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Congressman Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress (Video & Transcript)

A true statesman and humanitarian, Dr. Ron Paul, simply states the road we are on verses the road we should be on, explaining both consequences and rewards.  I feel no individual in office can fill his mighty shoes, but that is not necessary, as the time is now to advance the cause of Freedom and […]

Rise of the Titan: ‘World’s fastest’ supercomputer goes live 1

Source: http://rt.com After falling behind Asia and Europe in the great race, where success is measured in FLOPS (floating-point operations per second), the US has struck back at the new high-tech Olympians with Titan: quite possibly the fastest supercomputer in the world. When Tennesseans hear the word Titan, their first thought is going to be […]

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Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video) 1

[CIM] I am very happy to hear that James Corbett is now given the green light to upload full length videos.  Tune into his site, check the videos and  pod casts and remember to share!  James can also be found on Twitter @corbettreport. ### Source: http://www.corbettreport.com Posted by Corbett Podcast: Play in new window | […]

IMF unveils its blueprint to salvage the stricken euro

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk By Bruno Waterfield, in Luxembourg 11:55PM BST 21 Jun 2012 IMF unveils its blueprint to salvage the stricken euro The International Monetary Fund has directly confronted Germany by urging the eurozone to take a “determined and forceful move” to “complete economic and monetary union” by sharing government debt and underwriting failing banks. The […]

Alien Agenda Inside The Beltway

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com By Preston James The Secret Transformation of Our Elected Officials and What It Means for The American Republic This transformation of most of our elected officials once they are seated inside the beltway (DC) is perhaps the greatest mystery of our modern political system. FEW OBJECTIVE FACTS ARE KNOWN BY THOSE OUTSIDE TOP […]

Mexican Presidential Elections: How Social Media Has Changed Politics

Source: http://www.policymic.com Mexican Presidential Elections: ‘I Am Number 132′ Movement Shows How Social Media Has Changed Politics At a time when the Mexican government is attempting to demonstrate that it has everything under control, the social movement “I am number 132” has sprung up without warning, calling attention to the numerous injustices prevalent in Mexican […]

Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill

Source: http://www.rawstory.com By Stephen C. Webster   In a last minute addition to the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has submitted an amendment that would legalize the production of industrial hemp, a potential new bumper crop for U.S. farmers. “Industrial hemp is used in many healthy and sustainable […]

Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’ Smashes Federal Tyranny

Source: http://www.morphcity.com By Cassandra Anderson Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan is a 12-page budget that cuts $1 trillion in spending the first year and balances the budget by the 3rd year.  Paul proposes eliminating 5 federal executive agencies that include the following departments: Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development and the Interior. The video […]

Joining voices and efforts for the dissolution of NATO

Source: http://english.pravda.ru By: Iraklis Tsavdaridis * The global movement for peace has to join forces against the united effort of capital and monopolies expressed for example by the G8. Imperialism is not all-powerful and is certainly not invincible. Dear friends and comrades: Let me thank the U.S. Peace Council for the invitation to be here […]