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Government Education


Cell phone video capture via CBS 3.

Cell phone video capture via CBS 3.


There is an alternative.

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So…You Want It For Free…




By Debbie Lewis,


So…You Want It For Free…


Columbia MO, September 4, 2013 – Ron Paul fans and friends were excited to hear the news that Paul would be taking to the video waves to offer information and his prized insights.  But, since his Ron Paul Channel Debut, people have been berating Paul for asking for subscriptions for full access to his channel.  Like so many people who have tried to delve into alternative media, Paul is having his share of “attacks,” even from people who claim to believe in his message and support his policies.

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I have read such comments as, “I donated thousands to your last run for office, I should get the Ron Paul channel for free” and “oh yeah that’s right, only previews unless you pay,” and one of my personal favorites, “I really support your message Ron Paul, but think it’s disappointing that we have to pay a monthly fee just to watch your videos on youtube. Isn’t the main objective to spread the message across your country and the world? this makes it seem more like a business scheme and consequently makes it lose some of it’s credit in my opinion”

It’s time for those who claim they can’t trust the mainstream media, and according to polls, there are MANY of us, to step up to the plate.  I don’t think you understand.  While there is access to free information, it takes a team and MANY precious man hours to produce polished, professional news of any kind.  Paul is just starting and YES, it take time for him to get his momentum going.  His shows will get better and better with more experience and the ability to PAY a professional to help.

There is another side to this that Paul supporters, as well as anyone who claims to be in favor of alternative media, seem to be overlooking.  Money!  Mainstream media gets LOTS of funding from advertising dollars.  Because of that, the message can be controlled, and many times IS controlled, by whoever is funding the outlet.  My own research for our documentary exposing the mainstream media, Peddling Influence, proved without a doubt, the message is being controlled by whoever is willing to spend the money.

When I stumbled across an interesting quote in a published lecture, I had to immediately recheck the date of the lecture, because the quote could apply today.

“There is no such thing, at this stage in the world’s history in America, as an independent press, you know it and I know it.  I am PAID to keep honest opinions out of the paper.”  (Emphasis mine.)

The quote was made by journalist John Swinton during a ceremony celebrating his body of work.  He was the one who chose to expose what he knew, and it happened sometime around the 1880’s.  You read that right, the 1880’s!  The more I researched the mainstream media, the more I was convinced it is worse than any enemy we think we have.  In many cases, they print, or not, what they’re told.

Another thing I uncovered and exposed in Peddling Influence was the staggering amount of money spent by advertisers to sell their wares.  In 2011, for example, ad hacks spent $410 PER PERSON living in our country.  That’s a WHOPPING $127-plus BILLION spent to “sell” you stuff!  Do you think for one minute the media would do something to lose that kind of revenue?  No, they won’t.  During World War I, the media was quite literally controlled by a group of men to persuade our population to demand we enter the world war.  JP Morgan, Jr. stood to gain substantially from the war and sacrificed the lives of many to make a quick few million bucks.  The US entry into the Spanish American War was the result of a “war for readership” between William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer.  And, that information is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


MSM Really is Dying




MSM Really is Dying


Cable TV news continues to bleed viewers and big newspapers have been bleeding readers for years. The alternate Internet media comprising independent journalist, bloggers and website operators are kicking MSM ass. Folks tend to blame the media for just about everything. However, in a nation of 310 million folks, hardly anybody is tuned in to prime time Fox, CNN and MSNBC for news.

Mediaite reports on prime time news coverage audiences by show and provides charts that divide audiences into two categories – the highly coveted 25-54 age group and total viewers.

Mediate reports:

Fox was #1 in total viewers for prime time with 2.603M viewers. CNN came in at #2 with 1.882M total viewers and, once again, MSNBC was third with 926K. Fox peaked at 8pm with a special report from Shepard Smith, which drew 3.107M total viewers. CNN’s peak came two hours later at 10pm with Cooper, who drew 2.053M total viewers.

During heavy coverage of the Oklahoma tornado Monday night in prime time, CNN was #1 in the 25-54 demo with 790K viewers. Fox came in second with 632K and MSNBC was a distant third with 337K. Anderson Cooper‘s 10pm broadcast was a high point for CNN, winning the demo in that hour with 916K viewers.

Also notable, Fox outpaced The Weather Channel, a major destination for storm coverage, which saw 1.245M total viewers in prime time.

There can be no question that cable TV news got a boost from the Oklahoma tornado coverage but if you look at the raw primetime viewer numbers, the numbers are indeed pathetic: Fox 2.6 million views, CNN 1.9, MSNBC 926,000 and Headline News 672,000.

The numbers are even more pathetic in the 18-54 age group: Fox 632,000, CNN 790,000, MSNBC 337,000 and Headline News 229,000.

Read the complete Mediate report at Mediate:

Ron Paul on “The Libertarian Future” – Mises Institute

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Jan 26, 2013 by Eduardo89rp

Ron Paul giving the Carl Davis Distinguished Lecture on “The Libertarian Future”

Counting Down because “Now is the Time”!


Now is the time.  Join the maiden broadcast on Dec 22.

YouTube Preview Image
As the clock ticks down to this historic broadcast please forward to help get the message out — and getting Americans to tune in to hear liberty voices at:
Tom Woods, Ernest Hancock, Larry Pratt, Adam Kokesh, John Dennis, Michael Boldin, Mark Lerner, Tony Stiles, Danny Panzella, Amber Lyon, Charles Goyette, James Lane, Mike Salvi, Fabian Calvo and Robert Scott Bell…
With a special LIVE studio performance by JORDAN PAGE!
This is the broadcast you do not want to miss.
Date: Saturday, December 22
Time: NOON to MIDNIGHT Central
Do not wait. Please share this with your friends, contacts and social media groups.
Schedule of guests listed below.  Remember, times listed are Central Time.
1:30 PM Robert Scott Bell
2:00 PM Tom Woods
2:30 PM James Lane
3:00 PM Wayne Walton
3:30 PM George Sand
4:00 PM Adam Kokesh
4:15 PM Alan Korwin
4:30 PM Larry Pratt
5:00 PM Mark Lerner
5:30 PM Amber Lyon
6:00 PM Tony Stiles
6:30 PM Michael Boldin
7:00 PM Fabian Calvo
7:30 PM Lew Rockwell
8:00 PM  John Dennis
8:30 PM Ernie Hancock
9:00 PM Jordan Page
10:15 PM Charles Goyette
11:00 PM Patrick Wood
11:30 PM James Corbett
We’ll be live until midnight at

Alternative Media King Hires CIA–Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor In Chief



Alternative Media King Hires CIA–Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor In ChiefBy
Occupy Corporatism
November 26, 2012

Prominent radio host, Pete Santilli, of the Pete Santilli Show, relayed sourced information to me to assist in the creation of this article. You can listen to his broadcast of his show here. Pete and I collaborated on this article to bring factual and sourced information that has been vetted and is absolutely verifiable.


Molly Maroney is the Editor in Chief and Graphic Designer for This is the same website run by Alex Jones; who also runs, and (a social networking site).

Maroney was hired by Jones in July of this year to run the new endeavor of the Free Speech, LLC outfit known as the InfoWars magazine. Prior to this employment, while living in Austin, Texas, Maroney was a freelance graphic designer. However, this is the boring part of Maroney’s employment career.

In 2008, for less than a year, Maroney worked for the privately held marketing and advertising firm known as Grant Harrison Advertising. This company “is a full service marketing company specializing in graphic design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization services (SEO), branding, and social media exposure.”Maroney’s resume is very telling about her connections to Stratfor, the CIA and her role at

They have branches throughout Texas, including in Houston, Austin and Dallas.

For seven months in 2010, Maroney was employed by Parker Media, LLC which is a media production corporation. Also employed at Parker Media is Richard Parker, founder of the firm. Parker, the founder, “is both an award-winning journalist and a seasoned publishing executive; he is the former associate editor of The New Republic. Today, Parker Media’s clients include some of the biggest names in news and publishing, such as CQ-Roll Call, an Economist Group company, News Corp., CanWest Global Communications, as well as start-ups and their investors.”

Interestingly, Richard Parker’s name came up when WikiLeaks released documentation known as “The Global Intelligence Files” wherein “over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered ‘global intelligence’ company Stratfor ” was made public. These emails outlined how Stratfor, an intelligence publishing front for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), provided comprehensive intelligence for such corporations and US government agencies as:

• Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co.
• Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
• Raytheon
• Department of Homeland Security
• US Marine Corp
• US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Startfor was involved in “selling” intelligence from informers, pay-off informants, money laundering schemes and psychological methods facilitated sourced and often raw intelligence.


Solutions for the Economic Collapse (video)



I am very happy to hear that James Corbett is now given the green light to upload full length videos.  Tune into his site, check the videos and  pod casts and remember to share!  James can also be found on Twitter @corbettreport.



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Everyone knows the gravity of the situation. Our civilization is poised on the edge of a giant derivatives-fueled debt bubble that is threatening to take the entire global economy down with it when it pops. Governments are throwing funny money at the problem hand over fist in coordinated quantitative easing campaigns to kick the can down the road a while longer. The end is inevitable: we are heading toward the collapse of our current monetary system. The question, as always, is what can we do about it. Join James tonight on Corbett Report Radio as he breaks down the problem and offers his solutions.

CLICK HERE to download the mp3 audio of this radio broadcast.



Iowa Republican says government illegitimate, declares herself U.S. Senator



By Jonathan Terbush

Iowa Republican says government illegitimate, declares herself U.S. Senator

An Iowa woman who was running for a state Senate seat has dropped that bid after deciding the U.S. government is a sham, and has instead unilaterally declared herself a U.S. Senator from the Republic of Iowa in an alternative government, the Republic for the United States of America.

As Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register first reported, the candidate, Randi Shannon, had been running for the state’s 34th Senate district. However, she recently came to believe that the real U.S. government was replaced with an illegal one after the Civil War so, rather than continue her state-level pursuit, she dropped that bid and named herself a Senator of the what she thinks is the true government.

In a letter fittingly posted to her campaign’s Facebook page on July 4, Shannon wrote that the country was founded as the Republic for The United States for America in 1787, and that it remained as such until the 1860s, when it was abandoned during the Civil War. Once the war ended, she wrote, the government was replaced by the, “UNITED STATES CORPORATION,” [sic] which has endured to this day as the nation’s farcical governing body.


USA Today Website – Politics Page has ALL the Presidential Candidates in the Race…. Except ONE



USA Today Website – Politics Page has ALL the Presidential Candidates in the Race…. Except ONE Candidate is not listed at all… Guess who that is.

The MSM is really starting to Pi** me off!

SNL this last Saturday (April 14th) pretended that Ron Paul never existed in the Presidential race in their cold opening.

Now, take a look at USA Today’s Political page of Candidates in the Presidential Race, they have them all listed except for one.

I know, you will just never guess who that one person is that does not exist it seems.

Seriously?!  Do they really think people are going to believe Ron Paul never existed?  Do they really think that people are going to just forget about Ron Paul?

The biggest problem is… most people read MSM sh** and watch their Fake/distraction news, instead of informing themselves with truth on the internet alternative real news sites.

But they are getting more and more ridiculous as time goes by.  Does it mean they are scared?  Does this mean that Ron Paul has made huge inroads into their puppet campaigns and puppet candidates, except for Ron Paul?

Are more people actually voting for Ron Paul – but through all the voting fraud they commit they are changing the votes?

But Seriously … MSM … You are really starting to Pi** the people off by completely acting like Ron Paul doesn’t exist and that he has no people voting for him.

You see…. People want Freedom!  People want our Liberties Back!  People Want a Real Government “For the People and By the People!”  People want our Constitution back, of which the country was founded!  People want to audit the Fed and get rid of them!  People want real justice!  People want elected officials that actually think of them and are not just puppets for corporations and banks!  People want Truth!

Everything above is what Ron Paul Stands For!  
What is that line from the movie “Fatal Attraction?”  “We Will NOT be Ignored”  We Will Not let you Ignore Ron Paul!

To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail Please indicate whether you’re responding to content online or in the newspaper.

 Well it seems we all need to let them know… They DO need to make a correction on their Politics page.
I guess we need to let them know, there happens to be another candidate in the Republican race – They may not have known that because they are idiots, but there is another one and his name is Ron Paul.


I talked to the 800 number person – they said they have had lots of calls – BUT she would not say that they would correct the page and add Ron Paul.

I asked her “Oh, you will keep wrong information on you page which is a misleading to people and you are saying the company is not going to commit to correcting it?”  I also told her I have the info up on how to call them on my blog and will keep encouraging people to call.

I laughed at her and the company and said “I find it amazing that you know Ron Paul is a candidate but you are ignoring him!  I let her know totally what I thought.

What is good is they are getting a TON of Calls!

But at the end I clarified with her that they are refusing to add Ron Paul to the list – even though they know they are wrong!
EDIT TO ADD 12:50 PM 4/20/12 -

They  have ADDED Ron Paul to the list, he is last on it – but he is NOW on it!

Our Calls WORKED!

Ron Paul Super PAC Rallies All-Star Powercast Lineup



By Lisa

Singer/songwriter Jordan Page will perform live in studio during the February 25 Ron Paul Powercast. (Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore)

Revolution PAC, backer of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, is mustering dozens of special guests for its February 25 “Ron Paul Powercast.” Headliners confirmed to date include former CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” author G. Edward Griffin, award-winning Fox News anchor Ben Swann, and New York Times bestselling author and economist Tom Woods.

The 12-hour broadcast runs from noon to midnight Saturday, February 25 in conjunction with a 24-hour, $1 million fundraiser to support the committee’s Super Tuesday ad campaign and election integrity initiatives. The public may participate by logging onto

“Heading into the Michigan and Arizona primaries, as well as Super Tuesday, we’re looking for the Ron Paul Powercast to blow our previous viewership numbers out of the water,” notes Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. “This event promises to be an outstanding booster for liberty activists and honest government advocates nationwide.”

Also on the Powercast docket include former congressional candidate John Dennis; author, activist and radio host Adam Kokesh; constitutional law attorney Dr. Edwin Vieira; New York Times bestselling author and radio host Charles Goyette; Dr. Murray Sabrin; Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes; Sheriff Richard Mack; author and activist Tom Mullen; New York Times bestselling author and historian Kevin Gutzman; homeopath and radio host Robert Scott Bell; former Ron Paul Political Director Penny Freeman; Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin; Freedom’s Phoenix founder Ernest Hancock; Liberty Candidates founder Gigi Bowman; America’s Future Foundation’s Richard Lorenc; Institute for Truth in Accounting founder and CEO Sheila Weinberg; radio personality Greg Bishop; former NY State Assembly candidate Danny Panzella; and singer/songwriter Jordan Page.

“We’re making calls for guests up to the date of the broadcast and expect the roster to continue to grow,” adds Franchi. “Stay tuned for more big announcements through next week.”

Revolution PAC’s groundbreaking alternative election broadcasts kicked off January 21 for the South Carolina Primary in the wake of the super committee’s call for a nationwide boycott of cable/network outlets, which have exhibited consistent reporting bias against Rep. Paul. Live broadcasts for the Florida Primary and Nevada Caucuses followed, each drawing as many as 20,000 viewers.

Revolution PAC is supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination and his consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns, vote-watching initiatives and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.


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