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Rep. Walter Jones: More Spending on Afghanistan is ‘Insanity’




By RPI Staff

Rep. Walter Jones: More Spending on Afghanistan is ‘Insanity’


Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC), an RPI Advisory Board Member, delivers hard-hitting questions and comments during a House Armed Services hearing this week on the “State of Al Qaeda, its Affiliates, and Associated Groups: View From Outside Experts.” On the continuing controversy over the US/Afghanistan status of forces treaty and the prospect of ten more years of spending money in Afghanistan, Rep. Jones  has this to say:

The people in my district, the third district of North Carolina, the home of Camp LeJeune Marine Base, 60,000 retired military, do not understand the stupidity of this policy in Afghanistan. On the 30th of January, in the Washington Post, and I’m sure you probably read it, after billions in U.S. investment, Afghanistan’s roads are falling apart.

Watch the short video segment of Rep. Jones’ excellent comments here:


2-5-2014 6-53-36 PM

RPI video capture


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Happy Birthday Ron Paul!


Sharing a fun and heartwarming post found on Policymic giving a birthday wish to Ron Paul on number 78.  I can say over the numerous debates and campaigns the Dr. Paul has been involved in, with media coverage appearing across the globe, Policymic has posted most articles regarding Ron Paul in what I consider a fair manner and an agenda free platform.



By Michael Luciano

78 Reasons Every American Should Wish Ron Paul a Happy Birthday


78 Reasons Every American Should Wish Ron Paul a Happy Birthday © AP


Tuesday is Ron Paul’s 78th birthday. The former Texas congressman has had a long career as America’s most ideologically consistent politician. Love him or hate him, he always speaks his mind, and refuses to pander to the crowd. To celebrate his birthday, here are 78 reasons why Ron Paul kicks ass.

FULL STORY (enjoy, I did!)

IRS Refuses to Answer Congressman on AR-15s for ‘Standoff Capability’



By Paul Joseph Watson

IRS Refuses to Answer Congressman on AR-15s for ‘Standoff Capability’

“Do they need a SWAT team to make sure you’ve paid your taxes?”


The IRS has refused to answer Congressman Jeff Duncan’s question on why IRS agents are training with semi-automatic AR-15′s designed for “standoff capability”.

video capture

video capture

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Back in May, Congressman Duncan (R-SC) visited the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Maryland as part of his investigation into the Department of Homeland Security’s large scale ammunition purchases.

While at the facility, Duncan witnessed eight or nine IRS agents using AR-15′s at a 100 yard indoor firing range, leading him to wonder, “Why in the world do we have IRS agents with long gun capability….why are they training with that….why do IRS agents need that capability?”

Duncan noted that the style of firearms training the IRS agents were taking was called “standoff capability,” meaning they could target an individual from a long distance away.

“Why do IRS agents need standoff capability?” Duncan asked at a recent public forum. “They should be checking my tax forms, they should be doing audits.” The Congressman questioned why the federal agency couldn’t call on US Marshals or local law enforcement if they were visiting a potentially dangerous criminal.

“I asked that question – I have not got an answer because my committee does not have jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service, so I can’t bring IRS agents in front of my committee and ask them questions,” said Duncan, adding that the IRS merely sent him a response pointing to their website stating that agents do train with weapons they carry, “validating the fact that they do carry AR-15′s,” according to the Congressman.

Duncan said he would now encourage his peers who do have jurisdiction over the IRS to ask the federal agency why its agents are now apparently carrying “standoff capability” assault rifles because, “The IRS has not been cooperative. My committee doesn’t’t have direct oversight over the IRS so I’ve been trying to build support for an investigation. The IRS has not shown me any information on why they need to train with AR-15′s.”

As Joshua Cook points out, the Department of Education is also acquiring tactical weapons, along with numerous other federal agencies that wouldn’t be expected to require such deadly weaponry.

When asked whether the Department of Education should have its own SWAT team, Duncan responded, “Absolutely not, that’s the whole concern with the IRS. Do they need a SWAT team to make sure you’ve paid your taxes?”

“This just as bad as the Dept. of Education actually having agents who are on armed and trained with AR-15s. Both are symptoms of a federal government that is out of control and whose powers have grown well beyond those outlined in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution,” added Steve Hoffman, the Southeast Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC).

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

Tennessee Congressman Got Farm Subsidies, Denounces Food Stamps


Tennessee Congressman Got Farm Subsidies, Denounces Food Stamps

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Posted by NextNewsNetwork

Published on May 29, 2013

Tennessee Congressman Got Farm Subsidies, Denounces Food Stamps

WASHINGTON — Like many Republicans in Congress, Tennessee Representative Stephen Fincher supports cuts in the Agriculture Department’s Supplemental Nutrition Program, more commonly called food stamps. Fincher, who is a managing partner in Fincher Farms, a long-established agribusiness in West Tennessee, is also among the country’s largest recipients of federal farm subsidies

This report also includes…

HOLLYWOOD — The ABC series Nashville is a lavishly produced prime-time soap operate with a hefty price tag — but thanks to special tax breaks provided by the Tennessee state government, it was able to recoup nearly one third of its production costs in its first season.

WASHINGTON — According to a bulletin from the Joint Regional Intelligence Center, 3d-printed guns would be “impossible” for governments to control.

OGDEN, Utah — Matthew Stewart a 39-year-old Ogden, Utah resident facing aggravated murder charges stemming from a 2012 SWAT raid on his home, was found dead in his cell early May 24.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Publisher and anti-drug activist William M. Fine, who helped create New York State’s strict narcotics laws under Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, passed away in his Beverly Hills home on May 17. He was 86 years old.

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Ron Paul Writing New Book on Education



Former presidential candidate Ron Paul, a longtime foe of the Federal Reserve and champion of a smaller foreign policy footprint, is turning to education in a new book slated for release this fall.By Katie Glueck

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul, a longtime foe of the Federal Reserve and champion of a smaller foreign policy footprint, is turning to education in a new book slated for release this fall.

In “New School Manifesto,” scheduled for a Sept. 17 release from Grand Central Publishing, the former GOP congressman from Texas will promote home schooling and “free market principles applied to education,” according to an official book description.

“He makes the case for individual freedoms as they pertain to educating our children, and nimbly dissects the most pressing issues that need to be addressed from the libertarian point of view,” the description continues.

This will be Paul’s fourth book with Grand Central Publishing, following “Liberty Defined,” “End the Fed” and “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” his editor, Ben Greenberg, told POLITICO. Greenberg said the book has been in the works for close to a year, and that a deal for its publication was hammered out in January.

In this book, Greenberg said, Paul will compare the postal service to the education system, arguing that in both realms, competition promotes better services.

“He’s basically saying the postal service didn’t have many competitors until FedEx, UPS and email, obviously, and now it’s changing the way everything gets done,” Greenberg said. “He’s arguing for that in education as well.”

Paul will address a variety of education policy proposals, he said.

“He’s taking the position that a parent should have the ability to choose what is best,” Greenberg said, a philosophy that would include home schooling.

Greenberg, who has edited all of Paul’s books done through Grand Central Publishing, said the Texan is “really easy to work with” and doesn’t require heavy editing.

“We usually do two to three edits for the main script, but not much,” Greenberg said. “His ideas are pretty fully formed. It’s just a matter of honing in and making sure everything is in the right order and just figuring out how to best say the message without becoming too repetitive or anything like that.”

Also on deck for the libertarian former lawmaker: talk radio. Courtside Entertainment Group announced this month that in March, Paul will offer “twice daily one-minute radio commentaries” with his talks also available as a weekly podcast.

“Even if you don’t agree with what he says, he always makes you think about things a little bit differently,” Greenberg added.

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Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. Pays Tribute to Ron Paul



Duncan Pays Tribute to Ron Paul

YouTube Preview Image

Mr. Speaker:

I rise today to pay tribute to my friend, Ron Paul. I have now served in Congress for 24 years, the last 16 of which I have served with Congressman Paul.

During all of that time, I have never once seen him waver or stray from a commitment to liberty and freedom and his promise to uphold and defend our Constitution.

I can assure you that no one runs for office wanting to make people mad. In fact, it may be that people who run for office have a stronger desire to be liked than most people.

Thus, I feel certain that at times it has been hurtful to Congressman Paul to be the only member out of 435 to vote no on some popular bill or seemingly harmless resolution. Yet, on many occasions, he has been the only vote on some issue.

Yet, because of his courage and sincerity and his steadfast belief in free enterprise, private property, and individual freedom, he has earned the respect and admiration of almost everyone with whom he has served, on both sides of the aisle.





By Chuck Baldwin
November 21, 2012

Ron Paul has done more to guard and defend liberty and constitutional government than perhaps any man since Thomas Jefferson.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am reminded of how blessed I have been to be able to rub shoulders with many of the political and religious giants of the Twentieth (and now Twenty-First) Century. During the past 30-plus years, I have been allowed to get to know a good many of the men and women that would have to be regarded as giants in the fields of religion and politics. Many of these have already passed on; a few remain. In the field of politics, the giant of them all is Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

There is no doubt in my mind that history will regard Dr. Paul as the greatest congressman in US history. Ron Paul has done more to guard and defend liberty and constitutional government than perhaps any man since Thomas Jefferson. Dr. Paul’s legacy and influence will remain after most congressmen and senators have been long forgotten. What Patrick Henry was to Colonial America, Ron Paul has been to modern America. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to personally know this man and to be able to call him my friend.

I was honored to be his personal representative in several notable gatherings in South Carolina during the 2008 Republican primary. I was honored to campaign with him in Iowa during that same primary. I’ve spoken on the same platform with him on numerous occasions. I was honored to be the speaker directly in front of him (and was honored to introduce him) in giant rallies stretching from Washington, D.C., to Reno, Nevada. I have been in private meetings with him and gotten to know him on a personal level. In my estimation, America has never known a more honest and genuine man. His integrity is impeccable, his honor unscathed.

It was with the utmost sadness that I watched Ron Paul give his Farewell Address to Congress last week. As he concluded his remarks and walked away from the Well of the House, I wept. I thought to myself: “There goes the greatest champion of liberty in a century; we may never see his likes again.” I wasn’t weeping for Dr. Paul though; I was weeping for America.


Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers and Protectors



Another great article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles…)

Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers and Protectors: The five dominant personalities you’ll encounter in a world gone mad

(NaturalNews) What the heck is going on with our world? Why are people such lying betrayers? Why do the most evil people (like Eric Holder) rise to the top of the corporate-run fascist government? Why are homeless zombies eating human flesh?

In answering those questions, I’ve assembled the five archetypes of a society in collapse. These are the five dominant personalities we all see around us right now:

• Zombies
• Deniers
• Schemers
• Sociopaths
• Protectors

Which one are you?

Check the descriptions below to find out. You may also come to discover the true archetype of your boss, your spouse, your coworker or even your Congressman!


Zombies are the brain dead masses, the TV-watching fluoride heads who believe the mainstream media and dutifully vote for the next globalist puppet President. They live their lives without consciousness or awareness, sleepwalking through day after day, job after job, drinking diet soda and eating GMO.

Most zombies are incapable of holding down paying jobs, although a few have managed to find employment at the local DMV. The lower strata of zombies tend to be unemployed and even homeless, wandering the streets and snorting “bath salts” designer drugs that make them want to snack on each other’s flesh.

When not snarling at police and barbequing their best friends, these zombies are frequently panhandling at street intersection, holding signs that read, “Out of work. God bless” or whatever text best works to get them more money for booze and drugs. Four years ago, their signs read, “Hope and Change.” Change did come, of course, but not the kind of change they had hoped for.

The Zombie population is rapidly growing in America, thanks to the economic implosion and the continued assault on cognitive sanity via chemicals found in food, water, air and medicine. Many gun owners are locking and loading with Hornady’s “ZombieMax Ammo” in preparation for the coming Zombie apocalypse. Remember: If it’s eating the face off another person, it’s okay to shoot it.

Summary of the Zombie Archetype:
Cognitive capabilities: Insane.
Moral compass: Non-existent.
Desired agenda: Self-entertainment.
Worships: Nothing.
Typical dress: Rags.
When you’re not looking, they will: Eat your face.


With slightly more cognitive capability than Zombies, Deniers are the functional but ignorant masses who live out their meaningless lives in total denial of reality. They can still manage to hold down jobs and even dress themselves, so most Deniers are middle-class working people you might find employed at the local Wal-Mart, insurance company or TSA hub. Unlike Zombies, Deniers can speak in partial sentences and order from fast food menus. (“Idiocracy” speak.)

Astonishingly, Deniers watch network news and literally believe what they are watching. To the Deniers, there are no “conspiracies.” All governments are good. Drug companies are trying to help people, not exploit them for profit. U.S. Senators are “honorable” and the War on Drugs is a huge success!

Deniers believe there is no such thing as black market organ trafficking, child sex slave trafficking in the USA, child kidnapping by CPS workers, or government-run false flag attacks on civilian populations. Deniers are completely unaware that U.S. troops literally help grow the opium crops in Afghanistan, that vaccines are laced with cancer-causing stealth viruses, or that the so-called “fluoride” dumped into the municipal water supply is actually a deadly cocktail of industrial chemicals and neurotoxic heavy metals.


Ron Paul Draws 5,600 Voters to Final Campaign Event in California this Week



Ron Paul Draws 5,600 Voters to Final of Three Campaign Events in California this Week

Sole conservative seeking Republican nomination gets warm welcome from University of California – San Diego students and broader community

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul continued his pattern of attracting large crowds of supporters and undecided voters to his town hall meetings, this time drawing 5,600-plus people to an event at the University of California at San Diego.

The UC – San Diego event with 5,600-plus people was the third of three such events the 12-term Congressman from Texas held in the Golden State this week.  On Wednesday Ron Paul drew a remarkable 4,000-plus crowd to Cal State – Fullerton, and last night Dr. Paul drew 5,000-plus people to UC – Davis.

Ron Paul’s town hall meeting at UC – San Diego took place at 7:00 p.m. PST on the school’s Warren Mall in San Diego, CA 92161.  The 12-term Congressman from Texas discussed his platform of constitutionally-limited government, the restoration of our economic and civil liberties, and elements of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.’

This second multiday visit to California by Ron Paul follows his early-April campaign swing in the Golden State.  During that tour, Dr. Paul’s visits to Cal State – Chico, UCLA, and UC – Berkeley drew a remarkable 6,200-plus,6,000-plus, and 8,500-plus supporters and undecided voters, respectively.  Ron Paul’s California town hall meetings have featured some of the largest crowds of his 2012 race for the Republican nomination.

Photographs of Ron Paul’s UC – San Diego town hall meeting with 5,600-plus people follow.



The time is NOW to take back our personal liberties and freedoms!
Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt



Ron Paul still in the race! Election, 2012

Republican Presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (AFP Photo / T.J. Kirkpatrick)


First Rick Santorum slipped out of the race for the GOP nomination, and next Newt Gingrich said he would support Romney but would still run. But what about Ron Paul’s quest for the White House?

According to the latest bulletin from the campaign headquarters of the Texas congressman, Ron Paul is still in the race and rolling in the bucks.

Republican Party presidential hopeful Ron Paul is still polling strong among many demographics and shows no sign of slowing down. At least if his bank records have anything to do with it. The candidate’s camp announced on Friday that so far in 2012 his campaign has managed to bring in almost $10.4 million in contributions from donors determined to keep the congressman in the GOP race.

Those funds won’t be funneled to pay off earlier spending, either. His officials say that in addition to the big bucks that came in for the first quarter, the Ron Paul campaign has zero debt at this point in the race. Compare that to Republican Party rival and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who was reportedly in the hole to the tune of $4.5 million last week, according to an article published by Slate.

As Ron Paul and Gingrich are now left as the only viable Republican alternative to Mitt Romney, Gingrich’s chances might soon run dry as his pocketbook does the same. Will Paul have a chance to pull through against the frontrunner, though?

“Total contributions of $10.4 million in Q1, including details such as $1.8 million cash on hand and more money bomb cash in the pipeline, amounts to excellent news as these resources fuel our effective delegate-attainment strategy,” campaign chairman Jesse Benton tells supporters in a press release published Friday.

Benton adds that he doesn’t expect to see a slump anytime soon, either. Next month Ron Paul will be put to the test in Texas, where he has served several terms as a state congressman. On May 29, residents will vote in the state’s primary.

“These ample funds also will help us compete even harder in Texas, where Ron Paul is the only Texan, veteran, and authentic conservative running,” Benton says Friday of the candidate’s continuing success.

Aside from a fat wallet, Ron Paul’s team says that the departure of Santorum from the race opens up new opportunities for their candidate to collect delegates, a maneuver that has been an unusual yet well orchestrated move so far in the campaign.

“We are fighting really hard in many states on our convention strategy,” Benton tells US News & World Report. “The exit of Santorum has opened up any more delegate opportunities for us.”

“I am not going to try to deceive you, and say that Romney doesn’t have some advantages,” Benton says. “But until he has 1,144 delegates, we are going to press on with our campaign.”

Speaker Newt Gingrich is also still campaigning, but last week his campaign bounced a check for $500, reported CNN. Since then he has been resorted to renting out his campaign’s donor list in order to dig himself out of the hole.


Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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