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Is Negative Huntsman Video Attributed to Paul Supporters a False Flag?

Source: http://www.prisonplanet.com By Kurt Nimmo A YouTube video posing as a political ad is the latest effort to chip away at candidate Ron Paul’s rising popularity. The video shows candidate John Huntsman talking Chinese to his adopted daughter and questions his patriotism. Huntsman was U.S. ambassador to China before entering the GOP race. He has […]

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in it for the long haul

Source: http://communities.washingtontimes.com By Conor Murphy After the Iowa Caucus concluded early Wednesday morning, the dust settled to reveal three winners, but only two long-term candidates. Mitt Romney pulled off a less than stellar victory over Rick Santorum, while Ron Paul came in a strong third. None of the other candidates came close to matching the […]

GOP Debate: Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Cemented As Foreign Policy Outliers

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com In a foreign policy debate dominated by the hawkish perspectives of the GOP frontrunners, two presidential candidates cemented their roles as party gadflies, particularly on the use of military force and the importance of protecting civil liberties. Both former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) have long distinguished themselves for […]

Jon Stewart Destroys Media for Ignoring Ron Paul

Source: http://www.revolutionpac.com   Stewart reviewed the Sunday morning talk show talking points, and found that, universally, Bachmann, Romney, and Perry were considered the “top tier.” “You’re not forgetting anyone?” Stewart asked, referring to Rep. Paul, who had come in second. Rep. Paul managed to be ignored over Rick Santorum– “he lost to the guy who […]