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Best Ever Obamacare Ad



Best Ever Obamacare Ad


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Video: The RNC Benghazi Attack Ad That Never Ran…



5-9-2013 9-02-34 PMI found this post on Weasel Zippers, as linked above, where you may agree or not, many times the posts are thought provoking and good conversation.

Is this a legitimate RNC created video ad regarding Benghazi or a DNC create spin faked to look RNC created? Either way it makes no difference, as it displays what both sides hold so dear. Both love playing the fear card to get peoples attention and both promote big government to keep you safe. The video shows the depths both go to win, by showing the child asleep, which could be your child, who could only be safe because the White House and State Department are on duty.

Both RNC and DNC, and their parties, would be happy to promote their vile agenda while, not holding anyone accountable for the deaths at Benghazi or being transparent to the real function of this embassy, but to jump on the band wagon of public attention to a crime that will never name the guilty, to use those deaths for self promotion.

This self promotion serves but one purpose, to divide people into one of two imaginary camps, both of which are controlled by the same oligarchy. Keep them all busy in the division game so they do not have time to notice or consider why the value of their purchasing power is in steady decline and which entities are responsible, let alone comprehend and respond to their inalienable rights being suppressed.

You are watching a TV offering 500 channels and loving it. How many times must you change channels to realize it is the same show on every channel?

Go back to sleep and sorry for the interruption.

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Ron Paul Ad for NDAA & SOPA (Unofficial)


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Ron Paul Ad – Life

YouTube Preview Image – Congressman Ron Paul’s new ad titled “Life”

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