This Disaster Kills More Americans Than Natural Disasters Combined

By Tess Pennington Ready Nutrition October 9, 2015   This Disaster Kills More Americans Than Natural Disasters Combined   As parents, we do everything we can to keep our children safe. We make sure they have safety helmets when riding their bikes, we ensure they are buckled up in the car. But have we done […]


Massive fire in downtown LA

By   Massive blaze in downtown LA: 250 firefighters, 2 major freeways closed   A massive fire has engulfed an apartment building under construction in downtown Los Angeles.   12/8 fire that is burning apartments under contruction in downtown LA:” #fb — Licha (@Licha77x7) December 8, 2014 RT @London_McCall: RP of a huge […]

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot

Massive Fire JPMorgan Gold Depot     Published by Ondertube2013 on 7/20/2013 Additional information & image credit: *UPDATE: FDNY tweet confirms fire is in a commercial vault at JPMs old HQ of 15 Broad St. A journalist on scene on Wall Street this evening has just sent us footage of a massive fleet of […]


Quebec town rocked by explosions, fire after derailment

Source: By CBC News  Posted: Jul 6, 2013 6:19 AM ET  |  Last Updated: Jul 6, 2013 10:13 AM ET Quebec town rocked by explosions, fire after derailment Train derailment in Lac-Mégantic forces 1,000 from homes as several reported missing   A train carrying crude oil derailed overnight in the heart of Lac-Mégantic in […]

Added Info: The Mysterious Death of Journalist Michael Hastings 2

After reading the news of Michael Hastings deadly car crash on the Economic Policy and sharing Robert Wenzel’s post, Robert has added additional information in various posts that I will combine below for ease of reading.  I would recommend readers to tune in to the Economic Policy for future updates to this story […]

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Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from food supply

Source: By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Hungary torches 500 hectares of GM corn to eradicate GMOs from food supply (NaturalNews) When it comes to protecting the public from GMOs, Hungary knows how to get the job done: set fire to the fields growing GM corn! Although environmentalists might at first argue about the […]

Boeing 787 Dreamliner mishaps prompt FAA review

Source: The Associated Press    Posted: Jan 11, 2013 9:14 AM ET    Last Updated: Jan 11, 2013 1:57 PM ET The Federal Aviation Administration is undertaking a comprehensive review of the critical systems of Boeing’s 787s, the aircraft maker’s newest and most technologically advanced plane, after a fire and a fuel leak earlier this week. […]

After Sandy, U.S. works to resume daily life

Source: The Associated Press Posted: Oct 31, 2012 4:44 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 4:58 AM ET At least 55 dead and millions still without power as U.S. northeast starts its recovery People in the northeastern U.S. battered by superstorm Sandy are taking the first cautious steps to reclaim routines upended by […]

Rare “Fire Tornado” Caught On Camera In Australia

Source: By: Jordon Caught on camera: The 30 metre high tornado of FIRE that whirled around Australian outback for terrifying 40 minutes An astonished filmmaker is coming to grips with the moment he witnessed one of nature’s rarest phenomenons – a tornado comprised entirely of fire- and lived to tell the tale. Chris Tangey […]

House passes Homeland Security bill with meaningless anti-abortion rider

Source: By Muriel Kane   Republicans in the House of Representatives attached an anti-abortion rider to a Homeland Security spending bill Thursday. The provision would do nothing to change existing policy and is unlikely to make it past the Senate, but it is seen as sending an election-year message to the lawmakers’ conservative constituents. […]

Chevy Volt – Building A Better Tomorrow

He’s spent $38 in gas – in two months! See how, and see what Bob thinks of his new Volt, his fire insurance, and what it’s like to stay home most of the time! For more information, go to Chevy Volt. The important thing is that we tried!  

The Empire Of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul And The Sacred Fire Of Freedom

Source: Who stands in opposition to “the [central] bank of the United States, public debt, a navy, a standing army, American manufacturing, federally funded improvement of the interior, the role of a world power, military glory, an extensive foreign ministry, loose construction of the Constitution, and subordination of the states to the federal government”?  […]