How Ron Paul is secretly taking over the GOP

Source: By Grace Wyler By now, it is clear that the Maine caucuses were a complete mess. Evidence is mounting that Mitt Romney’s 194-vote victory over Ron Paul was prematurely announced, if not totally wrong. Washington County canceled their caucus on Saturday on account of three inches of snow (hardly a blizzard by Maine standards), and other towns […]

Army Considering Reprimanding Soldier Who Appeared With Ron Paul 1

Source: By Steve Watson Fresh figures once again show Paul received more military donations than all other candidates combined The US Army said Wednesday that it is considering disciplining Reserve Corporal Jesse Thorsen, the soldier who spoke out against a militaristic foreign policy at Ron Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally. After being cut short during […]

Ron Paul Ad Shreads Newt Gingrich’s Unethical Madness and Immoral Inconsistencies

The candidate who got the least time in the Saturday debate, despite being tied for second in the Iowa polls, unleashes another long web video composed of wince-inducing Newt Gingrich clips and Alex Proyas-worthy video production techniques. Paul’s videos cause two reactions in the press corps. One: “Nice attack.” Two: “When the hell did Paul […]

Ron Paul could complicate GOP’s two-horse race

Source: byHayley Peterson Examiner Staff Writer DES MOINES, Iowa – Texas Rep. Ron Paul has a serious chance of winning a top-two spot in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, enabling him to create problems for at least one of the GOP’s presumptive front-runners heading into New Hampshire, political analysts said. As some GOP candidates […]