The Outlook for the New Year. Is Nuclear War against Russia on the Horizon?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig   The Outlook for the New Year.   Dear Readers: The conflict that Washington has initiated between the West and Russia/China is reckless and irresponsible. Nuclear war could be the outcome. Indeed, Washington has been preparing for nuclear war since the George W. Bush regime. Washington has […]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

John Laughland

The Anatomy of Regime Change

By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute   The Anatomy of Regime Change (Video)   What do all regime change operations have in common? RPI Board Member John Laughland explains to the “World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations” conference last month that all such interventions essentially include the criminal prosecution of the vanquished party. We have […]

MH17: Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation Reeks of Cover-up

By Ulson Gunnar New Eastern Outlook MH17: Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation Reeks of Cover-up   It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots, yet after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014, Malaysia has been systematically blocked from participating in the investigation, leaving an overwhelmingly pro-NATO […]

Malaysia Airlines First appeared:

DOJ Calls It A Hit Piece: Frontline – The Untouchables

Source: Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. Even a fiat currency and the casino game of fractional reserve standards are not enough to cover the never ending greed.  Banks use your deposited money plus imaginary reserve policy funds to make bad bets, and lose.  But who really lost?  The banks get […]

The Untouchables

Syrian opposition victory possible, but at unacceptable price – Moscow

Source: Moscow has admitted the possibility that the Syrian opposition may emerge victorious as government forces continue to lose more territory as the conflict rages on, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said. “We must face the facts: the current tendency shows that the government is progressively losing control over an increasing part of […]