Santorum’s Anti-Libertarianism is a Recipe for Big Government

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com Writes Philip Klein at The Washington Examiner: Nobody expects the Republican presidential nominee to be a libertarian purist, but it helps if he or she at least has a libertarian streak. In Rick Santorum’s case, he’s actively hostile toward libertarianism… (Santorum’s) been coming under fire for his many votes to expand government. He took […]

Santorum touts his true conservatism, but …

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com Santorum opposes abortion rights and favors a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. He takes a hawkish line on foreign policy, saying he would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities unless they were opened for international arms inspectors. “I’ve voted toughly over the years to cut spending and to rein in entitlements,” he said recently. Not […]

Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Think Twice About Gingrich

Source: http://pjmedia.com With the New Hampshire Union Leader’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich as well as Gingrich’s rise in the polls, the former speaker has the momentum in the race for the White House, but is this a good thing? Speaker Gingrich has many commendable points. He’s skilled at crafting conservative policy proposals and he is […]