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5 Facts About Obamacare Most Americans Do Not Know




By Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

5 Facts About Obamacare Most Americans Do Not Know


Orig.src_.Susanne.Posel_.Daily_.News-defundobamacare-300x200As a presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama promised : “In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year….. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.”

Last July, President Obama spoke this week at a press conference at the White House, to defend the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), saying that rebates to Americans makes it cost effective.

Obama said: “Generally speaking, what we’ve seen is that health care costs have slowed drastically in a lot of areas since we passed the Affordable Care Act. We have a lot more work to do, but health care inflation isn’t sky-rocketing the way it was.”

Claiming that there are those who want the legislation to fail, Obama advised: “You’re getting better protections. You’re getting more value for each dollar that you spend on your health care.”

Obama remarked: “I bet if you took a poll, most folks wouldn’t know when that check comes in that this was because of Obamacare that they got this extra money in their pockets.”

Surrounding the president at the press conference were people who had received rebates from insurers. This way Obama could give the impression that his healthcare law was working in favor of the people.

Obama stated that “even people who haven’t received rebates are benefiting from the law because it has helped slow the cost of health care.”

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In reality, Obamacare will cost $621 billion to American citizens by current estimations.

It has been reported that “healthy consumers could see insurance rates double or even triple when they look for individual coverage under the federal health law later this year.”

Indeed, as time goes on, Obamacare costs will increase to astronomical heights – leading to an annual cost of $784 by 2022 for the average American family.

On October 1st, an estimated 25 million Americans will be covered under Obamacare which will insure 7 million Americans currently without health insurance.

At the beginning of 2014, Medicaid programs for low-income families will be expanded.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that it needs more than 4,000 new agents to assist in enforcing the mandates of Obamacare and $300 million dollars in infrastructure needed to force Americans to purchase government issued healthcare.

The IRS claims it needs the exorbitant amounts of money to “continue the development of new systems and modifications of existing systems required to support new tax credits.”

It is more likely that the IRS will use these funds to spy on Americans who refuse or fail to purchase Obamacare health coverage with the intention of fining US citizens.

Another justification for the large budget plan for the IRS is to require tanning facilities, health salons, health clubs, beauty parlors and businesses alike to pay a tax similar to those attributed to alcohol and tobacco.

This 10% tax will require the use of 81 agents according to the IRS.

Perry Pugno, president for medical education for the American Academy for Family Physicians (AAFP) explained: “It’s like we’re handing out bus tickets and the bus is already full. The shortfall of primary-care access is not an insignificant problem, and it’s going to get worse.”

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will not be reporting a complete list of health insurance plans until October 1st.

Confusion between states that are “running their own [healthcare] exchanges” and those that are “letting the federal government handle that task” is compounding the problems that are quickly mounting in preparation for America’s first socialized medicine.

The Obama administration has released guidelines that will be implemented by January 2014 and explain what type of programs employers can use as incentives to make sure their employees get healthy.

According to the get healthy guidelines:

  • Employers can charge employees 30% more to cover group cost plans
  • Employees that quit smoking, lose weight, lower cholesterol and lower body mass index (BMI) can receive a cessation of up to 50%
  • Employers can monetarily punish employees for unhealthy habits and reward those who try to change their ways
  • Employees can be told to attend a health education seminar

Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA commented that: “These rules will help ensure that wellness programs are designed to actually promote wellness, and that they are not just used as a backdoor way to shift health-care costs to those struggling with health problems.”

Pollack continued : “Wellness programs have become an increasingly popular component of job-based health coverage [and] provide a number of essential consumer protections that will limit employers’ ability to use wellness incentives as a subterfuge for discriminating against people with certain health conditions by charging them higher health care costs.”

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Susanne Posel Chief Editor, Investigative Journalist Radio Host: The Region 10 Report, Live Thursdays 1-3PM PST on American Freedom Radio

C-SPAN to cover Ron Paul’s We Are the Future Rally



Ron Paul will speak to a live national audience via coverage from C-SPAN on Sunday, Aug 26th at 3pm ET from the University of South Florida’s 17,000 seat Sun Dome. The event is themed as a constitutional conservative and libertarian friendly alternative to the official GOP convention. Ron Paul, himself, is calling it “the speech the RNC doesn’t want the rest of America to hear.”

The event is titled, “We are the Future,” and will feature numerous speakers including Doug Wead, Congressman Justin Amash, Barry Goldwater, Jr., Jack Hunter, SC State Senator Tom Davis and Senator Rand Paul with musical performances by Jimmie Vaughan, Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, and John Popper of Blues Traveler (with Ron Noyes).

The Romney campaign and GOP establishment have yet to invite Ron Paul to speak at the official GOP convention. However, they have found it politically convenient to adopt much of his message. Just last week, Romney pledged to support an audit of the Federal Reserve and the GOP is expected to adopt the audit as a plank in its platform along with a version of Campaign for Liberty’s Internet Freedom initiative. The party platform is also widely expected to call for a commission to investigate the gold standard.

Another grassroots and Paul-themed event is happening throughout the weekend, P.A.U.L. Festival. Speakers include Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Gary Johnson and Walter Block among other.

You can follow all of these events by following’s Tampa Live Blog.

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IRS wants 4,000 new agents, $300 million budget to enforce Obamacare



By Jonathan Benson

IRS, Obamacare, agents, budget, insuranceMore than quadrupling an estimate it put forth last year for new agents (, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now says that it will need more than 4,000 new agents to enforce the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. And in addition to these new agents, the IRS is also asking for more than $300 million in new funding to help fortify the infrastructure it will supposedly need to unconstitutionally force Americans to purchase government healthcare.

The constitutionality of Obamacare is currently being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, and yet the IRS is already acting as though the overhaul is definitive law. According to IRS budget requests, the agency says it needs a massive cash infusion to “continue the development of new systems and modifications of existing systems required to support new tax credits.” But in reality, this money will more than likely be used to spy on Americans and fine them for failing to purchase adequate health coverage.

“Health reform’s insurance mandate says if you do not have ‘adequate’ insurance, you’ll have to pay a fine as part of your tax return,” writes Elizabeth MacDonald for FOX Business ( “If your business doesn’t provide ‘affordable’ coverage, you’ll have to pay a fine to the IRS, too, as part of your tax return filing.”

According to FOX News analyst James Farrell, new IRS reporting requirements under Obamacare, should it end up being declared constitutional, will require individuals to disclose personal insurance plan information such as coverage provisions and costs to the IRS. The provisions will also require individuals to reveal whether or not they have been offered health insurance by their employers, and what this employer-sponsored insurance costs, information that the IRS has never before dealt with.

Another stated reason for the increase in agents and budget funds is to enforce the new tanning excise tax. Tanning salons, health clubs, beauty parlors and other businesses that offer tanning services will be required to pay a tax similar to the kind levied on alcohol and tobacco ( According to The Daily Caller, the IRS is planning to devote 81 of its agents just to collecting this ten-percent tax (

“Obamacare bashes into the Constitution at every turn because it is fundamentally in conflict to the essential founding principles of this country — freedom and the sovereignty of states and citizens,” writes Grace-Marie Turner for Canada Free Press ( “It turns control over one-sixth of our economy to the federal government, ceding life and death decisions to the state.”

Sources for this article include:

Al Jazeera journalists quit channel citing bias on Syria coverage

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Qatar’s aggressive stance towards Assad has led to a string of resignations at the country’s al-Jazeera TV news channel. Those who left describe bias at the station which they say has become a tool to target the Syrian regime. RT’s Paula Slier describes those accusations.

[CIM Comment]

All will have biased points, some little and some large.  Turn on US and other MSM and try to find any truth amoung all the biased reporting.  Good luck with that one.

FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7



(PRISON PLANET)    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has followed in the footsteps of the DHS in looking to hire a private contractor that will monitor news coverage of the agency’s activities on a 24/7 basis.

“FEMA is planning to award a 100% small business set-aside contract to a media monitoring firm that can monitor, archive and measure all local news in “major Nielsen markets,” all nationally broadcast news and all cable outlets for their news coverage of FEMA activities in the field across the U.S., reports Government Security News.

The program is similar in nature to a Department of Homeland Security monitoring effort that stoked controversy and a congressional hearing after it emerged that the DHS had hired an outside contractor, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, to monitor social media outlets along with a list of websites, on a “24/7/365 basis,” in order to uncover “any media reports that reflect adversely on the U.S. Government and the Department.”

This included monitoring remarks by residents of Standish, Michigan in “newspaper comment talkbacks, local blogs, Twitter posts, and publicly available Facebook posts,” to gage the response to a plan to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to a local prison.

Although the FEMA contract does not specifically mention the monitoring of blogs and comments made by Internet users, it does call for the program to “Monitor the effectiveness of public affairs messaging,” which implies that feedback from citizens regarding FEMA’s activities will be part of the process.

The FEMA contract for the monitoring service explains that the agency is looking for information on “media statistics including the audience exposure and publicity value” for news items related to FEMA.

Concerned about its reputation in the eyes of American citizens who are growing increasingly wary of big government, this is not the first time FEMA has reached out to try and massage its image following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which “evoked some of the harshest criticism the agency has ever faced.”

As we exclusively reported in 2006, a story that was later confirmed by KSLA news agency the following year, FEMA has created ‘Clergy Response Teams’ trained by the federal government to “quell dissent” and pacify citizens to obey the government in the event of a declaration of martial law.

The program recruited pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for the implementation of martial law, property and firearm seizures, mass vaccination programs and forced relocation.

Even in the absence of such emergencies, the federal government has already announced that it is actively monitoring social media for signs of “social unrest”, in a bid to pre-empt any sign of civil dislocation within the United States.

Representatives from the Department of Homeland Security yesterday stonewalled a Congressional hearing into the DHS’ monitoring of news and social media by refusing to give specific answers on what measures were being taken to prevent the program creating a “chilling effect” whereby people would be afraid to leave negative comments in online forums for fear of retribution.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, who obtained 300 documents via a FOIA requestdetailing how the DHS was tracking websites like the Drudge Report, Huffington Post, Facebook and Twitter, submitted a statement to the Subcommittee Hearing arguing that “The DHS monitoring of social networks and media organizations is entirely without legal basis and threatens important free speech and expression rights.”

Watch a KSLA report on FEMA’s ‘Clergy Response Teams’ below.


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Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck



By Lew Rockwell

Last night, when CNN shut down its election coverage after Ron won the Adelson caucus, there was no explanation, just a confusing switch to earlier coverage. We still do not know the results for approximately half the votes in the state. I believe Ron came in a solid second, at least, beating Newt and threatening Rom. And who knows, he might have done better than that. We can be pretty sure there are shenanigans going on, because the MSM is not questioning the unprecedented delay. It reminds me of the Iowa strawpoll, which I believe–with good reason–was won by Ron, and not Bach. I guess we will never know, without some courageous whistleblowers, but the US has a long history of stolen elections. Are we supposed to think the present breed of pols is above such things, when trillions and trillions are at stake?

UPDATE from Scott Weisman:

This is why I’m pretty pretty sure (in addition to the “it” in “in it to win it” being the presidency, not the nomination) that the good doctor is going to go all the way. At worst, he’ll just rally more people to the cause.

[CIM Comment]

Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!

Never Say Never Again to Dr. No



Conor Kenny Staff Writer

There’s something rather endearing about Ron Paul. At the current rate the man from Texas is going, it seems as though he’ll be running for President even when he’s six feet under. The determination of the congressman to launch a third campaign at the age of 76 is reminiscent of a loony tunes character who seems to be continually struck dead with an anvil, yet who somehow manages to reappear in the next episode. Nevertheless, this old-style libertarian is starting to gather vast support in the polls. Everyone from the tea party movement to liberals fed up with insipid Obama policies are starting to take note of Ron Paul. And so they should.

Despite the honourable efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement, there is absolutely no chance that America will not be a capitalist country by the time the next election comes around in 2012. The idea that a dyed-in-the-wool socialist congressman like Dennis Kucinich ever stands a chance of being elected is lunacy. What is clear, however, even to hardcore Republicans, is that the Federal Reserve System has evolved into something beyond a bad joke. It is a system so historically chaotic that it was even criticised by Thomas Jefferson. Any politician who believes that central banking can continue in it’s current format without wreaking economic havoc in the US needs to be taken away by the men in white coats. Liberals too, believe that the Fed should be financing government investment in infrastructure repair to raise employment levels, instead of being an institution that essentially exists for the benefit of those on Wall Street. Dr. Paul believes that the Fed should be completely eliminated. Not the most ridiculous of ideas when you consider that this institution is suspected of having played a hand in both the Great Depression of 1929 and the current global financial crisis.

Perhaps the most notable of Dr. Paul’s political ideas is his firm belief in a peaceful, isolationist foreign policy. Considering this is something that most Democrats, never mind Republicans don’t support, it is evident that this particular congressman is remarkably progressive. Indeed, he even managed to coin himself the nickname Dr. No by virtue of the fact that he will “never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution”. Given that America’s reputation around the world is at an all-time low, a more liberal approach to foreign affairs is imperative, something which Barack Obama is never likely to deliver with his implied support of Israel. So many Democrats have become disillusioned with Obama’s imperialist dogma that the term “Blue Republicans” has been assigned to those defectors who have registered as Republicans simply to vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

The only obstacle to Paul’s campaign after Rick Perry’s stupidity blew up in own his face two weeks ago, is the fact that Fox News seems to regard him as some sort of geriatric madcap. If you ask me, coming from them that’s something of a compliment. The downside is that despite having the most popular blog of all the candidates, he has only had 2% of the coverage by the mainstream media in America. He believes that the neoconservative media consider his beliefs to be “too dangerous”. He’s probably right. The good news is that they can’t choose the next President, but the people of the United States can.

Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site and donate today!

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