Feel-free fee: TSA will grope you less for $85


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Feel-free fee: TSA will grope you less for $85


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If full-body scanners and TSA pat-downs make you feel uncomfortable, you now have an alternate option – making the agency like you and paying a fee of $85.

The Transportation Security Administration has launched an expansion to their program that allows members to bypass regular airport pre-flight security checkpoints. Those enrolled in the ‘trusted traveler’ program, called TSA PreCheck, don’t have to remove their shoes, jackets and belts during screening. Members can also keep their laptop computers and approved liquids in their bags.

Currently, only members of several frequent-flier programs are given the opportunity to apply without paying a fee, the TSA says. But TSA Administrator John Pistole on Friday announced that all travelers will soon be able to join PreCheck – as long as they pay $85 for a five-year membership, provide identifying information, pass a background check, and undergo fingerprinting.

Pistole said that enrollment will be opened to the public later this year and he expects an additional 3 million people to sign up for PreCheck before the end of the year. About 12 million travelers are currently enrolled.

If his estimates are accurate, the TSA will reap about $255 million from the program in 2013.

Applicants must visit an enrollment site to undergo identification verification and fingerprinting. PreCheck enrollment will be launched at Washington Dulles International and Indianapolis International airports later this year.

“America’s travel community applauds TSA for making its highly-successful trusted traveler program, PreCheck, more accessible to the traveling public,” US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow said in a statement. “By expanding PreCheck enrollment options, today’s action by TSA will help speed more Americans safely through the US air travel system while strengthening America’s aviation security. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

PreCheck passengers receive a Known Traveler Number that allows them to use special security lanes at more than 40 participating airports in the US.

Travelers have long complained that TSA agents take the security screenings too far, in some cases groping passengers. Carol Price, a 59-year-old woman who was trying to board a flight to Ohio last summer complained that a TSA agent subjected her to a pat-down in which he groped her genital region and breasts.

Those in the PreCheck program will probably have an easier time at security checkpoints.

But there’s a catch: PreCheck does not guarantee expedited screening, and all travelers are still subject to “random and unpredictable” security measures, the agency said in a statement.

For the cost of $85, travelers can enter expedited security lines, but still be subjected to pat-downs and searches if they appear suspicious.

4 Ways the Fourth Amendment’s Already Being Pummeled in a Non-Top Secret Way(Reason.com)


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By Bill Walker

4 Ways the Fourth Amendment’s Already Being Pummeled in a Non-Top Secret Way(Reason.com


The Fourth Amendment didn’t become dead letter overnight. The NSA’s unprecedented access to Americans’ personal data may have been top secret, but the Fourth Amendment’s been getting pummeled for years out in the open. Here are four other ways Americans’ rights to security in their persons, houses, papers, and effects have been eroded.
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Glenn “Kane” Jacobs Mental Smackdown of Tennessee Lt Governor

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RINO Ramsey called out by Glenn "Kane" Jacobs

WWE Pro Wrestling champion Glenn “Kane” Jacobs is about to deliver a mental smackdown on Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor over a debate on the internet tax AKA the “Marketplace Fairness Act”!


As many Tennessee residents are aware of, RINO Ramsey has many interests, but we the people of Tennessee is not one of them.  Ramsey, along with fellow “republican conservatives”, such as Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, help to prove the only difference in party politics is the lapel pin they may be wearing.

From an earlier message sent by Matt Collins:


Lt. Governor Challenged To Debate Internet Sales Tax By Professional Wrestler

Ron Ramsey Pushes Internet Sales Tax; Grassroots Pushes Back


Knoxville, TN – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey was challenged to a debate on the Internet Sales Tax by professional WWE wrestler and anti-tax activist Glenn Jacobs. In a blog post today Glenn Jacobs (stage name Kane) criticized the Lt. Governor for pushing the Internet sales tax and called for a debate on the topic at the Lt. Governor’s convenience. The blog post can be viewed here: http://www.tnliberty.org/?p=574

“Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey claims that the Internet sales tax mandate is not a new tax. Nor, according to Ramsey, is it an unfair tax. Ramsey is wrong on both counts.” Glenn writes. “ I, therefore, invite Lt. Gov. Ramsey for a policy debate on the issue of the Marketplace Fairness Act in a public forum at his convenience.”

In recent weeks Glenn Jacobs has been appearing in various media outlets advocating against the national Internet sales tax mandate with appearances on nationally syndicated terrestrial radio, satellite radio, and local radio stations in Tennessee. Jacobs has written multiple blog posts and op-ed pieces against the national Internet sales tax mandate.

Earlier this week the TN Campaign for Liberty challenged Lt. Gov Ramsey to show he had paid the obscure TN Use Tax for his online purchases after he called the vast majority of Tennesseans “criminals” for not paying it. That release can be viewed here:  http://tnreport.com/2013/05/13/ramsey-questioned-on-use-tax-payments-by-tn-liberty-group/

The national Internet sales tax mandate will likely come up for a vote in the US House of Representatives later this year. The bill is known as the “Marketplace Fairness Act” and is being opposed by the Campaign for Liberty, eBay, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, the Heartland Institute, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, and many other conservative figures.

Glenn Jacobs lives with his family in Jefferson City, Tennessee and is a co-founder of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance www.TNLiberty.org. Mr. Jacobs is a critic of big government and a professional wrestler with the WWE.

Head Of TSA Questioned On Criminal Conduct Within TSA & Body Scanner Safety

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Published on Mar 11, 201

By wearechange

Follow Sierra @ http://www.twitter.com/sierra_adamson
Sierra Adamson questions John Pistole, Administrator of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on the criminal conduct of TSA workers and the safety of the body scanners used at checkpoints.

TSA Screeners Continue to Lie to Passengers About Legality of Recording at Checkpoints


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By now, it is becoming clear that TSA screeners know that recording is allowed at security checkpoints in airports, they just choose to tell passengers that it is not allowed with the hope that the passenger will not know any better.

No different than the routine we see from police and security guards on a daily basis.

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More in the never ending story of the jackboot gestapo attacking our persons and liberties under the false guise of safety and security.

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TSA’s Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening


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By Wendy McElroy

[Editor’s Note: The following post is by TDV contributor, Wendy McElroy]

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tightening its grip on domestic travcel. I don’t mean the random, unpredictable security checks at bus, subway and train stations which already exist. I mean a coordinated and systematic police control of internal travel within America. Groundwork is being laid.


The application was tucked away on page 71431 of Volume 77, Number 231 of the Federal Register (November 30). It was surrounded by soporific references to forwarding “the new Information Collection Request (ICR) abstracted below to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review and approval under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA).”

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tightening its grip on domestic travcel. I don't mean the random, unpredictable security checks at bus, subway and train stations which already exist. I mean a coordinated and systematic police control of internal travel within America.The application for funding from the TSA constitutes a preliminary step toward systematically expanding TSA’s authority from airports to highways and almost every other means of public travel. The expansion would erase one of the last remaining differences between the US and a total police state; namely, the ability to travel internally without being under police surveillance. The total police state you experience at airports wants to spill into roads and bus stops, to  subways and trains. Or, rather, the TSA wants to solidify and spread the fledgling and erratic presence it already has.

The official request reads, “TSA’s Highway BASE program [Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement] seeks to establish the current state of security gaps and implemented countermeasures throughout the highway mode of transportation by posing questions to major transportation asset owners and operators.” An example would be an owner and the employees of a long-haul truck company. The application continues, “Data and results collected through the Highway BASE program will inform TSA’s policy and program initiatives and allow TSA to provide focused resources and tools to enhance the overall security posture within the surface transportation community.”

Meanwhile, the Government Security News Service provides additional details on TSA’s plans. TSA wants funding to conduct “security-related assessments” on about 750  “transportation assets” including “140 public transportation agencies.” An example would be bus depots or train stations.

Security Magazine (May 30th) offered a sense of how sweeping the definition of “assets” might be, including “trucking, school bus, and motor coach industries, privately-owned highway assets that may include bridges and tunnels, and other related systems and assets owned and operated by state departments of education and transportation.”

At this point, the goal is merely “an assessment.” But when did a government agency ever conclude that it didn’t need funding, expansion and more power? This is especially true of the militarized TSA that treats the public as “hostiles.”

The fact that the agency lamented the lack of a “single database” on public transportation is not reassuring. (Federal Register, Vol.77, No.104, pg. 31867, May 30.) The entire push seems aimed at not merely expanding but also centralizing information, efforts and authority, with BASE itself being a consolidation of several other TSA programs.


Keep Those Pathetic, Potbellied Pilferers from Stealing Your Stuff


Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com

By Becky Akers

You might think that airports would be absolutely free of crime. After all, between the mass, generalized, warrantless searches of every passenger and the hysteria that erupts when LaWanda discovers a firearm (which she does very rarely – only about 1500 times in 2012 for 750 million trips), concourses are as devoid of guns as tyrants can render them.

But alas, airports are Ground Zero for sexual assault and theft. Indeed, you might think poor old Piers and his fellow morons would look to aviation’s gulag, where Our Rulers have disarmed passengers of everything but their fingernails, to see the results of their dream: the cringing, shuffling lines of potential victims who hope to go about their mundane affairs without a uniformed bully’s noticing and humiliating them; those unfortunates who don’t escape attention suffering gate-rape and other insults; iPads, cash and other valuables disappearing from luggage and bins to enrich the government’s goons. If Piers and other Progressives crave such a dystopia, they are very sick puppies indeed.

At any rate, a friend sent me the video below in which Mike Adams of Natural News shows those of you who must fly how to prevent the “TSA criminals and thugs and pathetic, pot-bellied thieves that work at the airports” from stealing your stuff. His method is as clever and inexpensive as it is effective. Even if you don’t fly, you may want to watch the clip and enjoy Mike’s splendid adjectives (“pathetic and lazy”) when he describes these public predators-sorry, servants.

YouTube Preview Image

Update: Sean Casey writes that there’s “one problem…the scissors you will need to cut the zip-ties when you arrive at your destination will probably be confiscated” — Sean, you’re too kind: stolen is the word you’re hunting — “by the gate-rapists.” He included a link with tips for meeting this challenge and adds that “a good pair of nail clippers should also do the trick.”

The TSA Apologizes—Not


2012_60_2012-02-29T175946Z_01_NYK116_RTRIDSP_0_USASource: http://www.lewrockwell.com

By Becky Akers

CBS News reports — erroneously — that the TSA has apologized for its horrific abuse of Shelbi Walser. You remember her: the 12-year-old girl with brittle bone disease whom the agency’s sadists “detained” for an hour at Dallas-Fort Worth, reducing the poor child to tears while separating her from her mother. The Nazis more cruelly tormented their victims, but still, deliberately depriving a sick little girl of her mother and bullying her until she cries, well … with every day and every atrocity, the TSA approaches ever nearer its mentors’ satanic benchmark.

At any rate, the TSA has released a statement about Shelbi’s ordeal that doesn’t even remotely resemble an apology. Rather, it defends the utterly indefensible and barbaric while propagandizing for the TSA, insulting our intelligence and blatantly lying:

“We regret that the experience of this young lady was not a positive one as we always strive to screen passengers with dignity and respect while ensuring the safety of all travelers. Everything TSA does is designed to protect against another terrorist attack. In all likelihood, this traveler would have presented no risk, yet we could take no chances. She alarmed for explosive residue and TSA took the necessary steps to resolve the alarm.”

Nauseating, isn’t it? Contrast this self-serving prattle with the apology you have received from an entrepreneur when his service or product failed to satisfy you: does he blame you for failing to have a “positive experience” while excusing himself because, heck, he’s got a business to run and everything he does is designed to fill its coffers?

Meanwhile, since none of the overpaid psychopaths at the TSA’s headquarters can simply and sincerely apologize for brutalizing a child, I refer them to www.apologyletters.net. There they will find several templates — admittedly too mild for this gross evil but adaptable nonetheless — such as “Apology Letter for Behavior,” “Apology Letter for Customer,” “Formal Apology Letter,” etc. Unlike the TSA’s infuriating pap, these letters confess that the fault was solely and totally the offender’s while humbly asking the victim’s forgiveness.

Indeed, I have taken the liberty of completing “Apology Letter for Behavior” lest that basic task flummox the TSA’s morons. To wit:

Dear Shelbi:

Please allow us to apologize for what we did on the day you flew out of Dallas-Forth Worth Airport. Our behavior was extremely inappropriate (many would say criminal), immature, and lacked the respect you or any human being deserved. It was a disruption and distracted others from the pleasure one should feel in traveling – or, in your case, a very serious ordeal as you undergo treatment for your illness (for which we extend our sympathies as well as our deepest regrets at exacerbating your burden).

It was embarrassing, but we learned that nobody appreciated our poor behavior. In the future, we have every intention of curbing our thoughtless actions and learn to adjust our behavior befitting the environment and situation. In fact, we are disbanding the TSA tomorrow so no one else ever suffers from our shocking inhumanity and stupidity as you did.

Again, we are sorry for our actions and we hope that we can put this matter behind us before outraged Americans lynch us. We look forward to going home once and for all, with the TSA abolished, so that we never harm you or anyone else again. If you have any thoughts in this, please feel free to share. You may contact us at your convenience – though we understand if the mere thought of us unconscionable monsters revolts you past bearing.



Now, that’s an apology.


Photo added to original post.

TSA creating all new watch list for Americans


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TSA creating all new watch list for Americans

(Reuters / Mike Segar)

Being absent from a federal no-fly list might not mean you won’t be hassled the next time you enter an US airport. The Transportation and Security Administration is constructing a new list of known “low risk” passengers.

According to the November 19 Federal Register newsletter put out by the US government, the TSA is trying to put together a new roster of airport patrons who may be a cause for concern but not necessarily dangerous enough to be added to the no-fly list that contains suspected terrorists and other persons of interest.


TSA lashes out at whistleblower for revealing security breaches


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TSA lashes out at whistleblower for revealing security breaches

A passenger is patted down by a Transportation Security Administration agent.(AFP Photo / Stan Honda)

A former TSA supervisor has been told he’s under federal investigation for blowing the whistle on security lapses at the Nashville International Airport in Tennessee.

Gerald Smith, a one-time agent with the Transportation Security Administration, told Nashville’s WSMV News in October that not only had many agents in the area airport repeatedly failed security tests, but that the TSA seemed reluctant to retrain those who weren’t up to snuff.

Smith spent seven years with the TSA before coming clean to WSMV when they interviewed him earlier this year to comment on documents involving the TSA’s Threat Image Projection, or TIP, program. The network obtained documents from 2009 through 2011 that showed that many TSA staffers that were tested using TIP failed to spot contraband being brought through airports in carry-on luggage. Should an agent fall below 75 percent in testing, they are required to be retrained within a month. Smith said that simply wasn’t the case in Nashville.


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