7 unbelievable ways the government wasted your money in 2015

By Against Crony Capitalism January 5, 2015   7 unbelievable ways the government wasted your money in 2015     Top o’ the list? The F-35 joint strike fighter. This is one of the areas where conservatives need to come to terms with reality. Often “defense” is just a big, giant, massive works program for […]

I’ll will say one thing for the F-35. It looks cool.


No, the Military Has Not Withered Away Under Obama

By Ryan McMaken November 17, 2015   No, the Military Has Not Withered Away Under Obama   It is common to see articles and columns in the Conservative media claiming that President Obama is engaging in “historic defense cuts.” There are claims that not in decades has the military ever endured such budget slashing. “Romney […]

Ron Paul

Ron Paul on the Next US Defense Secretary

By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute   Ron Paul on the Next US Defense Secretary   As the US media reported that President Obama was expected to nominate Ashton Carter to be the next Secretary of Defense, RPI Chairman Ron Paul was not optimistic. There is no reason to believe that Carter, a long-time Pentagon […]

Pentagon ‘big winner’ in $1T omnibus bill (Defense contractors too, Taxpayers lose)

  Source: By Nick Sorrentino Pentagon ‘big winner’ in $1T omnibus bill (Defense contractors too, Taxpayers lose)     Everyone is dancing around up in DC today. The defense contractors, the Pentagon, the members of Congress with boondoggle weapon system projects in their districts. (Which is to say nearly every member of Congress.) Happy […]


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Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending

  Source: By Chris Rossini Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending   Last year, debate “moderators” from Fox News had a hard time understanding the difference between legitimate spending on defending the U.S. versus the wasteful spending on the military empire. Dr. Paul explained it with passion and in true smackdown form, […]

55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America This Holiday Season 1

Source: By Michael Snyder Economic Collapse Blog This is the time of the year when Americans run out to their favorite retail stores and fill up their shopping carts with lots of cheap plastic crap made by workers in foreign countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  By doing this, the […]

Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA

Just days before Thanksgiving, the US Senate was planning on taking a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, but there has been a slight delay. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has proposed an amendment halting the vote. In it, Paul reaffirms the sixth amendment guaranteeing a fair a speedy trial to all Americans which […]

NeoCon At Globalist Think-Tank Says Use False Flag to Start War With Iran 1

Source: By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Patrick Clawson, member of the globalist-controlled think-tank and neo-con influenced Washington Institute for Near East Studies (WINES); recently spoke about the use of false flags as a necessary way for instigating a war with Iran. Clawson remarked that Obama has had a difficult time “getting the US into […]

Navy Loses Giant Drone in Maryland Crash

Source: By Spencer Ackerman   The Navy was all set to roll out its upgraded spy drone, a 44-foot behemoth. Then one of its Global Hawks crashed into an eastern Maryland marsh on Monday. It’s the latest setback for the Navy’s robotic aircraft. An unarmed RQ-4A Global Hawk went down during a training exercise […]

Bradley Manning defense gets report on WikiLeaks

Source: By Ed Pilkington Bradley Manning defence gets report on WikiLeaks damage to US interests Judge rules that Obama administration must hand over documents assessing leak of diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of being the source of the biggest leak of state secrets in American history, has won a […]

War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones

Source: ### [CIM} Watch the three videos which are include at the end of Doug Wead’s post below. ### By Doug Wead War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones “In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport […]

Is the Ron Paul the Best Hope for Progressives?

Source: By Rand Paul Review Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the last man standing in the Republican presidential race besides presumptive victor Mitt Romney, even after a strategy statement misunderstood by many as “dropping out.” Since that announcement, Paul has won his second state, Minnesota (Maine was the first), and is on target to end up controlling presidential voting […]

Ron Paul has crazy economic ideas

Source: By mindwalker55 Show this post to anyone who thinks Ron Paul has crazy economic ideas Ron Paul’s understanding of the economy is a matter of public record. In 1983 he predicted the 1987 recession.   In 1998 he predicted the 2000 dot com crash.   In 2001 he predicted the housing […]