withdraw from the United Nations, which would be the Constitutional thing to do. Thomas Jefferson, founding father and an author of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution stated, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” Regarding Israel, Dr. Paul said “Two of the tenets of a true Zionist are ‘self-determination’ and ‘self-reliance…We give $3 billion to Israel and $12 billion to her avowed enemies. How does that help Israel? And in return, we act like her master and demand veto power over her foreign policy.” Ron Paul states, “Any kind of racism or anti-Semitism is incompatible with my philosophy.” He is against foreign aid period. “I believe that federal foreign aid is absurd. We’re broke!… It is ridiculous for us to be borrowing money from China and giving it to Pakistan. I have described foreign aid as taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. I know that many in other nations are hurting, but I also know that the American people are a generous people. While we should end the unconstitutional federal foreign aid program, I would encourage Americans to continue to voluntarily contribute to the needs of other nations.”

5. Dr. Ron Paul would run the U.S. budget like many of us responsibly handle our money at home: Spending less than we make and getting rid of dishonest or unnecessary waste.

4. Dr. Paul’s plans for the country make sense.

3. Dr. Paul has the right track record, temperament and character to be President. He is mentally clear, firm and tells the truth.

2. He is the only one who makes sense in the debates. If you watch the debates, he answers questions directly and honestly. The link in this paragraph lists the upcoming debates. Many traditional Democrats might find themselves voting for Dr. Paul after watching him in a few debates.

1. Dr. Paul is the only person in the 2012 race for president who wants to serve the country. All the other candidates like the idea of the power, status, glory and success. Dr. Paul has humility and a humble approach that no other candidate has.
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

Ron Paul: Isolationist vs Non-Interventionist

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[CIM Comment: Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!]

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