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Tennessee Needs a Political “Cage Match”



By Chris

Tennessee Needs a Political “Cage Match”


Those of us in Tennessee have seen nothing short of political waltzes performed for our entertainment.  Occasionally a small spat may arise but then the waltz continues. This show is scheduled prior to elections in Tennessee, and as normal, one must lead and one must follow. Once the show is done we find that the “leader” only has the leadership ability to lead their hand into our pocket.

Time for a revival, of political sense, is on the Tennessee horizon perhaps.  The cage match is about to begin, and lucky for us it is a tag team event.  The announcer yells into the microphone… “In this corner, wearing the blueish red, or maybe reddish blue trunks, are the current title holders”.  Sadly these titles include expanded spending, complete disregard for those they were elected to represent and the safeguarding of the welfare, and occasional warfare state, by the contributing corporations that fuel their re-election campaigns.

The announcer continues… “representing the great state of” (audience thinking -  please don’t say it!) “Tennessee, Alexander, Ramsey and Corker!”. The crowd goes wild, with boos and a chant of “RINO” that is shaking the rafters.

The announcer continues… “and their opponent in the opposite corner wearing red, white and blue trunks, Glenn Jacobs”.  Now the crowd stands and cheers thinking maybe this one time justice for We The People of Tennessee will be served.

Final words for the announcer… “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, and we are!

Glenn Jacobs, also known in the wrestling circles as Kane, is considering a run in political arena.  Although the match with three to one odds are unfair, for the three, due to political regulations Glenn Jacobs can face but one opponent at a time.  In this opening match, titled “RINO Hunt”, should Glenn climb into the ring located a Neo-Con Plaza, Vegas books have Jacobs as a 3:2 favorite despite a slew of early wagers by lobbyists from all corporate and military avenues supporting his potential opponent, Lamar Alexander.  Alexander has his share of supporters, but this is unable to be immediately confirmed until all the lobbyist phone numbers have been collected, called and results tallied.

6-4-2013 9-46-19 PM

Tom Woods explains this scenario rather well.

Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane, is a smart and likable guy. He’s considering a run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Lamar Alexander in 2014. Alexander is everything one might loathe in a mainstream GOPer — he’s for interventions abroad and at home, which in Joe Sobran’s playful definition makes him a “moderate.”

Note in the article, at the Daily Caller, that Jacobs’ influences are Austrian economists. Ron Paul is routinely made fun of at the Daily Caller — duh, Ludwig von who? — for his supposedly eccentric interests (eccentric meaning they’re not held by Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz), but the Caller seems favorable toward Kane. That’s great; I never gripe when one of our people is treated respectfully. I suppose it couldn’t hurt that Kane could pound a neocon into the ground while doing 20 other things (but since he believes in the nonaggression principle, he wouldn’t).

Then we have this brief video piece from Gary Franchi’s Next News Network.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, here is an interview that I posted here for fellow Tennesseans and people elsewhere that Gary and N3 held with Glenn Jacobs recently, to get a better understanding of Glenn Jacobs and his thoughts on the issues.

YouTube Preview Image

Folks, should this match come to fruition, and if you have had enough of the lobbyist controlled, Obama supporting, status quo champions of the welfare and warfare state, loving to redistribute your hard earned money to their own special interests, corporate partners and Wall Street, and should you think the great state of Tennessee is long over due for intelligent and responsible leadership, take a look and a listen.  You know what, there might be some hope after all this time!  It may be time to take the blinders off of those who are unknowingly stuck in the political party “box” mentality, thinking that supporting these lap dog politicians is the only choice they have.

Ron Paul and the Maine Caucuses – Doug Wead

YouTube Preview Image

Alex Witt of MSNBC interviews Doug Wead, senior adviser to Ron Paul, on the final day of the Maine Caucus, 2-11-12. Alex Witt asks Wead what Ron Paul will do if he doesn’t win. Doug Wead explains that in the all important delegate selection process Ron Paul has already won, dominating the county selection process.

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