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G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)



G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)


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The legendary author G Edward Griffin was the headline speaker at the Save Long Island Forum talking about the eugenic plans of the UN’s Agenda 21 to covertly exterminate most of the world’s population.

Learn more about Save Long Island:
Check out the Save Long Island Forum website to see a list of all the speakers:

History… Interview with G. Edward Griffin “The Individual vs. The Collective”


History… Interview with G. Edward Griffin “The Individual vs. The Collective”


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Published on May 31, 2013

Tonight, on History… So it Doesn’t Repeat: We feature an Interview with an extraordinary filmmaker and author, whose best-known for his book on the American Monetary system, which ranks in the top 50 non-fiction books on Amazon. G. Edward Griffin will share his wisdom, and summarize his experience, from more than 40 years of research, focusing on the struggle of the Individual vs. the Collective. We’ll discover how to identify Tyranny, and how to enact individual Liberty. Mr, Griffin’s websites: and


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Legalized Plunder Of America



“Legalized Plunder of the American People” – G. Edward Griffin

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To order the complete audio set from the Navigating the Politicized Economy Summit, available in CD and MP3 format,

G. Edward Griffin discusses the Federal Reserve and it’s role in the declining economy at the recently concluded conference, Navigating the Politicized Economy.

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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War



By Rand Clifford

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

Dees Illustration

Sense those hooves pounding around the world?

Little surprise that these four bedfellows have in their reins the fate of humanity, even life on Earth. Profit and conquest are all that matter; there is no such thing as enough, only, more.

King Coal’s aerosols leave hardly a place on Earth free from coal-fired power plant mercury pollution. Even fish in the most “pristine” waters are all tagged by coal. The majestic bluefin tuna, world’s most valuable fish—high in the food chain guarantees high mercury. Pacific bluefin tuna…an ultimate posterfish for the biosphere? Fished to the brink of oblivion, survivors radioactive.

Fukushima is a volcano of radioactivity in the most seismic region on Earth; fresh tremors promise eruptions setting new standards for the term, “cataclysmic”. We really are pushing into new frontiers, where numbers quantifying the menace at Fukushima seem more suited for cosmology.

Latest word from corporate mouthpieces of the elite: “Ssshhhhh. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Mix in the perpetual debt machine of Rothschild-controlled central banking (Bankula), and if the biosphere functions long enough, inevitably, Bankula will own everything from the ionosphere to the Mariana trench. The whole planet. It’s all been set up that way, plans laid long ago, executed over centuries.


G. Edward Griffin on Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan



By Ed Vallejo

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G. Edward Griffin comments on Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’, a 12-page budget that proposes to eliminate the Department of Commerce.



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Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’ Smashes Federal Tyranny


G. Edward Griffin, “The Federal Reserve is a Private Banking Cartel”

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You have probably seen the images by now. Athens on fire, the city literally burning as politicians within parliament voted to pass tough austerity measures to meet the demands of the EU and IMF, Greece’s international lenders. This story is about more than just austerity and riots – it’s wealth-extraction amidst economic collapse at work. The Greek economy is in the 5th year of a recession, which is a nice way of saying that it is in a depression. Money supply continues to contract, deposits are being drained and liquidity has dried up. The economy is in a free fall, and there is no bottom in sight. The proposals for recovery through “austerity” are just another way to keep the political system in place for as long as possible with the hope that the elites will be able to ride this storm out and come out the other end richer and more powerful than every before. We break down how exactly that works with Capital Account producer Demetri Kofinas.

And while we’re on the issue of debt, let’s take a look at how the US is dealing with it. US President Barack Obama released his 2013 budget today. While it will be analyzed, touted, and attacked, why should you care, or rather, why should you not care? We’ll tell you. And more economists come out saying the Federal Reserve is making a big mistake if it sticks to keeping interest rates near zero for the next three years. We look at how the Fed got here – it’s evolution into central planner, buyer of junk, war enabler, and firefighter of the economic fires it creates itself. We speak to G. Edward Griffin whose been opposing the Fed since at least the 1960s. G. Edward Griffin is author the bestselling book The Creature from Jekyll Island, which has been recommended by Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul on his reading list and which reportedly informed Dr. Paul’s writing on the Fed in his own books on the subject.

Griffin also takes us back in time, and reminds us how the Fed even came to be — the money trust meeting in secret on Jekyll Island in order to draft a cartel agreement that would eventually be known as the “Federal Reserve Act.”

Greatest Enemy To Freedom?


As people clutch  their TV remotes as if it was a form of life support we know something is wrong,  According to lame stream media it is a shabby collection of force living in a cave 1/2 way around the world that comprise no real military.   The threat to our freedom is neither from the left or the right, as both are controlled by the same entity.  The threat to freedom is locally based and globally owned.  If the passage of NDAA and the actions for CISPA did not wake you up you may be so sound asleep your pulse resembles that of a corpse.

Wondering why the candidate said this and then did that?

  1. Your only value to most politicians is your vote, bottom line.
  2. With the same entities controlling both parties you have a false sense of choice when voting, but most results give you the same results.
  3. Wondering why a change in party creates the same results (war, spending, inflation, etc.) is because both sides are owned and follow the same script.

The enemies best accomplishments:

  1. Create a fiat currency
  2. Have a private non-govermental cartel control the fiat currency
  3. Create a bill to capture individual freedoms and have it ready for deployment
  4. Create / have / allow an event, “a second Pearl Harbor”, to force the bills passage.
  5. Follow the UN agendas, such as Agenda 21 and follow the UN and NATO to set policies and defense actions (war)
  6. Control the masses by controlling the media
  7. Make massive transfers of wealth
  8. Destroy the middle class
  9. Create a socialist state while visually promoting prosperity
  10. Continue to follow failed political structures of the past in hopes of gratification, control, etc

So I ask, when is the time to set down the remote and push aside the family size box of Twinkies and prove that your ass and the couch are not surgically connected?  You already missed yesterday, you have today, and you have no assurance of tomorrow.  As always, your thoughts are appreciated.

A few videos for thought, of which there could be hundreds :)

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G Edward Griffin: A New Currency is Coming Soon; and The US Dollar is a Big Scam

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Part 2

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G Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” is our guest this week on to talk about the corrupt origins of the Federal Reserve, why the US Dollar is just “one big scam,” and the 3 things you can do right now to prepare for the coming hyperinflation and US Dollar collapse.

To hear the entire show, go to and listen to episode number 12.

G. Edward Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracy

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In this exclusive 80 minute video interview, legendary conspiracy author G. Edward Griffin explains how his research, which spans no less than 5 decades, has revealed a banking elite obsessed with enforcing a world government under a collectivist model that will crush individualism and eventually institute martial law as a response to the inevitable backlash that will be generated as a result of a fundamental re-shaping of society.

Griffin discusses the similarities between the extreme left and the extreme right in the false political paradigm and how this highlights a recurring theme – collectivism. Collectivism is the opposite of individualism and believes that the interests of the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number, explains Griffin, uniting the doctrines of communism and fascism. Both the Republican and Democrat parties in the United States are committed to advancing collectivism and this is why the same policies are followed no matter who is voted in to the White House.

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Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution & defender of Individual Liberty!

Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!

THE UNITED NATIONS exposed by G. Edward Griffin


There have been two attempts to create a centre of Global Governance / Global Government: the first, the forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations. During the First World War several world leaders such as Woodrow Wilson and Jan Smuts, began urging the establishment of an international organisation to preserve peace and settle disputes between nations by arbitration. Axiomatic to this argument was that civilisation could survive only if it could develop an international system that would insure peace. Thus, in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles the World Government-in-waiting, the proposed League of Nations, was designed “to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.” However, because the US Congress, Senate and the ordinary people refused to participate in such blatant Internationalism, the “League” was doomed and after failing to prevent the Second World War, the League of Nations ceased its activities.

The second attempt was the “United Nations”, a term supposedly suggested by United States President Franklin D Roosevelt and first used in the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942 when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments and their peoples to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers. The first blueprint of the United Nations was prepared in 1944 at the secret Dumbarton Oaks Conference, where the framework was developed, and the final plans for nascent World Government laid out. Attending this fateful meeting was representatives from the US, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and China. The man who was delegated to co-ordinated this meeting was Alger Hiss (1904-96). Hiss was a graduate of John Hopkins University and Harvard Law School who worked for the Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, before serving in the departments of Agriculture, Justice and State, in the administration of Franklin D Roosevelt. Hiss was a director of the Executive Committee of the American Association for the United Nations, a director of the American Peace Society, a Trustee of the World Peace Foundation, trustee of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, a director of the American Institute of Pacific Relations, and President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.. He was also, like most of this gilded class, a traitor. For, Hiss was part of the privileged class of rulers, the Ruling Elite, the Power Elite, the Liberal Establishment, who control the temporal affairs of this world. In short, Hiss was part of the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government, the planned destruction of all sovereign nations and the establishment of the World Empire ruled over by the Global Elite. In 1950, Hiss was exposed as a Soviet spy, convicted of treason and called a “Communist” but in truth, he was simply part of the New Age One World Conspiracy … the very same conspiracy the brave but unfortunate Joseph McCarthy had stumbled across. Hiss, the traitor and One World Conspirator wrote much of the UN Charter, modelling it on the Constitution of Soviet Russia, and the Communist Manifesto.


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