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Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help)



By Matt Collins

The Louisiana State Director just called me to ask for me to get the Ron Paul NetRoots moving on this ASAP – we have less than 48 hours.

Ron Paul, Louisiana, Daily PaulHe told me we are about to win Louisiana, but that it could very well be a situation like Maine, where only a few dozen or couple of hundred votes make the difference. The Party down there is doing everything they can to stop us from winning the caucuses this Saturday. Things are stacked in our favor at the moment but we need an overwhelming victory to ensure that it will be impossible to be taken from us.

There are 2 things you can do specifically to help out:

1- If you know any Ron Paul supporters in Louisiana please tells us who they are. You can do that by going to and submitting their information to the form titled “Submit A Supporter”.

2- If someone needs to know the details of their caucus, time, location, etc, then they need to visit where they can get the needed information

3- Everyone in Louisiana needs to “vote for slate #7″.

Remember the Republican Party STOLE the election in Louisiana from Ron Paul last time, let’s make history and not let that happen again!


Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands


Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands but all news agencies report Romney


Lori Stacey's photo

DC Conservative Examiner

Here are the official numbers coming from the Virgin Islands GOP website:

Ron Paul                   29%   112

Mitt Romney             26%   101

Rick Santorum           6%      23

Newt Gingrich           5%      18

“Uncommitted”???   34%    130

Ron Paul had his first win but you would never know it by watching the "news". Credits: Alex Wong, Getty Images. Scene from Virginia

These are the official results from the Virgin Islands GOP, yet AP and therefore most major mainstream news organizations that receive information from them are reporting that somehow Mitt Romney has just won the contest in the Virgin Islands.  Here is an example of headlines at USA Today publishing AP’s account of the “facts” which hit the net just 15 minutes ago and well after the real results have been available for the world to see.

Many of us have been reporting on the blatant election fraud and corruption that has reached an all-time high this primary season but this situation has got to take the cake.  It is beyond my wildest dreams. This night has become the absolute “shock and awe” of mainstream media corruption being hoist upon the American people.

It has been disgusting enough that so many caucuses have been wrought with blatant fraud but when the GOP finally “allows” Ron Paul to actually get the numbers to have a win, the mainstream media all lie and report that Mitt Romney won?  What in the world is going on here?

Is there anyone in the mainstream press that can read results and figure out that 112 votes is greater than 101 votes?  I never thought in this time in our history that any amount of corruption could possibly shock me by now, but this one just caused my jaw to hit the floor.

In addition to the vote count, the website is also reporting that Ron Paul only won 1 delegate versus Romney supposedly winning 7.  Those numbers ironically prove the Paul campaign’s point about delegate counts normally being reported inaccurately.  This time the media does a complete 180 and doesn’t erroneously report the winner automatically winning the most delegates.  Why the sudden change of reporting?  There is only one plausible explanation.  If they reported that Ron Paul got the most delegates it might hit people that he actually won the contest.

It is sadly evident that even if it requires every single major news agency to look at the official results and then flat-out lie to the public about what they saw, our corrupt system will simply not allow Ron Paul to get credit for one single win even when enough votes are not stolen from him and the official numbers clearly show he won.

This is truly unbelievable!

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Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

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How Ron Paul is secretly taking over the GOP



By Grace Wyler

Ron Paul is secretly taking over the GOP photo

By now, it is clear that the Maine caucuses were a complete mess.

Evidence is mounting that Mitt Romney’s 194-vote victory over Ron Paul was prematurely announced, if not totally wrong. Washington County canceled their caucus on Saturday on account of three inches of snow (hardly a blizzard by Maine standards), and other towns that scheduled their caucuses for this week have been left out of the vote count. Now, it looks like caucuses that did take place before Feb. 11 have also been left out of final tally. 

As the full extent of the chaos unfolds, sources close to the Paul campaign tell Business Insider that it is looking increasingly like Romney’s team might have a hand in denying Paul votes, noting that Romney has some admirably ruthless operatives on his side and a powerful incentive to avoid a fifth caucus loss this month.

According to the Paul campaign, the Maine Republican Party is severely under-reporting Paul’s results — and Romney isn’t getting the same treatment. For example, nearly all the towns in Waldo County — a Ron Paul stronghold – held their caucuses on Feb. 4, but the state GOP reported no results for those towns. In Waterville, a college town in Central Maine, results were reported but not included in the party vote count. Paul beat Romney 21-5 there, according to the Kennebec County GOP.

“It’s too common,” senior advisor Doug Wead told Business Insider. “If it was chaos, we would expect strong Romney counties to be unreported, and that’s not what’s happening.”

The Maine Republican Party won’t decide which votes it will count until the executive committee meets next month. But Wead points out that even if Mitt Romney holds on to his slim lead, it will be a Pyrrhic victory.

“He will have disenfranchised all of these people,” Wead said. “It could be a costly victory — it is a mistake.”

The (alleged) bias against Paul may also be the product of an organic opposition to the libertarian Congressman and his army of ardent fans. Paul volunteers tend to be young and relatively new to party politics, and their presence has many state GOP stalwarts feeling territorial.

“People feel threatened — they don’t want to see a bunch of kids who may have voted for Barack Obama take over,” Wead said. “They feel a sense of ownership over the party — but there has to be an accommodation.” 

But state party machinations are already starting to backfire. The Paul campaign believes it has won the majority of Maine’s delegates — and the perceived election fraud has galvanized Paul supporters to demand their votes be counted in the state’s straw poll ‘beauty contest.’

Caucus chaos has also proved to be fertile ground for Paul’s quiet takeover of the Republican Party. Since 2008, the campaign and Paul’s Campaign for Liberty PAC have made a concerted effort to get Paul sympathists involved in the political process. Now, tumult in state party organizations has allowed these supporters to rise up the ranks.

“We like strong party leadership when it comes from us,” Paul campaign chair Jesse Benton told Business Insider. “Our people work very hard to make sure that their voice is heard.”

The fruits of this labor are evident in Iowa, where Paul’s former state campaign co-chair A.J. Spiker was just elected as the new chairman of the Iowa Republican Party. Spiker replaces Matt Strawn, who stepped down over this year’s Iowa caucus dustup. In Nevada, the state chair has also resigned over caucus disaster, and several Ron Paul supporters are well-positioned to step up to fill the void. These new leaders not only expand Paul’s influence at the state level, but also help protect Paul and his hard-won delegates from state party machinations as the delegate-selection process moves to district and state conventions, and eventually the Republican National Convention this summer.

“We are always trying to bring people into the party,” Benton said. “I think that is a very positive thing for Republicans. Ron is the person who can build the Republican base, bring new blood into the party. That’s how you build the party.”

In Maine, the caucus disaster has made the state GOP prime for a Ron Paul takeover. And that means that Paul’s hard-won delegates will be protected as the delegate selection process continues.

“We are taking over the party,” Wead told BI. “That’s the important thing — and that is what we are doing in Maine.”

The 2012 GOP Primary: Unmasking the Vote Manipulation



The 2012 GOP Primary: Unmasking the Vote Manipulation

[CIM Comment]

This information is taken straight from the document linked at the top of this post, “The 2012 SC GOP Primary.docx” and I would encourage all to download this and analyze for yourself.  Also, there is no telling how long this will be available so I would (as I have) download this today!

No matter who is your canidate of choice, the choice should be yours and your vote should reflect your choice.

My personal choice is Ron Paul.  If you are of like mind and feel it is time we elect statesman, not another status quo politician, feel the need to return to the rule of law and adhearence to the Constitution, I would then hope you follow the link below and donate to the RonPaul2012 campaign.

Ron Paul takes game to next level




Ron Paul takes game to next level, emerges as serious contender for GOP nomination

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a Republican candidate for the presidency, mingles with supporters in San Francisco after speaking at an anti-war rally in September of 2010.PHOTO by The Punditty Project


“Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down, you could stand me up at the Gates of Hell but I won’t back down…”– Tom Petty

After finishing a solid second in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Texas Rep. Ron Paul made a short but important speech that sets the tone for the rest of his campaign, both in music and in words.

Taking the stage to greet supporters in Manchester Tuesday night with Tom Petty’s 1989 rock-and-roll anthem “I Won’t Back Down” playing in the auditorium, Paul left no doubt that he’s going to be pressing on in his quest for the 2012 Republican nomination and the right to represent the Grand Old Party in its effort to unseat incumbent President Barack Obama this November.

Interrupted frequently by supporters cheering and chanting things like “President Paul!” and “Ron Paul Revolution, Bring Us Back Our Constitution!,” Paul asserted that the Liberty movement he’s helped awaken is a danger to the status quo and a “danger to the Federal Reserve system.” He added that the Federal Reserve was established “to take care of the powerful interests, the military industrial complex, the banking system and deficit financing.” Paul went on to attack those who benefit financially from the wars, drawing a clear distinction between having a strong defense and “war profiteering.”

The rousing response of the crowd left no doubt that Paul will remain a contender for the Republican nomination all the way up to the party’s August convention in Tampa.

Paul’s message of personal liberty, sound money and ending foreign wars is something the Republican establishment and Neoconservative wing of the GOP has been at odds with since his 2008 presidential campaign, and Paul’s growing success in 2012 is not exactly welcome by Republican insiders like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and the entrenched “1 percent” interests they represent. With Paul’s numbers already rising in South Carolina, the next primary state, he could well be on the verge of yet another significant quantum leap in support. If Paul finishes ahead of former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in South Carolina, Santorum’s campaign could be all but over. Paul could knock out another challenger with a third-place finish, and given the polling trends since New Hampshire, that is a distinct possibility.

Paul campaign expects to win caucuses in February

Wisely, Paul is bypassing heavy campaigning in Florida’s winner-take-all primary to focus on the Feb. 4 Nevada caucuses. If results from South Carolina and Florida lead to Santorum, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropping out of the race – a plausible scenario – then it could be a three-man contest in Nevada.

After Nevada, several states west of the Mississippi River hold caucuses before the so-called “Super Tuesday” contests on March 6. Paul’s national campaign manager Jesse Benton was quoted recently in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as saying Paul would win some of those caucuses.

If so, look for more Republicans to begin moving toward Paul both on ideological grounds and because they will begin to see him as the GOP’s best chance for unseating Obama.

Paul beginning to focus on electability

In his New Hampshire address, Paul signaled that ensuring Social Security recipients continue receiving benefits would take precedence over continued military ventures overseas as his administration enacted major spending cuts.

Although barely mentioned in the mainstream media, Paul’s favorable words for Social Security — the most popular and effective government program in the nation’s history — indicate that he is moving toward a kind of libertarian pragmatism coupled with an innate sense of compassion for and fairness toward retired and nearly retired workers. In short, Paul is beginning to hone his message toward one of electability – a strategy that will pay dividends in delegates as the nomination process moves forward. While Romney, Gingrich and Santorum pick at each other over trivialities and past pandering, Paul is already sending reassuring messages about how he will govern. Not only is Paul acting like the GOP frontrunner, he’s acting like a man who knows he’s going to be elected president.

In singling out Social Security, Paul sends an important message to Baby Boomers who, while supportive of Paul on such issues as legalizing medical marijuana, auditing the Federal Reserve and bringing American troops home from Afghanistan, have expressed concern that his small-government philosophy could deprive them of the retirement income they worked hard for and expect to be waiting for them upon leaving the work force. Look for him to repeat that theme as he rises in the polls and more people begin to see him as a viable alternative to Romney and the rest.

Paul will continue to shape GOP debate

As the campaign goes forward, look for Paul to pepper his familiar speeches on liberty, freedom and sound money with references to specific issues that have a lot of popular support but that the other GOP candidates won’t touch: medical marijuaan, for example. In addition, Paul’s quick defense of Romney’s role at Bain Capital in the 1980s has ensured that any criticisms he might level at Romney on other economic issues will be seen as criticisms with merit, not merely political opportunism.

The Republican Party has been a wounded “brand” since at least 2006, when Democrats swept to congressional control and sent President George W. Bush a message that we as a nation were tired of costly wars and infringements on personal freedom. Sen. John McCain, the 2008 GOP nominee, did not understand that, and he lost badly to Obama, who seemed to “get it” at the time but forgot it later. Tea Party enthusiasm for the 2010 midterms, coupled with many Democrats’ disappointment in Obama, made for big GOP gains that year. Today’s Republicans are fooling themselves, however, if they think voters are re-embracing the party of George W. Bush because they want more of what Bush gave us.

Only Paul, with his genuine convictions, authentic charisma and prescient courage, is capable of leading the GOP to victory this November. The reasons Romney or Gingrich cannot win should be obvious to anyone with the ability to objectively assess the political landscape. To summarize, Romney and Gingrich cannot beat Obama because they are both functionaries for the very system that is scamming and swindling the so-called “99 percent.”

Obama is a functionary as well, at least to some degree, but Paul is not. Paul is not beholden to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or the richest of the Republican rich for funding his campaign or to Timothy Geithner for shaping U.S. monetary policy. Paul is a populist in the truest sense of the term, and as the race goes on, he’s going to work in so many populist themes that Romney, Gingrich and whoever else might be left in the race will have to chime in or else face being dismissed as dodgy, deceitful and duplicitous.

“I think the intellectual revolution that’s going on now to restore liberty in this country is well on its way,” Paul told supporters Tuesday night, “and there’s no way they’re going to stop the momentum that we have started.”

Reluctantly, Republican Party movers and shakers are waking up to that fact, but the full weight of Paul’s words may not dawn on them until he’s addressing the GOP convention in Tampa – either as the nominee or someone whose full and vocal support the nominee needs in order to have a chance at beating Obama in November.

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Army Considering Reprimanding Soldier Who Appeared With Ron Paul



By Steve Watson

Fresh figures once again show Paul received more military donations than all other candidates combined

The US Army said Wednesday that it is considering disciplining Reserve Corporal Jesse Thorsen, the soldier who spoke out against a militaristic foreign policy at Ron Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally.

After being cut short during a CNN interview Thorsen, who has served two tours in Afghanistan and was due to head back for a third, was invited on to the stage by Paul himself to address Paul’s cheering supporters.

“If there’s any man out there that’s had a vision out there, it’s definitely [Ron Paul],” Thorsen said. “His foreign policy is by far, hands down better than any other candidate’s out there, and I’m sure you all know that. We don’t need to be picking fights overseas and I think everybody else knows that, too.”

Apparently someone within the military infrastructure did not take kindly to Thorsen’s remarks, and set about attempting to punish the 10-year veteran for his words.

Detractors are now going to great lengths to point out that because Thorsen was in uniform, he was technically in breach of military protocol when he praised Paul’s foreign policy positions.

Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 permits troops to attend political activities so long as they are not in uniform.

“It’s not in keeping with the spirit of the letter of the DoD directive,” Army spokesman George Wright said in a statement, without directly addressing the issue of Thorsen’s appearance.

“The soldier that spoke tonight on behalf of Ron Paul is gonna be in a bit of trouble,” wrote Paul Rieckhoff, founder of the veterans’ advocacy organization Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

“Politics in uniform is a big no-go. And Paul and his campaign should know better. Troops are bound by the (Uniform Code of Military Justice).” Rieckhoff added.

The Department of Defense policy states that active duty troops wearing a uniform are expected to avoid activities that “imply official sponsorship, approval, or endorsement” of political figures.

The directive also states that active duty uniformed soldiers may not “speak before a partisan political gathering, including any gathering that promotes a partisan political party, candidate, or cause” or “participate in any radio, television or other program or group discussion as an advocate for or against a partisan political party, candidate or cause.”

Those who wish to see the Army throw the book at Thorsen may be disappointed, however, given that he is not currently on active duty.

According to the Washington Post:

Maj. Angel Wallace, a spokeswoman for the Army Reserve command, said Thorsen was not on active duty as of October, according to the available records. Still, she said, his commanders are in the process of determining which regulations, if any, were violated, and what the penalty might be.

His chain of command, Wallace said, is “determining the next steps.”

As we noted yesterday, CNN cut short an interview with Thorsen when he praised Ron Paul and began to speak out against an aggressive military stance abroad. As started to explain that he felt Israel is capable of looking after itself when it comes to Iran, “static” interference interrupted the feed.

Watch Alex Jones break down the incident on last nights edition of Infowars Nightly News:

YouTube Preview Image

Meanwhile, in related news, it has once again been confirmed that Ron Paul received more campaign donations from active duty military personnel than any other presidential candidate, including Barack Obama.

Paul has collected $95,567 from individuals who listed their occupation as one of the branches of the US military or US Department of Defense.


Donor Obama Romney Gingrich Paul Santorum
National Guard $1,262 $0 $0 $4,068 $0
US Air Force $9,785 $4,400 $4,400 $23,736 $0
US Army $15,600 $3,500 $250 $24,503 $250
US Coast Guard $6,002 $0 $0 $3,716 $0
US Dept of Defense $27,613 $2,150 $0 $9,527 $0
US Marine Corps $1,700 $250 $0 $7,662 $0
US Military $200 $0 $0 $2,083 $0
US Navy $10,454 $3,000 $250 $20,272 $500
TOTAL $72,616 $13,300 $4,900 $95,567 $750


The latest analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics updates previous figures to cover the period between January to September 2011, and will be further updated to include the fourth quarter after the candidates file their year-end reports on Jan. 31.

Ron Paul Can’t Win???

YouTube Preview Image

Kudos to those that think outside the box.  I mean that both ways.  Those involved with troubleshooting issues that analyze a problem taking in all possible factors and those thinking outside of the box referred to as out TV.Kudos to the non-sheep waking up and creating a larger mass of non-sheep :)  Our future is up to us as individual, speaking as a collective of individuals agreeing on a common cause though the voting process.  Should that turn out to e flawed I will see you on the streets.

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Ron Paul Ad Shreads Newt Gingrich’s Unethical Madness and Immoral Inconsistencies

YouTube Preview Image

The candidate who got the least time in the Saturday debate, despite being tied for second in the Iowa polls, unleashes another long web video composed of wince-inducing Newt Gingrich clips and Alex Proyas-worthy video production techniques.
Paul’s videos cause two reactions in the press corps. One: “Nice attack.” Two: “When the hell did Paul get to be good at this?” The second question is the fun one for those of us who covered Paul’s 2008 campaign. Delve into the archives and you will find “#1 for New Hampshire,” the appropriately named ad that debuted Paul in the state where he hoped to perform the best.

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Ron Paul could complicate GOP’s two-horse race



byHayley Peterson Examiner Staff Writer

Republican Presidential hopeful Texas Rep. Ron Paul answers a question during a campaign event Friday, Nov. 18, 2011 at the Lawrence Community Center in Anamosa, Iowa. (AP Photo/The Gazette, Brian Ray)

DES MOINES, Iowa – Texas Rep. Ron Paul has a serious chance of winning a top-two spot in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, enabling him to create problems for at least one of the GOP’s presumptive front-runners heading into New Hampshire, political analysts said.

As some GOP candidates have faltered, Paul has maintained a steady rise in Iowa state polls since he won second place behind Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann in the state’s straw poll in August.

Today, Bachmann’s support has fallen to single digits. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain each enjoyed brief stints as front-runners. But Perry’s support faded following a string of poor debate performances and Cain dropped out after one woman alleged a 13-year affair with him and others claimed he sexually harassed them.

Paul, meanwhile, continues to earn second or third place in Iowa state polls.

Leading the pack is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who won between 26 percent and 33 percent of support in three recent polls.

Paul and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are running neck-and-neck behind Gingrich with an average of 18 percent in support.

For Paul to win the caucuses, he would have to earn at least 30 percent of the vote on Jan. 3, according to Steve Grubbs, a longtime Iowa political consultant and state director of Cain’s former campaign.

But Paul has a fervent following that could surprise on caucus day.

“The people who like Ron Paul are intensely loyal and they will turn out [on caucus day] no matter what,” said Jeff Stein, a political analyst and Iowa caucus historian. “I don’t think there is that kind of loyalty for any other candidate in the field.”

Paul’s supporters are the least likely to change their minds, according to a Des Moines Register poll.

“A Ron Paul victory in Iowa is a very, very real possiblity,” said Tim Albrecht, spokesman for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

Despite his top-tier status in Iowa, Paul — who leans libertarian and ran for president as the Libertarian Party’s nominee in 1988 — has had a hard time gaining traction nationally within the Republican establishment.

“Ron Paul is the uncle who is honest to a fault,” Grubbs said. “Everybody loves him and most people agree with about 80 percent of what he says. It’s the other 20 percent that’s such a deal-killer.”

If he won Iowa, Paul would solidify a first-tier status in the race.

If he placed second, he would drive a wedge between Gingrich and Romney, who are perceived nationally as the top two front-runners, Stein said.

Placing second behind Romney, Paul would blunt Gingrich’s surge in the polls.

Coming in second behind Gingrich, Paul would deal a serious blow to Romney heading into New Hampshire, where Gingrich is catching up to Romney in the polls.


Why Ron Paul will win the Iowa Caucuses



By Darren Richardson | The Punditty Project

The participatory enthusiasm of Rep. Ron Paul’s online fans is widely known, and it has carried over on several occasions to real flesh-and-blood straw poll victories in the North, South, East and West. In roughly six weeks, it will pay off with a victory in the Iowa Caucuses.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now, at least for those who have been open-minded enough to read it. Beginning with the Ames Straw Poll in mid-August, when Paul finished a close second to the first GOP “Flavor of the Month,” Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, it didn’t take a visionary to see that Paul’s base was going to hold while other candidates would see their support rise and fall like some worthless stock propped up by bailout funds.

Because Paul is the genuine article and not another just blow-with-the wind politician, he has held his own in the polls and is now gaining ground. The Paul campaign’s organizational prowess and the deep convictions of his hard-working supporters, along with an astoundingly weak field of Republican presidential contenders, will lift the Texas congressman to a first-place finish in Iowa when the Hawkeye State kicks off the nation’s voting season on Jan. 3, 2012.

Another look at Paul’s base

Throughout the 2011 portion of Campaign 2012, there has been a tendency among well-established political reporters and commentators to qualify all the good news for Paul by framing his success in reductionist terms. “He’s got some dedicated supporters, but he can never rise above his base.” Some supposedly wise pundits have repeated variations of this line over the past several months as if to cue readers and listeners not to take Paul too seriously. Many of these same pundits were absolutely certain that Texas Gov. Rick Perry would be the nominee and practically arranged his coronation the same day he announced his candidacy, based on their oh-so-certain prognosticative powers.

But there is another side to Paul’s numbers that the know-it-alls fail to mention. Namely, his base does not shrink, it grows. As the other Republican wannabes crumble under the weight of their own inadequacies and contradictions, Paul is emerging as a pillar of strength and conviction. Paul’s base is the kind of base that will gladly accept challenges like convincing at least three other people to vote for Paul, or making sure all Paul supporters have a ride to the polls, or working phone banks and e-mail lists for hours on end to give their man an edge. This is the kind of enthusiasm that breeds winners.

Paul – a true populist

Paul is a true populist, something this nation hasn’t seen since the inspired campaign of Bobby Kennedy in 1968, and an entire generation of political observers is either too jaded or too bought-off to frankly assess the Paul campaign for what it is – a phenomenon that will shake the roots of the Republican Party to its very core, a jolt that could possibly lead to the most significant voting re-alignment since the 1968 election saw the South go Republican.

The Republican Party establishment is not pleased with Paul’s ascent. But the people who give the party their votes are extremely pleased, and they are sharing the good news with all who will listen and helping them register as Republicans so as to help Dr. Paul’s cause in the primaries. Like it or not, the Republican Party is facing a long-overdue uprising in its ranks, one that will cause some historical shifts not only in 2012 but over the next few election cycles as well. We are seeing nothing less than the Liberty-loving wing of the GOP – and the electorate as a whole – say “Enough is enough!” when it comes to domestic and foreign policies that are harming rather than helping the national interests of the United States.

A recent Bloomberg poll finds Paul and the fading Cain in a virtual tie in Iowa, and a large part of Paul’s success there in recent weeks is due to a flurry of ads that his enthusiastic supporters make possible with their steady stream of donations. Look for Paul to take advantage of his Iowa win with by scheduling a “money bomb” weekend before the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 10, where he will likely finish a strong second to New Englander Mitt Romney.

The complete story here:

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