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Congressman Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress (Video & Transcript)


A true statesman and humanitarian, Dr. Ron Paul, simply states the road we are on verses the road we should be on, explaining both consequences and rewards.  I feel no individual in office can fill his mighty shoes, but that is not necessary, as the time is now to advance the cause of Freedom and Personal Liberty and the person to carry that cause is you and I, as individuals uniting to create a critical mass, so often mentioned by Bob Schultz and others.  The revolution is now in our hands and we each will decide how best to promote the battle for Liberty!


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Congressman Paul’s final speech on the House floor before leaving Congress

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Below is the transcript of Ron Paul’s farewell address to Congress:


Farewell to Congress

This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor.  At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period.  My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today:  promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.

It was my opinion, that the course the U.S. embarked on in the latter part of the 20th Century would bring us a major financial crisis and engulf us in a foreign policy that would overextend us and undermine our national security.

To achieve the goals I sought, government would have had to shrink in size and scope, reduce spending, change the monetary system, and reject the unsustainable costs of policing the world and expanding the American Empire.

The problems seemed to be overwhelming and impossible to solve, yet from my view point, just following the constraints placed on the federal government by the Constitution would have been a good place to start.


How Much Did I Accomplish?

In many ways, according to conventional wisdom, my off-and-on career in Congress, from 1976 to 2012, accomplished very little.  No named legislation, no named federal buildings or highways—thank goodness.  In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues.  Wars are constant and pursued without Congressional declaration, deficits rise to the sky, poverty is rampant and dependency on the federal government is now worse than any time in our history.

All this with minimal concerns for the deficits and unfunded liabilities that common sense tells us cannot go on much longer.  A grand, but never mentioned, bipartisan agreement allows for the well-kept secret that keeps the spending going.  One side doesn’t give up one penny on military spending, the other side doesn’t give up one penny on welfare spending, while both sides support the bailouts and subsidies for the banking and  corporate elite.  And the spending continues as the economy weakens and the downward spiral continues.   As the government continues fiddling around, our liberties and our wealth burn in the flames of a foreign policy that makes us less safe.

The major stumbling block to real change in Washington is the total resistance to admitting that the country is broke. This has made compromising, just to agree to increase spending, inevitable since neither side has any intention of cutting spending.

The country and the Congress will remain divisive since there’s no “loot left to divvy up.”

Without this recognition the spenders in Washington will continue the march toward a fiscal cliff much bigger than the one anticipated this coming January.

I have thought a lot about why those of us who believe in liberty, as a solution, have done so poorly in convincing others of its benefits.  If liberty is what we claim it is- the principle that protects all personal, social and economic decisions necessary for maximum prosperity and the best chance for peace- it should be an easy sell.  Yet, history has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to the promises of authoritarians which are rarely if ever fulfilled.


Rise of the Titan: ‘World’s fastest’ supercomputer goes live



Rise of the Titan: 'World’s fastest' supercomputer goes live

(Image from

After falling behind Asia and Europe in the great race, where success is measured in FLOPS (floating-point operations per second), the US has struck back at the new high-tech Olympians with Titan: quite possibly the fastest supercomputer in the world.

When Tennesseans hear the word Titan, their first thought is going to be gains on the gridiron, rather than leaps and bounds on the field of science.

All of that might now change, as a new supercomputing giant hailing from the Smokey Mountains was unveiled by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) on Monday.

More than 10 times faster and five times more energy efficient than its predecessor Jaguar, Titan is the brainchild of the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), nestled in the Tennessee highlands.

Titan’s theoretical peak is 20 petaflops – 20 quadrillion calculations per second – with 299,008 CPUs (central processing units) and 18,688 graphics processing units (GPUs) spinning at breakneck speeds to make to make scientific breakthroughs in record times.

Titan’s blistering computation speed will be the equivalent of “the world’s 7 billion people being able to carry out 3 million calculations per second,” ORNL says.

Titan’s precursor Jaguar – which was developed by the Seattle-based Cray Inc. – was the fastest supercomputer in the world in June 2010, though it was later outclassed by the Chinese Tianhe-1A several months later.

The fastest computer to date is currently the California-based IBM Sequoia, which whirred to the 16.32 petaflops mark in June.
Titan also boosts more than 700 terabytes of memory, and will be manage higher energy efficiency than Jaguar by innovatively combining CPUs and the more recent GPUs to synergistic effect.

Power limits have long served to trammel those looking to break world records in the great computational race. Jaguar’s 2.3 petaflops needed 7 megawatts of energy – enough to power a small town.

At $7 million dollars a year, Jaguar’s electric bill was nothing to scoff at. Titan – essentially an upgraded version of Jaguar housed in the same 200 cabinets arranged very much like a locker room – will hit nearly 10 times the speed while consuming roughly nine megawatts. That makes Titan approximately five times more energy efficient than its previous incarnation.

The race to outclass the Chinese and other international competitors has driven Titan’s development forward, though as an open-science system, its benefits will be global.

“American competitiveness is very important from a global security and national security perspective,” Jeffrey Nichols, associate laboratory director for the computing and computational sciences directorate at ORNL, told PCWorld in an interview.

“It’s absolutely important that we are competitive in this high-tech field so the science solutions we are solving are competitive and put us on the leading edge of where we need to be in solving these problems,” he continued.

With Titan poised to help the US conduct research in areas like biosciences, climate change, nuclear energy and space, Nichols believes Oak Ridge has “developers that can use these machines at scale,” while China’s economic development model precludes it from reaching its research potential.

But researchers, academics, government labs and a large swath of industries seeking to expedite the scientific method via Titan’s ability to use a powerful computational model of varied natural systems are welcome to give it a spin.


Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video)



I am very happy to hear that James Corbett is now given the green light to upload full length videos.  Tune into his site, check the videos and  pod casts and remember to share!  James can also be found on Twitter @corbettreport.



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Everyone knows the gravity of the situation. Our civilization is poised on the edge of a giant derivatives-fueled debt bubble that is threatening to take the entire global economy down with it when it pops. Governments are throwing funny money at the problem hand over fist in coordinated quantitative easing campaigns to kick the can down the road a while longer. The end is inevitable: we are heading toward the collapse of our current monetary system. The question, as always, is what can we do about it. Join James tonight on Corbett Report Radio as he breaks down the problem and offers his solutions.

CLICK HERE to download the mp3 audio of this radio broadcast.



IMF unveils its blueprint to salvage the stricken euro



By , in Luxembourg

11:55PM BST 21 Jun 2012

IMF unveils its blueprint to salvage the stricken euro

The International Monetary Fund has directly confronted Germany by urging the eurozone to take a “determined and forceful move” to “complete economic and monetary union” by sharing government debt and underwriting failing banks.

The IMF’s intervention is timed to tip the balance against Angela Merkel at a critical summit between Germany, France, Italy and Spain in Rome today where the embattled German Chancellor will be fighting off identical demands.


Alien Agenda Inside The Beltway



By Preston James

The Secret Transformation of Our Elected Officials and What It Means for The American Republic

This transformation of most of our elected officials once they are seated inside the beltway (DC) is perhaps the greatest mystery of our modern political system.


Alien Agenda Inside The Beltway, The Secret Transformation of Our Elected Officials and What It Means for The American RepublicWhy do so many Congressmen and Congresswomen, and Senators seem to be quickly turned after they are elected and seated, so easily abandoning their Oaths to the US Constitution and passing so many laws which themselves are completely unConstitutional and against everything the Republic stands for?  What happens to these folks after they go to work inside the Beltway?  Is this transformation strictly a product of peer pressure from other senior legislators who control powerful positions in the Senate and House, or is it based on yielding to the particular social pressures of the political party they belong to?

Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura has written an excellent book, The Democripts and the Rebloodlicans, in which he explains why he believes there is very little difference between the two parties.  Gerald Celente the World’s top Trends Analyst has suggested that these two parties are like two different organized crime families families, the Gambinos and the Genoveses.

This political transformation that occurs to elected politicians once they are elected and are seated is a great mystery and this opinion piece is one attempt to clarify these issues and provide some possible answers as to what really happens to transform these folks to so rapidly into individuals who appear to have abandoned “we the people” in order to serve only the Shadow Govt super-elite controllers who occupy the highest positions of the Invisible Secret Shadow Govt. and the NWO Globalist Agenda.

This article is long and complicated and will take many into the ozone of credulity. It will make much more information available  than most will want.  So, perhaps it is best to skip over the parts that bore you and focus on what grabs your eye and interest.


Mexican Presidential Elections: How Social Media Has Changed Politics



Mexican Presidential Elections: ‘I Am Number 132′ Movement Shows How Social Media Has Changed Politics

At a time when the Mexican government is attempting to demonstrate that it has everything under control, the social movement “I am number 132” has sprung up without warning, calling attention to the numerous injustices prevalent in Mexican society. Leading up to the G20 meeting, which will take place in Mexico on June 17, and the presidential elections that will take place in July, Mexican officials are determined to demonstrate that they have everything under control, and that the country’s economic development is one to be envied. Recently, however, a student group got together to create a video in which 131 young people denounced the precarious social and economic conditions experienced by the majority of Mexicans, and declared their opposition to the PRI (Revolutionary Institutional Party) presidential candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto. In a matter of moments, the video went viral.

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Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill



By Stephen C. Webster

Hemp legalization added to Senate farm bill

Photo: Flickr user vhhammer, creative commons licensed.


In a last minute addition to the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has submitted an amendment that would legalize the production of industrial hemp, a potential new bumper crop for U.S. farmers.

“Industrial hemp is used in many healthy and sustainable consumer products. However, the federal prohibition on growing industrial hemp has forced companies to needlessly import raw materials from other countries,” Wyden said in prepared text. “My amendment to the Farm Bill will change federal policy to allow U.S. farmers to produce hemp for these safe and legitimate products right here, helping both producers and suppliers to grow and improve Oregon’s economy in the process.”

Allowing American farmers to produce industrial hemp, which is different from its more notorious cousin marijuana, would yield significant and immediate profits the first year, according to an analysis conducted in 1998 (PDF) by the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Kentucky.


Ron Paul’s ‘Restore America Plan’ Smashes Federal Tyranny



By Cassandra Anderson

Ron Paul’s Restore America Plan is a 12-page budget that cuts $1 trillion in spending the first year and balances the budget by the 3rd year.  Paul proposes eliminating 5 federal executive agencies that include the following departments: Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development and the Interior. The video below explains why it would be a tremendous benefit to get rid of the Department of Interior.

The Department of the Interior has over 70,000 employees and receives more than $12 billion in taxpayer funds.

YouTube Preview Image

Ron Paul's 'Restore America Plan' Smashes Federal Tyranny, Federally Owned LandFederally Owned Land

The Department of the Interior (DOI) is unconstitutional because control over land, water, resources and wildlife are not mentioned as an enumerated power in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  Additionally, the federal government’s ownership of nearly 30% of US land, primarily in the Western states, is an affront to the Equal Footing Doctrine.

When the federal government exerts power that is not specifically given to the feds in the Constitution, it is a violation of the Tenth Amendment and states’ rights.

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has closed enormous swaths of land to development, resulting in economic devastation because most wealth is created from land.  Under Paul’s plan, the States would regain control over their land.

Here are a few examples of how the DOI has abused its power over federal land:

•  President Bill Clinton declared Utah’s Grand Escalante Staircase a National Monument (under control of the DOI), limiting almost 2 million acres from economic development.

•  Nevada is over 80% federally owned, so Yucca Mountain has been targeted by the feds as a nuclear dump site for our country’s 77,000 tons of radioactive waste because it is less trouble to cut through federal red tape on federal land.

The DOI’s sub-agency, the US Geological Survey, appears to have fudged data that favors dumping in Yucca Mountain.


Joining voices and efforts for the dissolution of NATO



By: Iraklis Tsavdaridis *

NATO, UN, IMF, CMP, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Chicago, imperialismThe global movement for peace has to join forces against the united effort of capital and monopolies expressed for example by the G8. Imperialism is not all-powerful and is certainly not invincible.

Dear friends and comrades:

Let me thank the U.S. Peace Council for the invitation to be here with you in Chicago, which marked the history of the labor movement. We welcome the millions of people who love peace in the U.S., workers and all the poor and oppressed in this center of imperialism.

At the NATO Summit in Chicago, the CMP would like to denounce once again the largest war machine in human history, responsible for crimes against humanity since its founding in 1949 until today.

NATO has never been a defensive structure, it was not in 1952 when Greece and Turkey joined the “alliance” at the same time, and it was not for the life of the Warsaw Pact, established later than NATO and dissolved in 1991.

NATO was in friendly relations with all bloody and reactionary regimes and movements, all counter-revolutionaries of the world, their governments and leaders, extending the red carpet to Pinochet and the leaders of apartheid, and standing behind the coups and military dictatorships in Latin America and Europe.


Paul’s “Machine”



By Jack Hunter

Ron Paul is 3 for 3 in his endorsements in the last two weeks. Paul endorsed Kurt Bills, and Bills is now the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota. Paul endorsed Thomas Massie, and Massie is now the GOP nominee in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district race. Paul endorsed Ted Cruz, and as of last night Cruz will now go head-to-head with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in a Texas runoff for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.

Coincidence? Not according to Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray who says Ron and Rand Paul are building a “machine:”

Ron Paul, still, if barely, a presidential candidate, suffered another landslide defeat in the Kentucky primary last week. But the Pauls won anyway: Their hand-picked candidate Thomas Massie, backed by Kentucky senator Rand Paul and funded by a wealthy 21-year-old Texan Paul acolyte with a super PAC, won his hotly-contested House primary by a decisive margin.

Quietly, from the remnants of two failed presidential campaigns and the formidable online Paul organizations, a political machine is being born. The Paul agenda of extremely limited government, suspicion of economic elites, and their true outsider street cred have broad appeal in their party’s politics… The Republican Senate nominees in Wisconsin and Minnesota this cycle owe their nomination in part to the Paul influence. A Paul acolyte, Ted Cruz, is on the cusp of an upset victory over the establishment favorite in Texas Republican Senate primary. And Paul’s son Rand, the junior senator from Kentucky, is now mentioned seriously as a prospect for the 2016 Republican nomination should Mitt Romney fall short in November.

This new attention to state races is, a Paul advisor said, a matter of strategy.

“As Ron Paul moves on to a different phase, there will be other leaders who are in a position to emerge,” said the Republican strategist close to the Paul campaign. “Obviously the more people who are sympathetic to their issues, a host of those is a positive thing for the bigger movement. That’s part of the objectives.”

Of the major strategic goals that Paul’s camp is focusing on now — picking up delegates, getting issues onto the platform at the convention, and getting libertarians included in the mainstream Republican party — the last is “critical,” the strategist said:“You’ve got a bunch of other people who can go and lead and build off our infrastructures…”

“Congressman and Senator Paul are both deeply dedicated to helping elect principled Constitutionalists to office and are both working directly and indirectly with dozens of candidates across the country,” said Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton.

A few high-profile candidates, like Ted Cruz in Texas, have been particularly successful at profiting from the Paul anointment. Father and son appeared with him at a rally in Texas and conducted a moneybomb for him. And recent polling suggests Cruz will make it into a runoff with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in July, a scenario many believes favors the outsider.

Kurt Bills, a Minnesota congressman who recently won his primary to face off against Sen. Amy Klobuchar, also benefited from an unusually strong Paulite apparatus in that state, one that also took over the states convention. Bills benefited, too, from Paul himself campaigning and fundraising with him, and sending out fundraising emails on his behalf.

An email on Paul’s Bills endorsement from the end of March: “If elected to the U.S. Senate, Kurt will join my son, Rand, in leading the fight for fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and constitutional principles in Washington, D.C…”

“These congressmen and state officials and new federal officials are lining up with us because we have the soldiers,” said Paul adviser Doug Wead. “If you want to run for office, you have to have them. They are the activist base of the Republican Party now…”



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