Rick Santorum just said that on the things conservatives like about Ron Paul, Paul can’t get done, and on the things conservatives don’t like, Paul will do “the first day.”

The reason Congressman Paul can’t get big spending cuts done is precisely because of Republicans like Santorum. Santorum has voted for big government every opportunity he’s had. If more Republicans were like Paul and not Santorum, we wouldn’t be in this fiscal mess.

The reason Paul can offer $1 trillion in cuts and no other Republican presidential candidate can is because these Republicans consider trillions of dollars in overseas spending sacrosanct. No cost/benefit analyses allowed on Pentagon spending, apparently, for these big government GOP politicians. Especially Santorum.

Paul wants to spend as much on the military as we did in 2006. This is entirely reasonable and leaves us with the strongest military force on earth, unless anyone believes the U.S. military of 2006 was crude and skeletal. Still, this is what Santorum and his fellow big government Republicans refuse to consider.

And it is what continues to prevent these Republicans from actually being conservative in any true limited government sense.