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Counting Down because “Now is the Time”!


Now is the time.  Join the maiden broadcast on Dec 22.

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As the clock ticks down to this historic broadcast please forward to help get the message out — and getting Americans to tune in to hear liberty voices at:
Tom Woods, Ernest Hancock, Larry Pratt, Adam Kokesh, John Dennis, Michael Boldin, Mark Lerner, Tony Stiles, Danny Panzella, Amber Lyon, Charles Goyette, James Lane, Mike Salvi, Fabian Calvo and Robert Scott Bell…
With a special LIVE studio performance by JORDAN PAGE!
This is the broadcast you do not want to miss.
Date: Saturday, December 22
Time: NOON to MIDNIGHT Central
Do not wait. Please share this with your friends, contacts and social media groups.
Schedule of guests listed below.  Remember, times listed are Central Time.
1:30 PM Robert Scott Bell
2:00 PM Tom Woods
2:30 PM James Lane
3:00 PM Wayne Walton
3:30 PM George Sand
4:00 PM Adam Kokesh
4:15 PM Alan Korwin
4:30 PM Larry Pratt
5:00 PM Mark Lerner
5:30 PM Amber Lyon
6:00 PM Tony Stiles
6:30 PM Michael Boldin
7:00 PM Fabian Calvo
7:30 PM Lew Rockwell
8:00 PM  John Dennis
8:30 PM Ernie Hancock
9:00 PM Jordan Page
10:15 PM Charles Goyette
11:00 PM Patrick Wood
11:30 PM James Corbett
We’ll be live until midnight at

12-05-12 — Jordan Page – Michael Badnarik – LISTEN LIVE



Program Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012


12-05-12 — Jordan Page – Michael Badnarik – LISTEN LIVE on LRN.FM


9 a.m. – Noon (EST)
Studio Line: 602-264-2800


Hour 1 – Jordan Page (musician of the r3VOLution) talks about his work on a new album (with a more anarchist theme) and his upcoming military base tour

Hour 2 – Michael Badnarik (author, teacher and constitutional scholar) on his new book ‘Secret to Sovereignty’ (available for barter)

Hour 3 – Freedom’s Phoenix Headline News


Ron Paul Super PAC Rallies All-Star Powercast Lineup



By Lisa

Singer/songwriter Jordan Page will perform live in studio during the February 25 Ron Paul Powercast. (Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore)

Revolution PAC, backer of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is mustering dozens of special guests for its February 25 “Ron Paul Powercast.” Headliners confirmed to date include former CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” author G. Edward Griffin, award-winning Fox News anchor Ben Swann, and New York Times bestselling author and economist Tom Woods.

The 12-hour broadcast runs from noon to midnight Saturday, February 25 in conjunction with a 24-hour, $1 million fundraiser to support the committee’s Super Tuesday ad campaign and election integrity initiatives. The public may participate by logging onto

“Heading into the Michigan and Arizona primaries, as well as Super Tuesday, we’re looking for the Ron Paul Powercast to blow our previous viewership numbers out of the water,” notes Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. “This event promises to be an outstanding booster for liberty activists and honest government advocates nationwide.”

Also on the Powercast docket include former congressional candidate John Dennis; author, activist and radio host Adam Kokesh; constitutional law attorney Dr. Edwin Vieira; New York Times bestselling author and radio host Charles Goyette; Dr. Murray Sabrin; Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes; Sheriff Richard Mack; author and activist Tom Mullen; New York Times bestselling author and historian Kevin Gutzman; homeopath and radio host Robert Scott Bell; former Ron Paul Political Director Penny Freeman; Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin; Freedom’s Phoenix founder Ernest Hancock; Liberty Candidates founder Gigi Bowman; America’s Future Foundation’s Richard Lorenc; Institute for Truth in Accounting founder and CEO Sheila Weinberg; radio personality Greg Bishop; former NY State Assembly candidate Danny Panzella; and singer/songwriter Jordan Page.

“We’re making calls for guests up to the date of the broadcast and expect the roster to continue to grow,” adds Franchi. “Stay tuned for more big announcements through next week.”

Revolution PAC’s groundbreaking alternative election broadcasts kicked off January 21 for the South Carolina Primary in the wake of the super committee’s call for a nationwide boycott of cable/network outlets, which have exhibited consistent reporting bias against Rep. Paul. Live broadcasts for the Florida Primary and Nevada Caucuses followed, each drawing as many as 20,000 viewers.

Revolution PAC is supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination and his consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns, vote-watching initiatives and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.


For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty

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2007 and 2008 were years of action and awakening through education, as the education continues through today.  The bubbles are bursting one by one, both parties following the same agenda with the same loyalties.  The people have had their resources stolen, and those of their children, to pay off not only Wall Street and the big banks, but also foreign banks.  All this while unemployment is on the rise, homelessness increasing and prices continue to rise due to a monetary policy that cares nothing of the people it harms and only for the institutions it protects.  It is now 2011 and look where we are.  It is time to ramp up the efforts for awakening through education, to take action, to take this country back!  It is time for We The People to join together and be heard.  Spread the word!

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