Legalized Plunder Of America

Source: “Legalized Plunder of the American People” – G. Edward Griffin Published on Oct 2, 2012 by CaseyResearchFAN To order the complete audio set from the Navigating the Politicized Economy Summit, available in CD and MP3 format, G. Edward Griffin discusses the Federal Reserve and it’s role in the declining economy at the […]

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

Source: By Rand Clifford Sense those hooves pounding around the world? Little surprise that these four bedfellows have in their reins the fate of humanity, even life on Earth. Profit and conquest are all that matter; there is no such thing as enough, only, more. King Coal’s aerosols leave hardly a place on Earth […]


Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before USDA approved it!

Source: By Ethan A. Huff Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before USDA approved it, federal agency knew all along A little more than a year ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) made the disastrous decision to deregulate Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready alfalfa, even though the agency’s sham of an environmental impact report failed to prove […]

Debt & Deficits. Bailout News. Federal Reserve Corruption.

Source: CHART: Federal Reserve Dollar Destruction Chart demonstrating the decline in the dollar’s purchasing power from 1913 to 2005.  And it’s only gotten worse since ’05, with the latest figures showing the dollar having lost 98% since the Federal Reserve was enacted in 1913. Video – Bernanke admits to Ron Paul that ‘Inflation Is A Tax’ […]