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Once-Peaceful Canada Turns Militaristic; Blowback Follows

Source: http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org By Ron Paul   Once-Peaceful Canada Turns Militaristic; Blowback Follows   In 1968 the government of Canada decided to openly admit Americans seeking to avoid being drafted into the US war on Vietnam. Before, would-be immigrants were technically required to prove that they had been discharged from US military service. This move made […]

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Ron Paul on Illegal Syria War, Terror Blowback and the Tea Party Hijacking

  Abby Martin Breaks the Set with Congressman Ron Paul   Published by breakingtheset On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin speaks with former Congressman and three time presidential candidate, Ron Paul, discussing his views on the ramifications of expanding the war against ISIS into Syria, how US foreign policy has exacerbated the […]

Cause and Effect – Ron Paul says Blowback from Libya Generated War in Mali

Source: http://spreadlibertynews.com By Ezra Van Auken As you may know, former Congressman Ron Paul has a weekly talk show, which he uses to deliver opinions on current issues including the economy, civil liberties and foreign policy; this week former Rep. Paul explained some much needed information into the newest Western war of Mali. The retired […]