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G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)



G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)


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The legendary author G Edward Griffin was the headline speaker at the Save Long Island Forum talking about the eugenic plans of the UN’s Agenda 21 to covertly exterminate most of the world’s population.

Learn more about Save Long Island:
Check out the Save Long Island Forum website to see a list of all the speakers:

Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News



Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News


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Published by Tom DeWeese

For more information on Agenda 21 please visit:

The Real Solution to Agenda 21



By CDay

The Real Solution to Agenda 21

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Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory. It is an easily viewable global plan that can be found executed in your local county. If you live near a metro area, you just need to look up your local county’s ‘comprehensive growth plan’ on Google to see the extent of this plan. You will see maps of your street, future train lines designed to transport workers to designated work areas, areas allowing mixed use, areas allowing 120 residential dwelling units per acre in Manhattan-like density, and maps of greenspace unsuitable for human habitation.

Anything built in the future must comply with this pre-drawn Agenda 21 map before being approved by the local building authority. How is it that zoning law, which was traditionally locally written, seems so suddenly uniform throughout the United States? Because the United States signed a global treaty in 1992, passed federal laws mandating that local counties write comprehensive growth plans, and arranged national educational seminars for unelected bureaucrats to attend.

It is obvious that the plan is to create gridlock in the near future so that people will absolutely demand city-like design in the suburbs and welcome new infrastructure taxes. The problem is, it’s a one-size-fits-all policy designed by people in Brussels who have little clue how US suburban areas are built today.

While New York could easily accommodate areas with 120 dwelling units per acre with its streamlined subway system, a suburb with a few winding residential streets will merely suffer impossible gridlock. A suburb has no room for train stations. Stores are so far apart from residential houses, that even if a train dumps you off at one destination, you will still need a ride home with a car through all of the gridlock. Nothing short of burning these suburbs down would do the trick of complete redevelopment Agenda-21 style.


The Smoking Gun: A direct link between Agenda 21 and local planners


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By Tom DeWeese

Here it is… The Smoking Gun

The direct link between Agenda 21 and local planners


When the fight started against Agenda 21, those of us working to expose it were largely ignored by the main stream media and even the established Conservative movement and its media. Too far out there, they said, to be taken seriously.

Then, as more and more Americans began to experience the dire effects of Sustainable Development in their daily lives, suddenly our message began to take hold. Today, thousands of Americans have taken up the fight. And anti-Agenda 21 activists are storming planning meetings, demanding answers. State legislatures and even some county and city governments are passing legislation against it. It seems the Agenda 21 fight is everywhere.

So, now, proponents of the Sustainable Development policy are alarmed and working feverishly to counter our claims that such controls over local development and energy policy have their roots in international policy. In particular, our claims that these planning policies come from the UN’s Agenda 21, that was introduced to the world at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

Their most often used description of Agenda 21 is an “innocuous, 20 year old document that has no enforcement power.” Continuously we hear that local planning programs, especially from such groups like the American Planning Association (APA) have no connection to Agenda 21 or the UN. It’s all local – or as the APA says in its document, Glossary for the Public, “There is no hidden agenda.”  In its “Agenda 21: Myths and Facts” document found on the APA website, the group goes to extreme measures to distance itself and its policies from Agenda 21, specifically saying “The American Planning Association has no affiliation regarding any policy goals and recommendations of the UN.”

Well, then it would be interesting to hear the APA explain this information found in one of its own documents from 1994. The document was an APA newsletter to its members in the Northern California (San Francisco Area). The article was a commentary entitled “How Sustainable is Out Planning, by Robert Odland. It was written just two years after the UN Earth Summit at which Agenda 21 was first introduced to the world. The document can be viewed here.

The fifth paragraph of the article says, “Vice President Gore’s book, Earth in the Balance addressed many of the general issues of sustainability. Within the past year, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development has been organized to develop recommendations for incorporating sustainability into the federal government. Also, various groups have been formed to implement Agenda 21, a comprehensive blueprint for sustainable development that was adopted at the recent UNCED conference in Rio de Janeiro (the “Earth Summit.”)     

In one paragraph, this document brings together the APA, Agenda 21, the UN’s Earth Summit, Al Gore, Sustainable Development, the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, NGO groups with the mission of implementing Agenda 21 and the description of Agenda 21 as a “comprehensive Blueprint” for Sustainable planning. It sounds like it came verbatim from one of my speeches!

A couple of paragraphs higher in the article, it says, “A common misconception is that sustainability is synonymous with self-sufficiency; on the contrary, sustainability must recognize the interconnections between different levels of societal structure.”  That “societal structure” is “social justice,” as described in Agenda 21. A visit to, which the APA is a member, will find in its Statement of Principles this quote: “We believe planning should be a tool for allocating resources…and eliminating the great inequalities of wealth and power in our society … because the free market has proven incapable of doing this.”

The United Nations blatantly advocates that Capitalism and private property rights are not sustainable and pose the single greatest threat to the world’s ecosystem and social equity.  And, while sometimes using different words, the APA is helping communities across the nation enforce these ideas, while swearing it is all a local idea, designed from local input.

As George Orwell masterfully put it in his epic novel “Animal Farm,” it’s become difficult to see the difference between the pigs and the farmers – or the APA and the UN.

Sustainable Development is not implemented in the open, as the APA claims, but in back rooms filled with the proper NGO organizations, which surround your elected officials and pressures their actions. In that way it is changing our American society and form of government, making government more powerful and more invasive in our daily lives. Sustainability is anti free enterprise, anti private property, and anti individual – and that’s why we oppose it.

Copyright 2013 American Policy Center


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UN Agenda 21′s Sustainability: Now It’s Being Pushed At Biltmore Estates




UN Agenda 21′s Sustainability: Now It’s Being Pushed At Biltmore Estates
BILT E3Somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, there is truth. Today a friend of mine, who home-schools her children, received an invitation to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC for a home-schoolers’ Fall celebration. (See promo below) The theme?  What else…but “Sustainability!!”  The irony of seducing children into a “celebration” of self-imposed deprivation, but holding the celebration at a massive home that represents the grand success of capitalism, is a stretch of the imagination….don’t you think? Actually there is a trend of wealthy foundations funding the indoctrination of children to not aspire to the high measure of success that built those foundations. Google that.  You’ll find thousands of them.  The irony is beyond description.

If you have never been to the Biltmore, you have missed seeing a glorious example of architecture and landscape from the heady days of our growing economy in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s.  The Vanderbilt fortune built this place for family enjoyment, entertaining, and to house a collection of beautiful art and history pieces.  I loved to go there years ago. Truly, it is gorgeous and one of my favorite places in North Carolina. Now they are pushing the “Sustainability” ideology to tourists and as you can see, students.  They have also wrecked part of the landscape with a large section of solar panels.  It’s a shame.  Et tu Biltmore?

Almost every day another friend of mine sends me copies of email invitations he gets for LEED green business symposiums for “Sustainability.”  Wherever you look, the word “Sustainability” shows up on advertising, products, school curricula, foods, energy bills, real estate, and more.  Are you sick of it yet???


I wonder what the human condition is that causes a herd of people to stampede toward self-destruction.  A word, “Sustainability,” has become a drug fix for something so obtuse, stupid and wrong.  What would cause a person to allow a faux religion based on nonsense restrict their ability to live as prosperously as possible?  Granted, we have seen cults commit suicide, so there is something to this. I am watching an entire society jump onto a death wagon, and doing so with such misguided enthusiasm as to not be believable.

I observe the people promoting the ideology of shrinking life expectations are some of the wealthiest.  Those same people are hardly living what they are preaching.  They are not shrinking their own life expectations.  But they sure are happy preaching this nonsense to children and the poor mental midgets with good intentions who want to buy into something that will make them “feel good.” What makes a person feel good about telling the rest of society that they must lower their life-styles?  Instead of telling our children they should shoot for the moon and become as successful as they can, Common Core is telling our school children they should feel guilty about living, procreating, and using resources to support their lives….they MUST be “Sustainable.”  They are separating our children from the future guaranteed in the Constitution, the American Dream.  And using the false doctrine of “Sustainability” to do it.

In case you think I am saying everyone can own a Biltmore Estate, which is not what I am saying.  But I am saying it is very wrong to tell children they can’t even aspire to the mid level success of suburbia.  That is what “Sustainability” teaches…that the “affluent middle class is ‘unsustainable.’ “Check Maurice Strong for that quote.  What are we doing to our children?  Do I want to go give Biltmore my money to tour there anymore?  No.  Don’t use my money to wreck our children’s futures.

Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21



Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21By Alex Newman

Following Alabama’s lead, lawmakers in the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve popular legislation protecting private-property rights and banning a controversial United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as Agenda 21, which critics say represents a serious threat to American values and liberty. If approved by the Senate as expected, the law would also prohibit state and local governments from working with the UN or its affiliates to implement any sort of “international law” that violates the U.S. or Oklahoma constitutions.

The bill, H.B. 1412, was passed in the state House last week on a bipartisan vote, with a Republican-led coalition of 67 supporting the legislation against 17 Democrats who opposed the measure. It originally passed out of the States’ Rights Committee in late February and is now in the state Senate, where a broad coalition of activists — supporters of national sovereignty, private property, the Constitution, individual liberty, Tea Party groups, and more — is working to ensure its passage.

Of course, Oklahoma is just the latest state to take action against the highly controversial UN plan, which calls for a transformation of human civilization under the guise of promoting so-called “sustainability.” In May of last year, Alabama became the first state to officially ban UN Agenda 21 after a law to protect private property and due process rights was signed by Gov. Robert Bentley. The wildly popular bi-partisan legislation was approved unanimously in both houses of the state legislature.

Before that, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Tennessee adopted a resolution blasting the dubious UN agenda as a radical “socialist” plot at odds with individual liberty, private-property rights, and the U.S. Constitution. Lawmakers in Kansas followed suit. Numerous other state governments, under heavy pressure from activists across the political spectrum, are also working to ban the “sustainable development” scheme in their jurisdictions. City and county governments, meanwhile, are taking action to protect residents, too.

In Oklahoma, lawmakers said legislation was needed to defend citizens and their rights from the UN scheme as well. Despite having never been ratified by the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution, supporters of the bill explained, officials at all levels — especially the federal executive branch, mostly using unconstitutional “grants” and decrees — have been quietly working to implement the controversial 1992 international agreement across America.

“House Bill 1412 is a short little bill, barely two pages long; it deals with a big topic though, protecting personal property rights,” noted Republican Rep. Sally Kern, who sponsored the legislation in the Oklahoma House. “This bill is specifically dealing with the intrusion of our government into personal property rights that has been happening for the last 20 years and is getting worse through the Agenda 21 of the UN, their sustainable development program.”

Rep. Kern pointed out that as many as 10 federal agencies under multiple U.S. administrations — George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama most recently — have been working to implement the UN scheme. She also offered numerous examples of the agenda being foisted on Oklahoma, noting that other states have passed similar legislation to protect citizens as well.

A handful of Democrats, apparently ignorant about UN Agenda 21, sounded confused during the questioning session on the House floor, asking bizarre questions such as whether or not cities would be barred from building bike lanes. Rep. Kern answered well. While noting that it is important to protect the environment, Kern said Oklahoma should not be subservient to outside forces — plus, as countless analysts have pointed out, Agenda 21 has little to do with protecting nature anyway.

“One of the goals of the United Nations Agenda 21 Initiative is to influence governments,” Kern explained. “My constituents are concerned about that influence and about their property rights being infringed upon by government regulations that originated from Agenda 21. My legislation addresses those concerns by protecting individual property rights.”

Kern said it was “very easy” to see what was going on and which organizations were linked to the controversial global plan, urging fellow lawmakers to do some research and check out the UN website itself. “You can go and look up the President’s Council on Sustainable Development,” she added, singling out ICLEI — formerly known as the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives — as one of the UN-linked groups working to foist the controversial “sustainability” plan on America and the world.

The ultimate UN plan was outlined and agreed to by national governments and dictatorships worldwide at the 1992 “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro. “Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts (sic) on the environment,” the UN admits on its website, sparking suspicions from analysts who point out that virtually every aspect of human existence has some “impact” on the “environment.”

When one realizes that the UN considers carbon dioxide — a gas exhaled by humans and necessary to plant life — to be a pollutant, the true scope of the global agenda becomes clear. Plus, as the UN admits in its documents, the global organization believes private ownership of land should be curtailed. Other official papers and statements reveal that the UN is seeking a “complete transformation” of the global economy in ways that are completely at odds with national sovereignty, individual liberty, American traditions of self-governance, and more. Even individuals’ thoughts are in the crosshairs, according to UN documents.

The Oklahoma bill passed by the House last week reads: “The state or any political subdivision of the state shall not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.” Also prohibited under the measure is state or local government participation in “any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Oklahoma Constitution.”

The legislation also ensures that state and local governments are barred from working with UN-linked groups promoting the controversial agenda. “Since the United Nations has accredited or enlisted numerous nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations to assist in the implementation of its policies relative to United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development around the world, the state and all political subdivisions of the state shall not enter into any agreement, expend any sum of money, receive funds contracting services or give financial aid to or from any nongovernmental or intergovernmental organizations accredited or enlisted by the United Nations,” the bill continues.

Unsurprisingly, a few members of the increasingly discredited establishment press sought to demonize or ridicule supporters of the legislation, variously claiming that opposition to Agenda 21 was either a “conspiracy theory” or that the UN scheme is harmless. It remains unclear why supporters of the UN plot continue to falsely allege that opponents consider it a “conspiracy” — a conspiracy is secret by definition, and the global organization has documents about Agenda 21 and the goals all over its website.

Analysts have also pointed out that if, as some proponents of the scheme claim, the UN agenda is non-binding and does virtually nothing, such fiendish opposition to laws protecting private property and due process would seem bizarre, almost ludicrous. However, despite half-baked efforts by the UN and its allies to vilify opponents of Agenda 21, it appears that grassroots pressure within both parties is having a significant effect.

The Oklahoma legislation to ban Agenda 21 will be assigned to a state Senate committee soon — probably within the week, according to sources in the legislature. If it eventually passes, as analysts and lawmakers widely expect, the bill would go to Republican Governor Mary Fallin to be signed into law. The governor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fed Siege On Another Family Farm


The assault by government agencies against another family farm, which in this case has been ongoing for quite some time.  Sadly this is not that uncommon in our time with over regulation, government power and land grabs while pushing policies such as the United Nations Agenda 21.

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History and updates on the Bakers Green Acres Farm please visit

10 Signs We Live in a False Economy




It’s time to admit that we live in a false economy. Smoke and mirrors are used to make us believe the economy is real, but it’s all an elaborate illusion.

Out of one side of the establishment’s mouth we hear excitement about “green shoots”, and out of the other side comes breathless warnings of fiscal cliffs and the urgent need for unlimited bailouts by the Fed.

We hear the people begging for jobs and the politicians promising them, but politicians can’t create jobs. We see people camped out to buy stuff on Black Friday indicating the consumer economy is seemingly thriving, only to find out everything was bought on credit.

The corporate media does their best to distract us from seeing anything real. We see the media glorify Kim Kardashian who got rich by being famous, and became famous merely by being rich. She got front page coverage on Huffington Post this week because her cat died.  Enough said.

Meanwhile the financial media makes the economy seem complicated and they ban anyone who speaks truthfully about the economy from their airwaves.

Is it any wonder why people are angry and confused about the economy?

Well, hopefully these signs that we live in a false economy will help clear up some of that confusion.


Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover



By Aaron Dykes

Media Panic to Control Exposure of United Nations Agenda 21 TakeoverOpponents of Agenda 21′s local implementation in the United States have begun mounting a notable resistance. At state capitals and city councils, activists are showing up to educate and lobby their elected representatives about the implications of this United Nations’ plan for sovereignty, property rights and the future development of the country.

It has become such a widespread phenomenon that media outlets everywhere are spinning into damage control in effort to ridicule the anti-Agenda 21 movement, hoping that it will go away before the general population understands the issue.

But their efforts are fruitless. Coverage across the country begrudgingly notes that groups are opposing local “sustainability” initiatives and fighting back against plans to concentrate growth into dense urban centers under emerging “mega-regions.”

Now, a case in Georgia has triggered an all-out media frenzy, after a local group convinced the state’s Senate Majority Leader, Chip Rogers (R – Woodstock), to hold an information session on Agenda 21 attended by several other GOP senators and representatives. Conspicuously negative coverage is being used to pressure these politicians to avoid supposedly fringe elements in their constituency.

The progressive, sustainability group Better Georgia released video of the meeting, and blasted the ‘extremist’ views presented, that included comparing Obama’s socialist vision with the plans of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao, which resulted in famine and genocide.

Worse, according to the portrayals, is the involvement of one Field Searcy, who helped present the slideshow. Searcy had been booted from his Tea Party group for recommending people visit and tune into Alex Jones. The tea party group formally objected to Searcy’s activities in “actively promoting issues and beliefs derived from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.” As such, his presence at the clandestine Agenda 21 meeting was presented as particularly damning.

11 Alive, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, covered the meeting, mocking the conspiracy and “global control” theorists attempting to expose Agenda 21, telling viewers that the groups and politicians involved think people who believe in “environmentalism and sustainability” are part of the problem.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published multiple articles on the Agenda 21 presentation, including an op-ed titled, “Agenda 21: The lunacy infiltrating state leaders.” Regional papers promised that state Senator Chip Rogers would face “blowback” for hosting the information session, and otherwise insinuated that Rogers had been stung by the “secret” video that had “surfaced”.

California’s Record High Fuel Prices a Glimpse of Things to Come



By Kimberly Paxton

California’s Record High Fuel Prices a Glimpse of Things to Come

Gas stations in California are locking their doors as they run out of fuel.  Today prices have reached a record-setting high of an average of $4.61 per gallon, with many stations charging premium prices for the limited amount of fuel on hand.  The current shortages and price increases are a harbinger of the rapidly changing situation across the country.

The current price spike comes after an Exxon refinery in Torrance suffered a power outage earlier in the week.  Many stations are charging more than $5 per gallon for regular,some stations ran out of gas because of fuel rationing by their suppliers,  while still other stations are running out of gas because they refused to pay the high wholesale prices. Fifteen Costco stations were among those who refused to pay the exorbitant prices.

California already has the highest fuel prices in the country. A special blend designed to meet strict environmental guidelines costs more and is highly taxed by the state government. This blend is made only at a few specific West Coast refineries, which is why the state was particularly hard-hit by the Torrance power outage issue.

According to the New York Times, the prices should soon level off.

Refining experts said the rationing and exceedingly high prices would probably last a couple of weeks at the most. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, said California customers might get some relief in the next few days because traders were suddenly lowering the prices of their bulk sales almost as fast as they were raising them over the last few days. He said the wholesale price for gasoline on the West Coast dropped 50 cents on Friday from a high of $4.25 a gallon.

“The prices are incredibly erratic,” Mr. Kloza said. “It’s gone from incredibly excessive pricing to just plain excessive.”

However, the relief may be short-lived as tensions in the Middle East continue to rise.  Oil prices in general rose after the Turkish military fired on Syria. The Middle East and North Africa are responsible for about a third of the world’s oil supply.  As well, American attempts to enforce economic sanctions on Iran may backfire by affecting the prices Americans pay at the pumps.


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