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Nationalism or Internationalism? (video)



Nationalism or Internationalism?



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Published by Gary Franchi


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are working both sides of the Atlantic this week. But their mutual target is Russia. Reid is busy on Capitol Hill in that regard, while the President is on a week long European tour. While Reid and Obama are wrestling with several issues besides Russia, they’re sending a mutual message that the U.S. will punish Russia for its military operation in Ukraine.

Furthermore, a pricey aid package for the newly installed Ukrainian government based in Kiev is in the works.

President Obama is meeting with leaders from the G-7 nations. His stop in Holland yesterday was widely regarded as an attempt to isolate Russian President Vladimir Putin and deter him from moving his forces beyond the Crimean peninsula and further into Ukraine.

Obama and the G-7 allies have also firmed up their decision to remove Russia from the annual G-8 economic summit. The removal appears to be official, which is why the G-8 is now being called the G-7.

Notably, the G-7 will meet in June 2014 in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss what organizers say is “a broad agenda.”

But what Obama and his allies are doing overseas has a way of softening up the folks back home in America—to justify foreign aid for Ukraine.

On the home front, Sen. Reid is stumping for an aid package for Ukraine as Congress embarks on a marathon session this week. Reid expects the Senate to work right through the weekend as President Obama wraps up his overseas trip.

For the record, the Senate:
· Will reconsider extending jobless benefits.
· Furthermore, unless Congress takes corrective action by April 1st, Medicare reimbursements to doctors will be slashed by nearly 25%.
· Reid also wants to officially raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. But Republican support is lacking on that so far.

However, the first order of business this week will be the Ukraine-aid bill, which calls for $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Reid noted: “I am hopeful and somewhat confident that this legislation will receive the bipartisan support it deserves.”

But does a Ukraine-aid bill really deserve support?

During this busy phase in Washington, the missing argument is that the U.S. can scarcely afford the time and the money to play both sides of the ocean to aid Ukraine via the IMF.
Foreign aid is preferable to going to war, but the Constitution is silent on foreign aid. This means that the national charter does not authorize providing such aid in the first place.

Earlier this month, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced: “[I]t’s important to note that for every dollar the United States contributes to the IMF, other countries provide 4 dollars more.”

Lew added that the U.S. has developed an actual “package of bilateral assistance focused on meeting the most pressing needs in Ukraine, to include a 1 billion-dollar loan guarantee.”

Lew also has urged Congress to approve legislation to “support the capacity of the International Monetary Fund to lend additional resources to Ukraine.”

However, if money must be spent, it’s arguably better to avoid Medicare cuts and extend jobless aid for Americans—instead of extending foreign aid.

Indeed, all this talk in Congress and by President Obama to isolate Russia misses a key point.

That point is as follows: In a way, America needs to isolate itself from world commitments which force U.S. taxpayers to guarantee international loans. Like never before, the U.S. needs to get its own house in order.

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6 Major Corporations that Profit from U.S. Aid to the Egyptian Military






6 Major Corporations that Profit from U.S. Aid to the Egyptian Military



Our foreign aid programs are big time vehicles for crony capitalism.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of our foreign aid largess (after the ruling classes of the receiving 3rd world countries) is the good old American Military Industrial Complex.

We make a lot of arms in the United States, and the companies which want to sell guns, tanks, and planes make sure countries who want  to buy guns, tanks, and planes but can’t afford them are subsidized by the American taxpayer. This is the case in Egypt.

About $1.3 billion is authorized each year to bolster Egypt’s military, one of the most powerful in the Middle East. That aid covers 80% of all of Egypt’s military purchases, according to a recent congressional assessment (pdf). This assistance has totaled nearly $42 billion since 1948, and nearly all of it has gone to buy American weaponry and hardware.
In fact, the appropriated funds never make their way directly to Egypt. “It goes to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then to a trust fund at the Treasury and, finally, out to U.S. military contractors that make the tanks and fighter jets that ultimately get sent to Egypt,”

Click here for the article.

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Ron Paul Talks Egypt and US One Party State on Cavuto



Written by Daniel McAdams

Posted Tuesday August 20, 2013

Ron Paul Talks Egypt and US One Party State on Cavuto Today


Watch RPI Chairman Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto today discussing US policy on Egypt, the incomprehensible US foreign policy, and the futulity of politics in the US one-party state. And doesn’t his new Ron Paul Channel studio look great?

8-21-2013 4-52-42 PM

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More from the Ron Paul Institute here.


Video capture added to original post.

Ron Paul on U.S. Dictatorships, Foreign and Domestic




Ron Paul on U.S. Dictatorships, Foreign and Domestic


Video capture

Video capture


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When the cronies are in Cairo, the $1.6 billion pyramid (Daily Show Clip)



When the cronies are in Cairo, the $1.6 billion pyramid (Daily Show Clip)



There are times when the Daily Show is very very good. The attached video is one of these instances.


We really want to send money to Egypt, but there was a coup and our law says we can’t do that.

The solution? Just don’t call the coup a coup. That way we can still wire the cash.



Defense Dept. Demolishes Huge, Unused Facility in Afghanistan


Defense Dept. Demolishes Huge, Unused Facility in Afghanistan


7-14-2013 1-54-03 PM


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Published by  NextNewsNetwork NextNewsNetwork


HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — As the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is drawn down, the Pentagon is preparing to demolish a huge operations center that was built for the Marines.

The facility, which is located in the country’s Helmand Province, cost at least $34 million to construct. Sprawling across the bleak and dusty landscape of southwestern Afghanistan, the base is the size of a football field.

This report also includes…

NEW YORK CITY — Despite receiving widespread praise for her emphasis on good nutrition, First Lady Michelle Obama has seen several schools rebel against her school lunch standards.
CAIRO — The Obama administration, which refuses to call the recent removal of the elected Egyptian president a coup, has announced that it will not cut off foreign aid to Cairo. Several media outlets, including Al-Jazeera, have reported that the State Department funded opposition figures and non-governmental organizations that called for the military to remove now-deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

SALT LAKE CITY — For the past 15 years, Xmission, Utah’s first independent internet service provider, has refused demands from local, state, and federal law enforcement officials that they provide warrantless access to customer data.

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Ron Paul Segment on RT’s Prime Interest


Ron Paul Segment on RT’s Prime Interest




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Video posted by Robert Wenzel

Peter Schiff, Tom Woods and Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams appears in a RT Television segment about Dr. Paul’s Peace and Prosperity and Ron Paul Channel projects.

America’s $2.3 Trillion Dollar Foreign Aid is Mostly a Defense Contractor Subsidy




America's $2.3 Trillion Dollar Foreign Aid is Mostly a Defense Contractor Subsidy

Here’s a ‘Connecting the Dots Moment’ for Americans to ponder:  It’s a well documented fact that Congress wiped out the Social Security Trust Fund over the decades to the tune of at least $2.5 trillion and left a worthless pile of IOU’s, here.  It’s also well documented that foreign aid, according to 2007 figures, totaled an astounding $2.3 trillion.  How would Americans feel if they knew that the government they elected and trusted plundered their Social Security and that their retirement funds landed in the laps of defense contractors and corrupt foreign officials?  

Flushing $2.3 trillion in American tax dollars down the foreign aid toilet, here, is not only an act of grand theft but also a gargantuan welfare program for defense contractors.  The $2.3 trillion figure quoted in the link is based on 2007 data and hundreds of billions have been added to the foreign aid tab since 2007.  Still, it has been estimated that 2/3 of foreign aid lands right in defense contractor laps.

Two Thirds of US Foreign Aid Is Really Military Aid

Foreign aid is one of the biggest scams ever because gobs of American taxdollars end up lost, missing, stolen  unaccountable and untraceable.  Nobody really knows what happens to unaccountable foreign aid dollars.  Our government that disburses the money doesn’t even know or, more likely, refuses to disclose who got the money.

Revealed: How $6.6billion of taxpayers’ money sent to Iraq by Bush may have been STOLEN

It is thought to have been the biggest international cash airlift of all time, when $12billion in aid was flown by the Bush administration to postwar Iraq.

And now, for the first time, investigators auditing the cash have admitted that more than half of that huge amount may have been stolen when it got there in ‘the largest theft of funds in national history’.

Iraq isn’t the only recipient of massive foreign aid that is riddled with scandal.  Although $90 billion in aid has poured into Afghanistan since 2001, here, nobody really knows where that money went and Afghan and US officials are determined to keep it that way.

Karzai blocking probe of missing U.S. $billions in Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is blocking efforts by U.S. officials to locate billions of dollars given to aid Afghanistan’s economy, stymieing efforts to combat money laundering of drug money, corruption and funding terrorists.

Karzai is prohibiting U.S. Treasury agents from accessing the Afghan government’s central bank by allowing and even contributing to “hostile working conditions” for advisers there, according to a new report by the U.S. Inspector General’s Office for Afghanistan Re construction.

Afghanistan is just one of many corrupt nations that are the recipients of tons of US foreign aid and even the NYT chirped in on the corruption in Afghanistan, here. Furthermore it is estimated that Afghanistan will need an additional $6-7 billion in aid over the next 10 years, even if aid dollars are slowing down a bit.  Reuters reported that a staggering 90% of Afghanistan’s budget comes from aid, here.

More than 90 percent of Afghanistan’s $17.1 billion national budget comes from foreign donation…

How did Afghanistan survive before the era of BIG aid?   Just fine! Heck, it’s heroine trade could comfortably bankroll any nation which, of course, raises the issue of precisely why America is so interested in Afghanistan.  It’s widely believed and documented that the CIA, frequently dubbed Cocaine Import Agency, is the biggest drug dealer on the planet, here.

As fiscal and economic woes pile up in America, most Americans remain absolutely clueless as to what is really going on and what their government actually does.


Read more like this at

Liberty Defined By Dr. Ron Paul (Audio Book)

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Published on Feb 10, 2012 by

An amazing book featuring 50 topics and what Liberty is all about. Please Support Ron Paul for President of the United States. I’m going to put bookmarks and stuff eventually. This Audio Book is almost 9 hours long.
—– Chapters ———

Intro – 00:38
1 Abortion – 13:54
2 Assassination – 28:57
3 Austrian Economics – 38:04
4 Bipartisanship – 44:26
5 Business Cycle – 49:39
6 Campaign Fiance – 56:07
7 Capital Punishment – 1:01:19
8 Central Intellegence Agency – 01:09:20
9 Civil Disobedience – 01:20:35
10 Conscription – 01:30:41
11 Demagogues – 01:39:17
12 Democracy – 01:50:25
13 Descrimination – 02:07:24
14 Education – 02:16:03
15 Empire – 02:24:26
16 Envy – 02:56:31
17 Evolution vs. Creationism – 03:00:45
18 Executive Power – 03:07:18
19 Foreign Aid – 03:25:04
20 Four Freedoms – 03:33:25
21 Global Warming – 03:51:29
22 Gun Control – 04:11:09
23 Hate Crimes – 04:15:12
24 Immigration – 04:20:06
25 Insurance – 04:36:57
26 Keynesianism – 04:46:39
27 Lobbying – 05:06:00
28 Marriage – 05:13:37
29 Medical Care – 05:19:38
30 Monetary Policy – 05:39:21
31 Moral Hazard – 05:46:44
32 Morality in Government – 05:55:02
33 Noble Lie – 05:58:58
34 Patriotism – 06:07:53
35 Political Correctness – 06:14:51
36 Prohibition – 06:19:22
37 Public Land – 06:28:35
38 Racism – 06:36:56
39 Religion and Liberty – 06:45:19
40 Security – 07:03:38
41 Slavery – 07:14:47
42 States’ Rights – 07:23:14
43 Statistics – 07:34:03
44 Surveilance – 07:39:48
45 Taxes – 07:43:37
46 Terrorism – 07:51:36
47 Torture – 07:58:22
48 Trade Policies – 08:06:55
49 Unions – 08:14:46
50 Zionism – 08:35:23
Afterward – 08:49:25
Appendix – 08:53:22

Social Security Ponzi Scheme : Ripping Off The Next Generations



Social Security is debt slavery for the young. Plain and simple , just one of the many failings of government, who simply is incapable of doing business and can only steal and borrow money in order to spend it.The reward for working hard is to have half your income taken through force and a significant portion of this money is given to those that will not work! If that ain’t killing entrepreneurial spirit then what it is . The funny thing is, you can invest your money in the same place as social security and get more back privately. In fact if you could opt out and invest it in the same place not only could you receive the money for the rest of your life, but your inheritors would actually get the remainder when you die (not just have it go back to the general fund). The stupidest group on the planet are the ones who think that government was meant to provide for everything, and is the answer to everything.In a Ponzi scheme pays off the first few investors. social security does not even do that.A Ponzi scheme is voluntary but Social Security is violent

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