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Ideas Created The Federal Reserve…Ideas Can Get Rid of It





Ideas Created The Federal Reserve…Ideas Can Get Rid of It


The Washington Post‘s Wonkblog, which can be counted on to defend every government mischief imaginable, reports on an “all-star economic conference” that took place in DC. Whenever you hear of an “economic conference” in DC, it can only mean trouble. The real economic conferences take place in Auburn, Alabama.

In the DC conference, the King of the “all-stars” — Fed Chairman Bernanke — graced the stage, and would provide a history lesson for all of the attendees. Bernanke described the similarities between the Panic of 1907, and the Panic of 2008.

The 1907 panic was created by fractional-reserve banking. When the bank runs got underway, and panic set in amongst the public, JP Morgan orchestrated the bailouts and the “liquidity” to “save the system”. Remember this was pre-Fed.

The 2008 panic was also created by the fractional-reserve banking system — along with — the central banking counterfeiter that now exists. The bailouts this time around were provided by “The Hero”:


Before we go any further, a few things have to be understood. First, both in 1907 and 2008 the banking systems were dishonest and fraudulent. The situation in 1907 is actually preferable to today because, back then, gold still provided a check on the bankers. In 2008 (and today) there are no checks. It’s basically unlimited power for the bankers to finance whatever they want (until economic law shuts them down eventually).


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Ron Paul on “The Libertarian Future” – Mises Institute

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Published on Jan 26, 2013 by Eduardo89rp

Ron Paul giving the Carl Davis Distinguished Lecture on “The Libertarian Future”

Ron Paul: Keynesianism and War of Ideas Have Just Begun



By Seamus Light

Ron Paul: Keynesianism and War of Ideas Have Just Begun

Ron Paul Keynesianism and War of Ideas Have Just Begun

It will be just the beginning of the end” says Ron Paul, referring to the fate of Keynesianism, big government, and the old Republican party.

On Friday, Dr. Paul released a video to his supporters, outlining his thoughts on his campaign, the upcoming GOP convention in Tampa, and the larger libertarian movement he has participated in and helped inspire.

First, he addressed the criticisms of his campaign by saying, “There are individuals who think the campaign was less than perfect.” Continuing, “Others think the campaign had achieved success far beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Noting the number of supporters who will be attending the convention (even within the ranks of supposedly “bound” Romney delegates), as well as the Ron Paul rally set to occur outside the convention place on August 26, Dr. Paul spoke optimistically about what his campaign has achieved, both in terms of this election cycle, and also within Republican party leadership as a whole.

He went on to compare the fight against establishment Republicans with the closing days of the Vietnam War: That although the United States had won all major battles, and possessed an incomparably advanced and well-funded arsenal, it was all but irrelevant in terms of the larger war. In this way, although Mitt Romney’s establishment Republicans won more states in the primary season, the war of ideas has spelled doom for the old guard, as a young and participatory class of libertarians has already begun its takeover of the GOP. Already, libertarians have ousted establishment Republicans in states such as Nevada, Alaska, and Iowa; and in some cases, forcing neoconservatives to form “shadow parties.”


“The Ron Paul Revolution Won’t Stop Here”



By Jack Hunter

“The Ron Paul Revolution Won’t Stop Here”

I have made the case that Ron Paul is not only changing the Republican Party, but is catering to a new, emerging electorate that eschews the big government aspects of both parties. Writing today at, Timothy Stanley makes some of the same observations:

Paul’s campaign represents a message that is bigger and perhaps more popular than the candidate himself. As it continues to collect small numbers of delegates and capture control of local GOPs, Paulism is proving itself to be in rude health. Long after Mitt Romney is nominated, feted at the convention, beaten by Obama and recycled as a question on Jeopardy (“In 2012, he lost every state but Utah.” “Who is … Britt Gormley?”), Paul’s philosophy will still be a factor in national politics — something to be feared and courted in equal measure…

I have to declare a great deal of affection for Paul. Unlike other politicians, he seems motivated by ideas — and he communicates his passion with the zeal of a nutty professor detailing the thrilling possibilities of quasars and black holes. This is a doctor who refused to accept Medicare payments but lowered his prices for patients who couldn’t afford him, who declined a government pension and never voted for a tax increase, who told Republicans they need to end the War on Drugs (and most other wars, too). He’s pure…

Paul’s 2012 candidacy has had certain hidden successes. Aside from all the money he raised, Ron Paul also attracted an unusual coalition of young people, libertarian Republicans, and disaffected Democrats — a coalition large enough for him to run even with Obama in some polls. The pull among the kids was big enough to fuel talk of a new generational voting bloc. In Iowa, he took 48% of the under-30s, compared with Santorum’s 23% and Romney’s 14%. In New Hampshire, he got 47%, while Romney took just 26%…

Within the GOP, the Paulites are still the unbeaten masters of the administrative procedure. Last Saturday, they swept a confusing ballot process in Louisiana to give themselves control of 70% of delegates attending the state’s nominating convention, which could mean they end up numerically “winning” Louisiana. Similar things have happened in Minnesota and even Romney’s home state of Massachusetts.

Combine this administrative brilliance with generational politics and you get a silent grass-roots revolution that is putting many Paulites in positions of power. In 2010, more than a dozen of them won elections as Republicans, including Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan and Sen. Rand Paul (son of Ron) of Kentucky. This year, two dozen active Paul backers are seeking election to Congress, along with more than 200 running for local office. The Paulites have effectively taken over the Iowa GOP. The state central committee now has six members who are passionate for Paul, and the head of the local party is now a Paulite. Given the importance of Iowa to the 2016 nomination, this is a coup in every sense.

All of this means the GOP can no longer ignore its libertarian “fringe.” On the contrary, it will have to reach out to a new generation of activists who don’t regard religious piety or continual warfare as sacred tenets of conservatism. Even Romney will have to take Sarah Palin’s advice not to “marginalize” the Paulites if he is to emerge from the nominating convention with a united party.

Whatever happens in 2012, we are living through a significant moment in the history of conservatism. The age of Bush and Obama — twin specters of lavish spending and imperial design — have birthed anti-government movements of right (tea party) and left (Occupy). The one that will last longest and have the most impact is the one that has been the most pragmatic and politically savvy.

The Ron Paul revolution won’t stop here.



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Tom Woods Speech at Ron Paul NH


Tom Woods Speech at Ron Paul NH Boots on the Ground Party

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Weekend Watching: “For Liberty” Documentary Recut: 1hr slim handout version


I must note, if you love Freedom and cherish Liberty, the R3volution is calling you!  Enjoy the video :)

Submitted by Michael Nystromon Thu, 07/14/2011 – 21:51

Writes Chris Rye, director of the For Liberty Documentary:

Just got the final version uploaded in HD to Youtube today! The new ending of this is awesome:

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Mobiles & HD 720p…

Also just got our first shipment today too! They look awesome!! Perfect little units for handing out…each one is individually shrink wrapped. Light and tight little package.

Now shipping from, more info there as well.

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