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The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution



“I don’t think (Ron Paul supporters) have been disrespected.” – Mitt Romney


The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution

The Grand Old Party produced a scripted appeal to the faithful. The 2012 Republican Party convention in Tampa, designed to sell a filtered image of a country club version of conservatism, begs the historic substance of a traditional embodiment of true timeless values. Hitting a range of obligatory themes is not equivalent to standing for the principles of a constitutional republic. Appealing to the estranged elements of the GOP needs more than words to restore faith and hope. Reasoned policy stands require a refutation of the failure of the Neoconservative agenda. So do not be duped by the language in the platform.

The indomitable Phyllis Schlafly loves the planks, in the article: Republican Party platform best yet.

“It rejects a long list of United Nations treaties, including the treaty on women’s rights, the treaty on the rights of the child, the treaty on persons with disabilities, the arms trade treaty and the Law of the Sea treaty. The platform also rejects Agenda 21, including its proposal for a global tax and various U.N. declarations on the environment.

Altogether, the 2012 Republican Platform is an excellent document written by grass-roots conservatives. It is a true reflection of American values.”

Now how can any red blooded conservative disagree with a political party that rejects the globalism of the United Nations? Well, our distinguished champion at the Eagle Forum engages in wishful thinking, if she believes that the platform is anything more than tomorrows fish wrapper paper.

For a concise analysis of the irrelevance of the planks in the platform, view the John Nichols: Mitt Romney Versus the Tea Party video. In politics, deeds count, while rhetoric blows away with the wind.

Judge a campaign by the political handlers and their records. Examine the viewpoints that the political endorsers are committed to their core. The notion expressed by the New York Times in Platform’s Sharp Turn to Right Has Conservatives Cheering may give temporary joy, but the ugly underbelly of the NeoCon purity sect is at work to purge the party of the residual of real conservatives.


Ron Paul Delegates Speak OUT! RE: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012

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Published on Sep 2, 2012 by

While we were in Tampa, Florida on August 26, 2012 we ran across several Ron Paul delegates who offered to share their experience with the GOP corruption that has been ongoing this year.


RNC – Mitt Romney Corruption Videos


I am aware that these videos are a few days old but wanted to post some of these together for historical purposes and for reference.


RNC Sham – Ron Priebus Corruption

YouTube Preview Image


Boehner Reads Teleprompter Script – Teleprompter Rigged Vote

YouTube Preview Image


RNC Rule Change Corruption Explained – No more free delegates

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Marco Rubio: Romney/Republicans Chose More Government Instead of More Freedom
- Is this on purpose?

YouTube Preview Image


RNC Rule Change – Maine Delegates Treated Unfairly…

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Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican

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Published on Aug 30, 2012 by

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the most controversial rule change in party history was not legitimately passed.



No matter if you are right, left or capable of critical thinking and not needing a party to tell you where to cast your vote, this should appall everyone.  Maybe more will wake up and realize the illusion of choice is just that, an illusion to make you think you still have a voice.


Terror in Tampa: Billionaires & Ballot Bandits TKO Maine Delegates at RNC

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Published on Aug 29, 2012 by N0LINKNEWS

I wanna thank Greg Palast speaking at the convention for the billionaires & ballot bandits phrase.

Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Erupt After Getting Barred from Republican Convention
Submitted by 35intheShade on Tue, 08/28/2012 – 21:27
in Ron Paul 2012

What a complete fraud. Hopefully all of you will now see that there is a conspiracy happening and it is very very massive. And it hates true liberty. RON PAUL

Continued, with CNN interviewing Maine delegates:

CNN interview:

Maine delegates walk out:

Brent Tweed, Mark Willis after walkout:

They’re stealing the election, but we have the files on them – help support us finish our film & book – The Election Games Launched: Mar 4, 2012 Funding ended: May 3, 2012 Remind Me

Greg Palast’s Billionaires and Ballots Investigation

The top elections-heist investigators in the USA need your donation, here today, to complete our comic book, our elections guide book and our film exposing the attempt to Steal 2012 by a combination of billionaire’s hidden cash and vote heists.

In 1996, Greg Palast filmed the first investigation of The Koch Brothers.

In 2000, Palast uncovered how Katherine Harris purged 56,000 African-Americans from Florida voter rolls.

In 2008, Palast, with Bobby Kennedy, busted the Karl Rove attack on ballots — from ID games to firing US prosecutors.

And now, in 2012, there’s once again a full-scale attack on the right to vote.

If we can get $15,000 right now, we can just make our May 3rd deadline to draw and print our BILLIONAIRES AND BANDITS comic book with genius pen man Ted Rall.

The funds will also allow us to edit and broadcast our film shot over the past four years from all over the USA on Karl Rove’s $200 million game to suppress the vote.


Romney Spits on GOP, Beck, Hannity, Ron Paul, and America

YouTube Preview Image Progressive candidate, Mitt Romney, revealed as knowing he was perverting the GOP and continues to move the nation toward his version of Obamanation. GOP delegates too liberal to realize it!



Republican National Convention LIVE: Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP



By Charlie Vidal

Republican National Convention LIVE: Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP

Republican National Convention LIVE Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP Photo from

The 2012 Republican National Convention will primarily serve as the coronation of Mitt Romney as the party’s nominee for president.

Many prominent Republicans will make speeches explaining exactly how Mitt Romney and only Mitt Romney (ok, Paul Ryan too) will save America from the inevitable doom which comes free with Barack Obama. A few of them will be hoping to have their 2004 Boston moment where they burst onto the national stage as a fresh face ready to roll up his sleeves and change the way politics are done in four years. Should Romney not win, of course. Which would be tragic according to everyone in attendance.

What differentiates this convention from most pep rallies is the current fight for the soul of the Republican Party. Ron Paul and his supporters have amassed a fair share of the delegates, and they aren’t going down without letting their voices be heard despite attempts from the Romney campaign to ensure otherwise. After eight years of big government “conservatism” perpetuated by George Bush and the Republican House and Senate, the Tea Party finally stood up to both parties in 2010 and demanded that government live within its means. The battle has even found its way into the ticket, with Paul Ryan rhetorically endorsing fiscal restraint.

My question for the week: how much will Republicans embrace liberty and individual government versus demagoguing Mitt Romney? Stay tuned to the convention and check in here to find out.

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC, Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention



By Chris Miles

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC, Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention Photo from

The Republican National Convention saw some uneasy disruption from within its own ranks on Tuesday, as Ron Paul supporters vocally protested the removing of Ron Paul delegates.

Ron Paul supporters burst out into chants and protests at the Republican convention on Tuesday afternoon, shouting “point of order!” in unison to protest the RNC’s decision not to seat Paul delegates from Maine. A point of order is a matter raised during consideration of a motion concerning the rules of parliamentary procedure.

They also battled rules changes for the 2016 primaries that they warn will reduce the grassroot’s impact. Mitt Romney supporters tried to drown them out with chants of “USA!”

Here’s how it played out:

Chants of “let them sit” erupted on the convention floor supporting Maine’s Ron Paul delegates stripped of their seats. Ron Paul-leaning delegates from Oklahoma and Oregon were allowed to sit.


Worldwide press coverage expected for Ron Paul’s rally at Sun Dome



By Lori Stacey

As this Congressman did 4 years ago in response to being basically shut-out of the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul has again organized his own large event nearby. He is currently not invited to attend the convention and is only going to be given a video tribute at the RNC similar to what a great man might receive after he is dead.

Although there has been speculation for weeks that Ron Paul was never invited to speak at the convention, it has been recently revealed that he was offered a speaking spot but it came with 2 strings attached. He would have to submit his speech for approval and vetting by the Romney team. He would also have to fully endorse Mitt Romney for President. Dr. Paul declined the offer due to these compromising conditions. In an interview reported by the New York Times, he is quoted as saying that “It wouldn’t be my speech” and “That would undo everything I have done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for President.”

It should also be noted that Ron Paul never suspended his campaign, the legal battles over his delegates continues onto Tampa and the delegates have not formally voted to make any candidate their nominee yet.

Over the last 4 years, his popularity and influence has continued to explode across the worldwide stage. The Paul campaign had previously stated that news organizations from all over the world have been contacting them with their desire to cover this event which takes place on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 26, 2012. It is now being reported that C-Span has chosen to air a significant portion of the event. Although other American news networks will be in attendance, it is unlikely that any others will actually be airing it.


Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination




Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination

Wait, isn’t Dr. Ron Paul out of the presidential race? Isn’t it all tied up nicely in a bow with the Romney/Ryan ticket?


Why would the GOP be scared of Ron Paul but end up nominating him?

I’ll explain.

Romney and the GOP have demonstrated both poor judgment and poor sportsmanship that might cost them by damaging Romney’s electability among the Ron Paul supporters thus leading to a splitting of votes, which in turn, could cost the GOP the entire election.

Dr. Ron Paul is still in the race for president and is a strong contender for the 2012 GOP nomination.

To be on the GOP ballot Aug. 27, 2012 in Tampa and get a 15-minute speaking slot, a candidate must have won the plurality (majority) of delegates in at least 5 states.

Well, Ron Paul did win the plurality of delegates in 5 states, enough to be eligible for the nomination and a 15-minute speaking slot at the GOP convention. The states he won are Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Nevada. Then Ron Paul went on to win the plurality in Massachusetts, Romney’s home state and half the delegates in Oregon. Dr. Ron Paul also has around 500 delegates who support him. The exact number of delegates that Romney and Paul have is still a mystery but should be clarified at the convention.

So… Ron Paul won his 5-plus states, he’s on the ballot and writing his speech, right? Not exactly.


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