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A Chinese Rebellion – How Activists are Stamping QR Codes on Currency to Fight Censorship




By Michael Krieger

A Chinese Rebellion – How Activists are Stamping QR Codes on Currency to Fight Censorship


One of the most productive trends I have witnessed in 2014 to-date, consists of the increasingly creative ways that activists around the world are fighting back against the status quo (Bitcoin stole the show in this regard last year). The first example of this emerged from within the Ukraine, where protestors are holding up mirrors in front of police forces in order to show them exactly what they have become and what they look like. Here are three powerful examples:







While I am not naive enough to think this simple act will change the world, it is a very good start and a tactic activists around the world should emulate. It is far more effective than running around in a violent orgy destroying property. The only thing that serves to do is encourage the police to meet violence with violence, and it also turns a large percentage of the populace against the activists. By reflecting their images back upon them through the use of mirrors, the police are forced to see how ridiculous they look in comparison to the poorly dressed, freezing cold serfs they have been paid to control by the ruling oligarchy.

Interestingly, Chinese activists have discovered their own form of non-violent, creative and effective resistance. They are stamping QR codes on the national currency with a message to ”scan and download software to break the Internet firewall.” Brilliant.

More from Boing Boing:

An anonymous anti-censorship group is stamping Chinese banknotes with a QR code and the message “Scan and download software to break the Internet firewall.” The stamps encode a URL for Freegate, a firewall-busting service. The stamps are widely suspected to be the work of Falun Gong, an outlawed religious sect that has a long history of supplying anti-censorship technology inside of mainland China, both to supply access to its own censored websites and to advertise the virtues of its belief-system to Chinese Internet users who are more interested in beating censorship than religion.

Full article here.

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The Battle for Power on the Internet: Bruce Schneier



The Battle for Power on the Internet: Bruce Schneier at TEDxCambridge 2013


TED video capture

TED video capture

YouTube Preview Image

Published by TEDxTalks

Bruce Schneier gives us a glimpse of the future of the internet, and shares some of the context we should keep in mind, and the insights we need to understand, as we prepare for it. Learn more about Bruce Schneier at and TEDxCambridge at

Google Silencing Washington Times?


Google Silencing Washington Times?


From a recent security scan and alert I received while performing the scan, Google has placed the Washington Times web site ( on the list of offenders added to Google’s Safe Browsing List.

[Updated to include security scan screen capture below, 1 example of 22 such results.]


The results seemed mixed as the mobile site loads without a problem or warning screen but the screen capture below is what loaded when viewing in my machine browser.

8-20-2013 7-06-27 PM

When scanning posts on I had 22 posts that contained a link to information posted on’s web site, dating back to at least June of 2011 at quick glance.  When going to Google’s diagnostic page regarding their Safe Browsing list here is the information displayed…

8-20-2013 7-14-26 PM

Funny, Google has been monitoring the site and has seen 20 issues in the last 90 days but late this afternoon the site is now listed on the evil roster of sites that could cause potential harm to all that visit, calling the site an “Attack Page”.  Did all those issues manifest late this afternoon?

Is the Google notice based on fact or fiction, presented for safety or censorship?  You be the judge, just passing along the information.  Feel free to enter your thoughts in the comments below and let us see what the general consensus is.

New UK “Anti-Porn” Web Filter Will Block Controversial Content, Too



New UK “Anti-Porn” Web Filter Will Block Controversial Content, Too



LONDON – The United Kingdom has announced plans to set up an internet “pornwall” that would automatically filter out sexually explicit content.

Prime Minister David Cameron insists that the measure is necessary in order to “protect children and their innocence.” However, the same filter – which will be implemented by ISPs that encompass 95 percent of British web users – will also block access to many other varieties of content, including “violent material,” “extremist and terrorist related content,” and websites dealing with eating disorders and suicide.

Open Rights Group, a free speech advocacy organization, points out that the filters will have a “default on” setting, which they say illustrates that the Cameron government “wants people to sleepwalk into censorship.”

Ron Paul’s Pod Cast Nation #19 ~ Hypocrisy


Ron Paul’s Pod Cast Nation #19 ~ Hypocrisy

7-6-2013 11-43-38 PM

YouTube Preview Image

Posted by RonPaulCC2012

The EyeOpener Report- Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Government



While the world watches every twist and turn in the unfolding Edward Snowden drama, the story becomes less and less about the information he revealed and more and more about an international manhunt. But if the issues of PRISM and spying on China and GCHQ’s spying at the G20 are falling off the radar, then how much further off the radar is the story of Russell Tice?

Join us for this week’s EyeOpener Report to examine political blackmail-from J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, to Ruppert Murdoch’s hacking scandal, the latest revelations by NSA whistleblower Russ Tice and FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, and the role of the US media as gatekeeper for these government illegalities by censorship and or well-designed misdirection.

Watch the Preview Clip Here:

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Watch the Full Video Report Here (Subscribers Only)

NSA Spying on Americans Now Explained and Justified (Well almost)


NSA Spying on Americans Now Explained and Justified (Well, almost)


As most Americans are taking in the deluge of stories regarding the NSA wiretapping, spying and data mining through all the major internet and phone providers plus the social media organizations, one must think that George Orwell was right, just 30 or so years off on his pick for the title for his novel 1984, as was predicted.  Although it would appear many in government consider this book a very useful training manual, that is not the case.  In fact, it should have been a warning to the citizens, but they seemed to have missed this point while religiously worshiping such mind opening sagas as Dancing With The Stars and a slew of reality shows.

This afternoon I read a post that shed light regarding the spying inside America on Americans, and I now see how this action may truly be used against the war on terror as we have been told time and again.

This post by Weasel Zippers of an interview on NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper opened my eyes. I now have a better understanding of the true “War on Terror” that the internal spying is all about.

As posted by Weasel Zippers:

NBC: “Why Do You Need Every Telephone Number?” – DNI Chief Clapper: “Well, You Have To Start Someplace”…


Image from: Weasel Zippers


Really? — That’s where you need to start?

JUNE 9, 2013 — NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell sat down with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper yesterday for an exclusive wide-ranging interview to discuss recent revelations about government surveillance programs and the impact of leaks on national security.  [...]

ANDREA MITCHELL: Why do you need every telephone number? Why is it such a broad vacuum cleaner approach? 

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, you have to start someplace. If– and over the years that this program has operated, we have refined it and tried to– to make it ever more precise and more disciplined as to which– which things we take out of the library. But you have to be in the– in the– in the chamber in order to be able to pick and choose those things that we need in the interest of protecting the country and gleaning information on terrorists who are plotting to kill Americans, to destroy our economy, and destroy our way of life.

HT: Justin Brookman

Now I understand, and hope you do also.  We agree, I hope, that the government’s two main jobs should be to protect the freedom and liberty of it’s people and protect the people’s property and way of life from undue and unwanted influence.  Still not sure? Let us look at this justification for government surveillance, as mentioned in the interview, one point at a time.

Actions of terrorist that the surveillance is in place for:

  • Plotting to kill Americans, we should all agree, no matter where it comes from, such as drone strikes or even FBI plots foiled by the FBI .
  • To destroy our economy, I think we all agree, so surveillance on the Federal Reserve banks are justified.
  • Destroy our way of life, which I think we will also agree, so surveillance on the TSA is also justified.

Now, I do not agree on the spying, data mining, surveillance and intrusion taking place on all Americans old enough to walk and talk, but I can now understand that there is truly a need for NSA surveillance inside our shores, not even going to bring up the State Department or indiscretions in the past.  Cheering on and fully supporting the NSA mission as it eliminates the drone warfare and any possibility of use on Americans, ends the FED with the BIS control and abolishes the TSA!  What is next for the NSA? I might suggest expanding the targets that destroy our way of life, such as the IRS :)  After that we can toast a cheer, say a legitimate “Mission Accomplished” and move on to the rest of the list, such as possibly the EPA, Department of Education, and stopping China from taking over our communities one at a time.  Just a thought.  Perhaps it all about the good will?  Actually, the “good will” link explains it best in my opinion, along with the need for some parody during these Stasi times we find ourselves in.

Your thoughts?  Feel free to enter them below.

Bahrain Jails Six Twitter Users for Insulting King



Written by Amira Al Hussaini

Six Twitter users were sentenced to a year in prison each by a Bahrain court on May 15 for allegedly insulting King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on the micro-blogging site.

According to the government-run Bahrain News Agency, the “six suspects” where charged in five different cases “related to the misuse of freedom of expression and defaming His Majesty the King on Twitter.” It added that the six were “charged [with] misusing freedoms of expression and opinion publicly and remanded…in custody ahead of their trial.”

King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain with US Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England. Released to the public domain.

King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain with US Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England. Released to the public domain.


F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA”


F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA”

YouTube Preview Image

Published on May 22, 2012

Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA” at F2C:Freedom to Connect 2012, Washington DC on May 21 2012.

Please support #PDFTribute papers uploaded by academics in honour of Aaron Swartz are being scraped here: 

Amber Lyon Interview on Next News Network



12-26-2012 7-56-49 PM

Video streaming by Ustream

Amber Lyon, 3 time Emmy Award-winning Investigative Journalist, appeared on the Next News Network for an insightful interview with Gary FranchiAmber reflects on her censorship by CNN, the business relationship between CNN and the government in Bahrain with the resulting propaganda, human rights abuses and much more.

See all the interviews, guests and share the information here at the Next News Network with your friends and social network connections.  Follow the link on the main N3 (NextNewsNetwork) site to donate to support the efforts of freedom in journalism and reports such as this.

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