Pharmaceutical Prices, Patents, and the FDA 1

By Timothy D. Terrell Mises.org August 18, 2015   Pharmaceutical Prices, Patents, and the FDA   In this article by economist Jeffrey Sachs, pharmaceutical company Gilead is taken to task for selling its hepatitis C cure, Sofosbuvir (sold as Sovaldi), at a price of $84,000 per course of treatment. Sachs says that the actual production cost […]

US spends the most money on this drug … and no one knows how it works

Source RT   US spends the most money on this drug … and no one knows how it works     Americans spent over $7.5 billion on one drug over a one-year period ‒ more than any other medication. And yet no one knows how the powerful pill works. But that doesn’t keep Big Pharma […]


Detroit, RIP, Mexico’s Drug War Body Count 120,000, This Steeple for Rent

By NextNewsNetwork Published on Nov 30, 2012 by NextNewsNetwork http://NextNewsNetwork.com | Next News Network’s WHDT World News Program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at http://usmediavault.com/WHDT.html WHDT World News is available to 6 million viewers from South Beach to Sebastian, Florida and to 2 million viewers in […]

CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

Source: http://www.infowars.com By Alex Newman New American July 29, 2012 The Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement in drug trafficking is back in the media spotlight after a spokesman for the violence-plagued Mexican state of Chihuahua became the latest high-profile individual to accuse the CIA, which has been linked to narcotics trafficking for decades, of ongoing efforts […]

Global banks are the financial services wing of the drug cartels

Source: http://www.sott.net By Ed Vulliamy uruknet As HSBC executives apologize to the US Senate for laundering drugs money, the fact is that nothing changes. “Steal a little,” wrote Bob Dylan, “they throw you in jail; steal a lot and they make you a king.” These days, he might recraft the line to read: deal a […]

Colombia court: Personal drug use is not a crime

Source: http://www.rawstory.com By Stephen C. Webster The Constitutional Court of Colombia approved a plan that will drop all criminal penalties for individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana or cocaine, according to Spanish-language media reports. That means anyone caught with less than 22 grams of marijuana, or one gram of cocaine, will no longer be […]

“No Refusal” blood tests for DUI arrests in Knox Co., TN 2

New “Blood draw warrants” allow authorities to take blood samples with or without your permission.  As reported on various  local news sources such as WBIR, WATE, WVLT and even on Yahoo News, refusal is no longer an option, as a search warrant can now include body fluids, your own blood in this case. The story […]

Fast and Furious rhetoric insensitive to whistleblowers and victims

Source: http://www.examiner.com By Anthony Martin Certain reporters in the mainstream media and progressive politicians in Washington have engaged in rhetoric that exhibits a marked insensitivity to the whistleblowers and victims in the Fast and Furious scandal. In the aftermath of the vote Wednesday by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to hold Attorney […]

Authorities Probe Drug Trafficking Scheme Involving Delta, TSA Workers

Source: http://www.blacklistednews.com Authorities Probe Drug Trafficking Scheme Involving Delta, TSA Workers Source: CBS Authorities are probing a drug trafficking scheme involving Delta Airlines and Transportation Security Administration workers in cash, baggage, and Hawaii. John Tai of Carson is among several arrested for allegedly having drugs and cash flown to and from California and Hawaii. Investigators […]