Adios Cuba! 1

By Eric Margolis January 24, 2015   Adios Cuba!   It’s taken over half a century for the US to finally figure out how to neutralize pesky Communist Cuba. Invasions, air raids, crushing sanctions, attempts to murder the Castro leadership by exploding cigars and poisons, diplomatic isolation, poisoning crops – all failed. Now, the […]

Eric Margolis

How Embargoes Destroy Freedom

By Ryan McMaken   How Embargoes Destroy Freedom   In the wake of the Obama administration’s partial normalization of relations with Cuba, proponents of the embargo condemned the move, with National Review publishing an unsigned editorial claiming that allowing Americans to trade freely with the island nation amounts to giving comfort to murderous dictators. […]


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Regime Change In Cuba

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig   Regime Change In Cuba   Normalization of relations with Cuba is not the result of a diplomatic breakthrough or a change of heart on the part of Washington. Normalization is a result of US corporations seeking profit opportunities in Cuba, such as developing broadband Internet markets […]


Western Doublethink on Blind Path to War

Source: By Finian CUNNINGHAM   Western Doublethink on Blind Path to War   In October 1962, the United States threatened to go to war with Russia over the Cuban missile crisis. That high-stakes drama came about after Washington learned that Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had overseen the installation of ballistic missiles on the Caribbean […]