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Monsanto’s Friends in High Places 4

  Source: https://mises.org By Hunter Lewis Monsanto’s Friends in High Places   Editor’s Note: The following is adapted from Hunter Lewis’s new book Crony Capitalism in America, now available in the Mises Store. Many companies hope to send an employee into a government agency to influence regulation. How much better if the employee can actually […]


GMO-The Food Fight of our Lives

Source: http://www.occupymonsanto360.org In the United States – nearly 75 percent of all supermarket foods are genetically engineered or modified in some way. And while this fact alone is enough to make you think twice about what you buy at your local foodstore – it gets worse. The United States doesn’t require labeling of genetically modified […]

Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us

Thom Hartmann: Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us Ever wonder why it is that Fox News can lie over and over again – yet continue to call itself “News”? It’s because Fox News is a corporation – and ever since that 1886 Supreme Court case of Southern Pacific Railroad versus Santa […]