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John Stossel – Detroit Gutted By Government

John Stossel – Detroit Gutted By Government     Published by XRepublicTV ### John Stossel discusses the demise that is Detroit with guests Darcy Olsen and Shikha Dalmia, regarding causes behind the Detroit collapse and other cities following a different model running in the black unlike the bankrupt situation facing Detroit. Thinking Sandy Springs, Georgia […]

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Glass-Steagall: War on Wall Street

Glass-Steagall: War on Wall Street     Published by laroucheyouth Transcript: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAw_RnoDmM0 Video description: In the war on Wall Street, Lyndon LaRouche has launched three critical flanks: 1. A new Pecora Commission must be convened; 2. We need a full expose of who in Congress actually belongs to Wall Street; 3. In the wake of […]

Obama Supporters Petition to Grant Him Immunity for All Crimes He Commits While in Office 1

Obama Supporters Petition to Grant Him Immunity for All Crimes He Commits While in Office   Published by MarkDice Obama supporters in San Diego, California petition to grant the President immunity for any crimes he has committed or will commit while in office. Media analyst and author Mark Dice simply asks random people if they’ll […]

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Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR — Paul Craig Roberts

Source: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Role Reversal: How the US Became the USSR — Paul Craig Roberts   I spent the summer of 1961 behind the Iron Curtain. I was part of the US-USSR student exchange program. It was the second year of the program that operated under auspices of the US Department […]

Judge Napolitano: Second Amendment Was Written To Protect Right To Shoot Tyrants, Not Skeet Shooting

http://youtu.be/JdxjinfEPLo Posted by Eduardo89rp Judge Napolitano discusses the Second Amendment and President Obama’s push for gun control on Fox Business Network’s The Tom Sullivan Show.

Bill to Limit Grand Jury Foreperson Length Filed

Source: http://www.bcpublicrecord.com By Tona In the past I’ve written about the problems that exist within the Grand Juries of Tennessee and I spoke to Senator Mae Beavers about some of those problems.  She apparently listened, at least partially. http://www.bcpublicrecord.com/?p=147 One problem is the length of time that a foreperson can serve, which is basically until […]

Four Polish soldiers re-tried in Afghan war crimes case

Source: http://www.sott.net By Raw Story Four Polish soldiers, accused of committing war crimes in Afghanistan, on Wednesday faced the first day of a re-trial after Poland’s Supreme Court last year overturned their acquittal, a military court spokesman said. The case marks the first instance in which Polish troops have faced a court martial for war […]

The End of Privacy Rights

Source: http://www.activistpost.com We The People There was a time when we the people could expect privacy in our homes, in our conversations, in our everyday lives. As you’ll see in this video, your right to privacy has ended. Vast amounts of what you would assume to be your private information is being recorded and stored […]

BBC Finds Crates of Saudi Weapons in Syrian Rebel Base

Source: http://antiwar.com By John Glaser For several months now it has been known that the US is cooperating with its allies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to provide aid and weapons to the rebel fighters in Syria. While the US has sent “non-lethal” aid to the rebels – like money, communications gear, and intelligence […]