Sanders and His Followers Are Not Outliers

By Jeff Deist October 16, 2015   Sanders and His Followers Are Not Outliers   Depending on one’s point of view, Bernie Sanders either held his own or boosted his chances against perceived front-runner Hillary Clinton in Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate. His message clearly resonated with the live audience, particularly his statements […]



The Republican Debate on FOX News

By Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics August 7, 2015   The Republican Debate on FOX News     The debate everyone has been waiting for revealed the bias of the moderators and their secret agenda against Trump with the second most interesting exchange was between Christie and Paul. The so-called debate began with the leading question […]

The Intellectual Intolerance Behind “Check Your Privilege”

By Gary Galles July 20, 2015   The Intellectual Intolerance Behind “Check Your Privilege”   A decade ago, no one had ever been told to “check your privilege.” Now it commands an appreciable “market share” in academia and social justice rhetoric. But it does so despite sharply opposed interpretations of its meaning. In fact, […]


President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress. (Photo: White House/Public Domain)

After Ten Months, Will Congress Finally Be Forced to Debate the War on ISIS?

By Sarah Lazare Common Dreams June 5, 2015   After Ten Months, Will Congress Finally Be Forced to Debate the War on ISIS? For first time since US air war on ISIS began ten months ago, lawmakers push legislation calling for withdrawal of military forces     A small group of bipartisan congressional lawmakers on […]

CEOs Against Private Property

By Ryan McMaken April 3, 2015   CEOs Against Private Property   The governor of Indiana last week signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, modeled on similar federal legislation. The Indiana statute states that a person’s religious beliefs may not be “substantially burden[ed]” by anti-discrimination statutes. In other words, if anti-discrimination laws could be […]


Vaccines photo by El Alvi

The Vaccination Quandary: Foiling Dr. Tenpenny’s Trip to Australia

[Correction to the article below. Dr. Tenpenny’s first name is Sherri, not Shirley. Also read and watch the related post linked below the article.] By Binoy Kampmark January 23, 2015   The Vaccination Quandary: Foiling Dr. Tenpenny’s Trip to Australia   So much for debate, which, for many involved, was not a debate at […]

RT to host final US presidential third-party debate

[CIM] Please note that the debate has been rescheduled for November 5th due to hurricane Sandy. ### Source: Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein will sound off once more before Election Day, with both presidential hopefuls now slated to debate live from RT’s Washington, DC studio on November […]

Looking Back – Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson On the Issues 1

Following the Free and Equal 3rd Party Debate held on October 24th I was asked about my thoughts on the candidates outside of the scope of topics covered.  As all my support and efforts in these last two presidential election cycles have been devoted to promoting  Dr. Ron Paul my history on these third party […]

Who Will Win the Elections? “The Republicrats”

Source: By Julie Lévesque There is no democracy in the United States. American political life is dominated by one party with two heads, often called the “Republicrats”. Republicans and Democrats agree on core issues and only argue on technicalities. Obama, who was portrayed as a peaceful saviour in the last presidential elections, has demonstrated […]

Free & Equal Third Party Presidential Debate In High Definition (Full Video)

The 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate participants include Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, & Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson. The debate was moderated by Larry King & hosted by the Free And Equal Elections Foundation at the Hilton Chicago. Topics discussed include war on drugs, […]

#StopNDAA – What Obama and Romney didn’t touch on during the debate

Source: The defense bill that lets the government indefinitely detain any US citizen without charge or trial wasn’t mentioned once during the three presidential debates, but that didn’t stop activists from sounding off: #StopNDAA went worldwide Monday night. A campaign aimed at drawing awareness to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 […]

Gary Johnson’s false claims spinning out of control

Source: By Lori Stacey During Gary Johnson‘s entire campaign as the Libertarian nominee, he has consistently been making the claim that he is the only 3rd party candidate that will be on all 50 states’ ballots even though that would be impossible for any candidate to claim as the ballot access battle continues to […]

HOW RON PAUL IS CHANGING THE DEBATE By Jack Hunter Last night’s Republican primary win for Ron Paul-endorsed congressional candidate Thomas Massie in Kentucky was simply the latest indicator of the powerful influence of Paul and his movement. Today at The Washington Times, Kevin Kelly runs down some of the ways in which Dr. Paul has influenced American political discourse: In […]