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Ron Paul College Tour 2013: Retiring Libertarian Congressman Will Tour US Colleges in 2013



By Alex Marin

Retiring Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) said he is “excited about spending more time on college campuses” once he retires from Congress next year.

The 2008 and 2012 presidential candidate, who racked up a huge millennial following with his message of adherence to the Constitution and respect for our civil liberties, plans to deliver speeches on college campuses during next year — and beyond — in order to continue consolidating his libertarian legacy among young voters into the 21st century.

The 77-year-old obstetrician and champion of liberty told The Hill he is not ready for the rocky chair once he retires from Congress. He’s fired up and ready to go and will continue disseminating the message of freedom in among college students. “College campuses will still be on my agenda. That’s where the action is,” said the Texas congressman.

Paul claims millennials “don’t like the debt they are inheriting [nor] the violation of their civil liberties.” His 2012 anti-war message resonated among young libertarian-leaning conservatives who don’t like the war and feel ignored by the Washington duopoly.

The libertarian rock star said he visited nearly 36 college campuses during the 2012 Republican primary, and that he was especially surprised that the best turnout occurred at the “historically liberal bastion” of U.C. Berkeley — where Paul gathered nearly 8,500 students during his event. “The same week I went to Texas A&M, which is conservative, I got like 4,000 [students],” he concluded.

TSA opt-out movement starts Monday




TSA opt-out movement starts Monday

TSA opt-out campaign

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will face some push-back during the big Thanksgiving travel week, as part of the Alex-Jones-ordered “Opt Out and Film Week.”

From Nov. 19 through Nov. 26, Jones is encouraging travelers to refuse to go through the radiation-laden body scanners. They should also film the invasive body pat-down that will likely ensue if they decide to opt-out.

The movement is designed to expose the practices of the TSA and help preserve basic human rights while traveling.

Some of the abuses of the TSA chronicled recent months include manhandling children, the elderly, severely ill and disabled passengers; stealing from passengers, testing drinks that travelers purchased inside airports and ordering travelers to freeze on command. gives the following reasons to participate in the opt-out movement:

*Protesting the increased cancer risks and possible DNA damages associated with backscatter body scanners.

*The TSA has no right to take, transmit and file X-ray photographs that reduce travelers to naked pieces of documentation.

*The TSA is more interested in teaching you to submit to authority than teaching you the importance of airport security.

Jones and his crew have provided flyers to be printed out and used for the week-long event.

In a prepared statement, Jones said:

“Infowars is pioneering a new civil rights movement that is not based around race, sex or any other minority issue. The fact that our rights are being violated and characterized as suspicious and terroristic threatens the freedom of every individual, no matter from what what race, gender or creed they originate.

We are being systematically intimidated out of expressing our right to free speech as part of the advancement towards a new dark age of tyranny.”

Jones cautioned participants that even though it is technically legal to film the TSA, participants can expect to face harassment or arrest for standing up to the agency.

In 2010, the TSA shut off the body scanner machines nation-wide after citizens planned an opt-out protest. Jones has said that proves the system is not based on real security concerns, but serves as a mechanism to humiliate and domesticate the American public.

The TSA is already removing some of the body scanners from airports. Part of the reason for the removal of the machines is the naked images they produce, according to USA Today.

Pathocracy in Action: US supreme court finalizes gift of immunity to the telecom giants



Glen Greenwald
The Guardian

Pathocracy in Action: US supreme court finalizes gift of immunity to the telecom giants

© GettyThe telecom giant has another big win in US cou

Yet again, the Congress, courts, executive branch and the establishment media work together to protect the nation’s most powerful actors

So pervasive and reliable is the rule of elite immunity – even in the face of the most egregious crimes – that one finds extreme examples on a weekly basis. Six weeks ago, the Obama justice department forever precluded the possibility of criminal accountability for Bush torturers by refusing to bring charges in the only two remaining torture cases, ones involving the deaths of the detainee-victims by torture.

The Obama campaign is now running a new campaign ad against Mitt Romney that rails against a litany of Wall Street “criminals” and “gluttons of greed”, but as David Dayen astutely notes, those examples were all imprisoned during the Bush era because the Obama administration has prosecuted no significant Wall Street executives for the 2008 financial collapseand thus have none of their own examples to highlight:

“So the Obama campaign could not fill a list of three Wall Street criminals that the Obama Justice Department actually sent to jail. Heck, they couldn’t fill a list of one!

“This is despite Eric Holder telling students at Columbia University in February of this year that his Justice Department’s record of success on fighting financial fraud crimes ‘has been nothing less than historic.’ But not historic enough that his boss could point to, well, one Wall Street criminal behind bars as a result of DoJ’s actions.

That’s painfully telling. Nobody from Bank of America or Wells Fargo or Citigroup or JPMorgan Chase or Goldman Sachs or Bear Stearns or Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch or even Countrywide or Ameriquest was available to stand in as a ‘glutton of greed’ in this advertisement. Literally no major figure responsible for the financial crisis has gone to jail. So the campaign has to use two CEOs from a decade-old accounting scandal, and a garden-variety Ponzi schemer.”

And now, the US supreme court just consecrated one of the most corrupt acts of the US government over the past decade: its vesting of retroactive legal immunity in the nation’s telecom giants after they had been caught red-handed violating multiple US eavesdropping laws. Just as the Obama DOJ forever precluded any legal accountability for Bush-era torturers, the supreme court on Tuesday forever precluded any legal accountability for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other telecoms for their crucial participation in the illegal Bush NSA warrantless eavesdropping program (the Obama DOJ, needless to say, supported the position of the telecoms).

When the New York Times revealed on 16 December 2005 that the Bush administration was spying on the telephone calls and emails of American citizens without the warrants required by the criminal law, it exposed lawbreaking not only by government officials but also by the nation’s largest telecoms. Multiple laws were in place at the time imposing both criminal and civil liability on telecoms for enabling government spying on the communications of their customers without warrants or other legal authority, and that is exactly what these telecoms did. One former AT&T employee, Mark Klein, publicly described how AT&T had even built a separate room with no purpose but to permit the National Security Agency unfettered access to all of its customers’ communications.


Will this scare insider traders straight?



Breakingviews: Gupta fear factor?

June 18 – Jeffrey Goldfarb and Reynolds Holding discuss whether the guilty verdicts against former McKinsey boss and Goldman director Rajat Gupta will deter other would-be insider traders.

Busted: Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn



By Anthony Gucciardi

Busted: Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

In a riveting victory against genetically modified creations, a major biotech company known as Syngenta has been criminally charged for denying knowledge that its GM Bt corn actually kills livestock. What’s more is not only did the company deny this fact, but they did so in a civil court case that ended back in 2007. The charges were finally issued after a long legal struggle against the mega corp initiated by a German farmer named Gottfried Gloeckner whose dairy cattle died after eating the Bt toxin and coming down with a ‘mysterious’ illness.

Grown on his own farm from 1997 to 2002, the cows on the farm were all being fed exclusively on Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn by the year 2000. It was around this time that the mysterious illnesses began to emerge among the cattle population. Syngenta paid Gloeckner 40,000 euros in an effort to silence the farmer; however, a civil lawsuit was brought upon the company. Amazingly, 2 cows ate genetically modified maize (now banned in Poland over serious concerns) and died. During the civil lawsuit, however, Syngenta refused to admit that its GM corn was responsible. In fact, they went as far as to claim having no knowledge whatsoever of any harm.

The case was dismissed and Gloeckner, the farmer who launched the suit, was left thousands of euros in debt. And that’s not all; Gloeckner continued to lose many cows as a result of Syngenta’s modified Bt corn.

After halting the use of GM feed in 2002, Gloeckner attempted a full investigation with the Robert Koch Institute and Syngenta involved. The data of this investigation is still unavailable to the public, and only examined one cow.

In 2009, however, the Gloeckner teamed up with a German action group known as Bündnis Aktion Gen-Klage and to ultimately bring Syngenta to the criminal court.


Why The “Radical” Revolution Will Win




Writes Reason’s Brian Doherty at FOX News:

Paul’s campaign admits they know Romney will win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. This has led many to wonder exactly what Paul’s trying to accomplish at the August GOP convention in Tampa. Prominent speaking slot? Platform influence? Sway over the vice presidential slot?

But what the GOP establishment needs to wonder is: what do his supporters want, and why?

Ron Paul Breaks Another Attendence Record In California



Last night at California State University, Chico over 6,200 people attended a rally for Ron Paul. This is the latest in a recent string of hugely popular events that the republican presidential candidate has held. On March 14, 2012 Revolution PAC streamed what would become the largest gathering at the time at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; that event had about 5,000 people. Two weeks later Paul spoke at University of Wisconsin-Madison to an even larger crowd of 5,200.

Rep. Paul will continue on his tour in California with two more appearances. Tonight he will be at University of California, Los Angeles at 8:30pm in the Straus Stadium at the Los Angeles Tennis Center. This is a new venue that was switched to because of demand for seats; the stadium holds 10,000. Tomorrow he will be at UC Berkley. The trend of increasing attendance is expected to continue as Paul moves onto the next two stops especially considering that UCLA and UC Berkley each have substantially larger numbers of students.

YouTube Preview Image

Photo Courtesy of Bill Husa/Chico Enterprise-Record


Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War



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As US troops deploy to the Mexican border to deal with the fallout of Fast and Furious, details continue to emerge about this flagrantly illegal operation to arm Mexican drug lords in a supposed sting operation. But as veteran investigative journalist Bill Conroy points out, operations like this were going on years prior to Fast and Furious and this latest scandal is just another example of a drug war that is not what it is believed to be. This is the GRTV Feature interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Bill Conroy.

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If you want honest reporting I would highly recommend The Corbett Report!

Ron Paul: Crowd of 5,000 in IL, but he’s not winning?




YouTube Preview Image

“President Paul” chants broke out as usual Wednesday evening in Illinois by thousands of supporters who showed up for a chance to be in the same room with the rock star GOP candidate, but something very unusual happened — hundreds didn’t have to wait outside.

You see, usually when the Texas congressman arrives in town, most venues are just too small to hold the unexpected crowds that clammer to hear the wisdom of the Father of Liberty.  So, often hundreds end up staying outside waiting until he leaves in hopes for a chance to wave at him on his way out.

But this time, the venue was big enough. Are his crowds getting smaller? Au contrare! This crowd was so big that a few days before he was to come to town, organizers realized they weren’t going to have enough seats in the original place picked out, so they moved it to a location that would accomodate the massive group of unified freedom fighters.

I do not understand why thousands of people keep showing up for the Paul rallies — yet he is not winning the race for the Republican nomination? Could it be from messy caucuses? Could it be voter fraud? Do other candidates get this kind of reception? Something does not add up here…

Check out the more than 5,000 people who showed up to see Paul at the University of Illinois on Wednesday evening in the video above. Is the “establishment” in control of the mainstream media? Is that why most people don’t hear about the crowds that come to see Ron Paul? What is going on in this country? Surely these caucuses or “beauty contests” can’t mean anything if they are not being handled correctly, can they?

Just this past week, Ron Paul won his first caucus in the Virgin Islands, but the mainstream media said Romney won. In Maine, many votes were turned in, but never counted, or they reported totally different numbers, according to Ben Swann of Cincinnati’s Reality Check.

In Washington state, hundreds were turned away in Kennewick because there “wasn’t enough room” in the Hotel for all the folks that showed up, so they weren’t allowed to vote! But, in the article, Thousands welcome Ron Paul in Washington state, you’ll read that hundreds had to wait outside due to overcrowding.

Depending on the week, media outlets will tout the three other candidates: You’ll hear, “Romney is winning!” Or, “Santorum just won several states and upset Romney!” And even sometimes, “Newt will do very well here, these are his kind of voters!” But wait! Stop!

Ron Paul regularly has many lower- to middle-class individuals giving to his campaign. He rakes in millions. He tops Google Trends and social media interest in him grows month after month. But he gets very little coverage compared to the other three GOP candidates. It doesn’t even make sense. Even a child could do the math — it’s called subtraction!

Does America even care if it is a fair race? Is anyone going to step up and say, “Something is wrong here?” Is anyone going to question why the mainstream media ignores, avoids and discredits Ron Paul while venue after venue is packed with his supporters at each stop he makes? I don’t get it…

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Our last hope, so don’t be a “party” tool!

Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

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The End of America – Director’s Cut (Full)

YouTube Preview Image


“The End of America details the ten steps a country takes when it slides toward fascism. It’s not a “lefty”tot tome, rather a historical look at trends in once-functioning democracies from modern history that are being repeated in our country today. It gives any reader (or viewer of the lecture) a much-needed history lesson and constitutional refresher. Most importantly, it puts the recent gradual loss of civil liberties in the U.S. in a historical context. The average American might not be alarmed at AT&T selling our private information to the Bush administration, but when this action is seen as part of a larger series of erosions and events, a pattern emerges with unfortunate consequences that become disturbingly clear.” – IMDB

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Glad the footage from the DC rally included.  That was a good day, although very hot, for Liberty!

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