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Ron Paul ~ Liberty Defined Live Webcast 4/9/14, 4pm (PT) 7PM (ET)



Ron Paul ~ Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom Live Webcast


4-9-2014 6-49-56 PM


The Independent Institute with co-sponsor The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies is hosting a event tonight, April 9th, in Hayward, CA in which a live webcast is available.  The start time is 4 PM (PT) – 7 PM (ET). The webcast is linked below.


220px-Ron_Paul_official_Congressional_photo_portrait_2007Dr. Ron Paul
“Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom”

Ron Paul, the former 12-term Congressman and Presidential candidate,
will take a candid look at America¹s increasingly dysfunctional political
system. Drawing on his 24 years in Congress, he will highlight the need
to rein in unchecked government power. The author of numerous
#1 “New York Times” bestselling books, Dr. Paul is a leading advocate for individual liberty, privacy, limited constitutional government, low taxes
and spending, free markets, restrained foreign policy, and sound money.

The event is to be streamed live on USTREAM here.

More information available here:

Ron Paul to Host Private Weekend Summit



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Ron Paul to Host Private Weekend Summit



He may be officially retired from public life, but Ron Paul apparently isn’t giving up the reins of the libertarian movement that made him a factor in the last two presidential campaigns and which could play a significant role in the 2016 Republican nominating contest.

RealClearPolitics has learned that the 77-year-old former congressman is hosting an afternoon barbeque Saturday at his home in Lake Jackson, Tex.; the event will function as an informal summit and feature many of the leading figures in the Paul-inspired “liberty movement.”

Read the rest at Real Clear Politics, here.

Ben Swann Shout Out to Next News Network


Ben Swann Shout Out to Next News Network


6-10-2013 6-56-32 AM

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Posted by N3 NextNewsNetwork

Published on Jun 9, 2013

Thank you Ben! The Next News Network supports you & your efforts to bring truth to media! To contribute to Truth in Media Project, click here

Watch N3@


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Bilderberg 2013 Ground Report – Mark Anderson


Bilderberg 2013 Ground Report – Mark Anderson


6-9-2013 12-39-45 AM


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Posted by N3 NextNewsNetwork

Published on Jun 8, 2013

Special Bilderberg 2013 report filed by Mark Anderson of the American Free Press.


Ben Swann Needs Our Help To Defeat The Mainstream Media


Ben Swann Needs Our Help To Defeat The Mainstream Media


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Links to everything I talked about in this video:…

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H/T to my friend

Ben Swann’s Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project


I want to begin by saying thank you for signing up for this email list and for your incredible support of my work with Reality Check and Full Disclosure over the past 2 years.

As promised, you are now the first to hear in detail about my- actually our- next step. Beginning next week on Monday, June 10, we will officially launch the “Liberty Is Rising Truth in Media Project” on Kickstarter. As I have told you, this is the most involved and meaningful project I have ever been involved in and it is not something I can do on my own.

The “Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project” is a 3 step process:

Inform, Engage, Activate:

Step 1: INFORM

The first step of this project and the primary use of Kickstarter is to create high-end, high-quality Reality Check style segments that can be presented to the public via streaming content sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or devices such as Roku and Our goal is to produce 100 high quality five to six minute shows and by launching this project independently, the restrictions on subject matter by corporate bosses will not be an issue.

Why do the videos need to be so high quality? Simple, we need to spread this message as far out as we can. Like it or not, we live in a very media-savvy culture and if the public at large is to take this kind of journalism seriously, they need to be able to hear and see it in a way that is deemed credible. You can watch network news programming all day and never hear anything of substance but it sure looks pretty. If we are to educate and inform the public on issues of war, the drug war, monetary policy, drone strikes, the NDAA, CAFR, crony capitalism, etc… it MUST be done in the style and format generations of Americans have been trained to accept as “professional”.

The films will be distributed via multiple platforms. First, we continue to share new content virally via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,, and continue to allow alternative media blog sites to use our films without charge and embed them, as long as they are shown in their entirety. This is important because we want as many people exposed to our journalism as possible.

We will be rolling out a highly interactive, informative website that will include all Full Disclosure episodes, a forum, Ben Swann podcasts, and a mobile app.

Also, as I mentioned, we are going to attempt to spread these films into new arenas such as streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. Again, the goal is to engage the largest audience possible.

Step 2: ENGAGE
Each of us must impact our own circle of influence.

We are currently building out a multi-faceted platform of engagement where you and I will work together to take single issues and impact public opinion. This platform will contain resources like stats, infographics, archived articles, and other educational materials that will be available to download or share.

This platform will work directly with college student groups like Young Americans for Liberty, Young Republicans, Young Democrats and politically independent groups, giving students hard facts and data to share with peers and teaching them how to hold information sessions on campus.

We will work with journalists across the country challenging them to engage in critical thinking and questioning of local, state and national leaders on issues of importance. We’ll equip them on how to challenge the status quo in their newsrooms and move beyond reading press releases.

Faith Based Communities:
We will engage faith-based communities (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, etc) and challenge the acceptance of government control over their religious activities.

Local Lawmakers:
We will engage local and state lawmakers and challenge the over-reach, over taxation, and policing for profit that is taking place in every city and town in America.

Tea Party:
We will engage those in the Tea Party movement who entered the movement for the right reasons, to protest over taxation and government control.

We will engage those in the Occupy movement who rightly protested the consolidation of wealth among a small group of people and who have created a crony capitalist system (that isn’t capitalism at all).

Building Consensus:
The goal is to help Americans escape the Left/Right paradigm of arguing with each other while politicians and big money run the nation and our lives. We desire to create unity among all these groups in the areas where we can agree. That happens when we are defined not by who we stand against, but what we stand for. It is not about Left vs. Right or Republican vs. Democrat… but Liberty vs. Tyranny.

You and I will go through this process together. Beyond just sharing the content, you will be instrumental to the gathering of information and the actual creation of that content. With your engagement we will be able to create public awareness and social willingness to drive change.


The best part of this step is that the work you and I will have already done is key. Having forced important issues into the forefront of public awareness we will have already changed minds and that will allow action to be taken.

Through strategic partnerships with established political and student groups as well as individual experts in the fields or medicine, education, economics, security, drug policy etc. we will begin to crowd-source “change strategies”.

The end result of these strategies will include legal and legislative process for changing U.S. policy overseas and here at home. We will challenge lawmakers who continue to engage in hypocritical behavior and are unwilling to stand up for rule of law. As a long-term goal, we will eventually work with lawmakers to draft legislation to correct the nation’s trajectory. Dr. Ron Paul borrowed the words of Victor Hugo when he declared in 2008, “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.”

Ron Paul Said It Best:

I recently had the chance to interview Dr. Paul and we talked in depth about the changing media landscape. How has media changed for a man who has spent his entire life attempting to change the system?

“When I first started in politics in the 70′s, we basically had three major networks and they were very, very close together on philosophy…..But now the options are great…..Now the information is going out differently. It’s going out on handheld devices and computers and telephones and they can turn you on and off when they want. They have so many more choices.”

Dr. Paul then added:
I’m optimistic that things are going to do well and I’m optimistic because you’re (Ben Swann) involved in this fight with us.”

Again, I want to thank you for your support so far. As you can see this next step is a very ambitious project. There is risk here but I believe that every great movement in history has been accompanied by great challenge and risk.

Between now and June 10th, I need your help.

1. Please go sign up for this Facebook event for the project:

2. Please forward this email on to friends and family who you believe might want to be a part of this project.

3. Please share the new cover photo featured on my Facebook pages that can be found here.

There has never been a moment like this before in world history where a society has had this kind of collision of technology and information. This is our moment. I hope that next Monday, you will commit to helping me to shake the media landscape in America! I leave you with these words from a great patriot Samuel Adams who once proclaimed,

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” - Samuel Adams




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Oath Keepers car takes to the track Saturday at Dover International Speedway!



Oath Keepers car takes to the track Saturday at Dover International Speedway!

Coverage begins at 2 pm ET on ESPN, tune in to see the car in action and cheer Jeffrey Earnhardt to victory!

Oath Keepers statement on the July 4th march



Submitted by sunny

Oath Keepers statement on the July 4th march

James Hanna ~ Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam's march.

Armed march by Adam Kokesh from the Oathkeepers board of directors ~

James Hanna ~ Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam’s march. The leadership at Oath Keepers has a wealth of tactical experience, and marching into the enemy’s camp, to be captured makes no sense. What is to be accomplished by this action? What could possibly go wrong? These are the questions a responsible leader asks before sending his troops into harm’s way. This is either tactical ignorance, or willful endangerment; the latter being the worst of the two choices.

I would say that Adam’s choice of the words “Oath Keepers” is no accident. He is VERY familiar with Oath Keepers and our mission. Not only are his tactics questionable, so are his ethics. Not only has he embarrassed himself by announcing a pointless and irresponsible armed march, he has damaged his integrity by using the good name of Oath Keepers to bolster his own agenda.

James Hanna
Oath Keepers
Board of Directors


Photo added to original post.

July 4th Open Carry March on D.C. – Recent Updates


Whether one agrees or not with supporting / joining the upcoming scheduled open carry march on D.C. on July 4th one thing is almost guarantied.  If history proves anything the mainstream media will black this out until they can either edit and spin the story to their owner’s advantage or a provocateur created action gives the MSM the green light, as the spin has already taken place.

Below are article snippets with links to the full resources for the information I have seen to date.  Research on your own if you choose as I am sure more information and opinions are available than I have had time to mention here.

The ultimate test of the 2nd Amendment: July 4th open carry march on Washington


In what can only be described as perhaps the ultimate test of the 2nd Amendment in our nation’s capitol, an open carry march with loaded rifles is being planned for Independence day.

The organizer for this event is Adam Kokesh, an outspoken advocate for gun rights and veteran of the Iraq War. He is well-known within the Patriot community for pushing the envelope in order to bring attention to our constitutional rights and defense of them. He hosted a television show on Russia Today called Adam vs. The Man and has continued to bring forth radio segments on the internet using the same show title since leaving RT.

Adam was one of the organizers of a gutsy march on the White House on Presidents’ Day back during the primaries in support of Ron Paul. It was a march that comprised exclusively several hundred veterans and active duty military members whose goal was to proclaim that “Ron Paul was the choice of our troops.” It was carried out peacefully and respectfully but received very little national mainstream press coverage in spite of the uniqueness of such an event.

In perhaps Adam’s most courageous planned event to date, a march is scheduled for the 4th of July. A facebook group has been set-up to organize and plan the event which will be a march with loaded rifles slung behind participant’s backs. The information regarding the march openly discloses to interested participants that it will be a non-permitted event into Washington, DC where open-carry is forbidden to be done according to current gun control laws.

As stated in part within the facebook group’s information:

Should we meet physical resistance, we will peacefully turn back, having shown that free people are not welcome in Washington, & returning with the resolve that the politicians, bureaucrats, & enforcers of the federal government will not be welcome in the land of the free.

This event will be truly a test of whether or not the American people are still “allowed” to “peaceably assemble” freely without the unconstitutional need to get permission from the government, i.e. by permit. That is one aspect of the march that should be noted.



Adam Kokesh Interviewed About The Upcoming Armed March On D.C.
YouTube Preview Image

The above video is Adam Kokesh’s first media appearance on the Alex Jones radio and TV show since he announced his armed march on D.C. Adam expanded on his publicly announced plan to lead an armed formation of 2nd Amendment Rights activists from Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery to the White House and back. He told Alex Jones that this is an armed revolt and an overthrow of the illegitimate government but he agreed with Alex that what he means by that is it is a symbolic overthrow of their violation of the civil rights of American gun owners. This is a powerful interview, read the CNS news article below.

Alex Jones Interviewed Radio host and activist Adam Kokesh plans to lead an armed march from the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia all the way to the White House and back.

According to a Facebook event posted by Kokesh, titled “ Open Carry March on Washington,” he plans to lead a peaceful march July 4th “across the Memorial Bridge, down Independence Avenue, around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, & the White House, then peacefully return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge.”

As of 7:00am on 5/8/2013 there are 2,663 people who are intending to participate in this event.


D.C. Police Chief Vows To Take Action Against July 4th Gun Marchers

DC-Police-Chief1An Iraq war veteran and Internet talk show host is trying to gather thousands of protesters to march into the District on Independence Day with loaded rifles on their backs.

But if Adam Kokesh follows through with his July 4 plans — 2,500 people have signed up for the cause — he and his makeshift band will be met on the Arlington Memorial Bridge by two police forces packing guns of their own.

Kokesh, 31, and D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier say they want to work together to ensure a peaceful airing of grievances. But the chief says only one side can have guns: hers. And she’ll have backup from the U.S. Park Police, which will also position officers at the District line.

“If you’re coming here to protest government policy, great,” Lanier said Tuesday on her monthly appearance on NewsChannel 8, reacting to the group’s plan to cross the Potomac River from Arlington National Cemetery. “If you’re coming here to break the law, we’ll take action.”

Lanier added, “There’s a pretty good chance we’ll meet them on the D.C. side of the bridge.”

Kokesh is calling the event an “ Open Carry March ” but described it as a general demonstration against “tyranny,” not a protest against specific gun laws.

News of the march comes amid a national debate over gun regulations that emerged after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Kokesh has chosen to stage his protest in one of the most strictly regulated cities when it comes to firearms laws — and one of the most contested.

D.C. Police Chief Vows To Take Action Against July 4th Gun Marchers [continued]


Warning to Kokesh Marchers

By John Raines

There’s been a lot of confusion about Adam Kokesh’s armed protest march into Washington and multiple people have stated the group will simple turn around if they are met with resistance. I’d like to clear up some of the incorrect assumptions regarding political geography in the Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia area.

First some history. During the colonial period, both Virginia and Maryland claimed ownership of the Potomac River. In 1776 Virginia ceded control and legal ownership of the portion of the river where the two states share a border in the Virginia Constitution.

Some time later in the 1790s Virginia and Maryland ceded land to the Federal government for the creation of Washington D.C. The portion of the Potomac that ran through the District was no longer part of Maryland but became part of D.C. In 1847, the Virginia portion was “retroceded” back to Virginia. However, the Maryland portion originally ceded to the Feds provided the legal ownership over the Potomac and remained in the possession of Washington D.C. This arrangement continues to this day.

What does this all mean? Conventional wisdom would assume that the border between two states is at the middle point of the river. However, with the Potomac this is not true. Since Washington D.C. has ownership of the Potomac River to the lowest point on the Virginia side, (through Maryland’s prior ownership) Adam and his formation will have a very short march before they find themselves in violation of D.C. law. So short in fact, they may mistakenly believe they are still in Virginia before even reaching the Memorial bridge as Columbia Island between the two locations is part of D.C. (Lady Bird Johnson Memorial park).



2nd Amendment Day Rally, Clarksville, TN – March 29, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

Posted by Gunblastdotcom

Jeff Quinn ( ) attended the 2nd Amendment Day rally in Clarksville, TN on March 29th, 2013. The featured speaker was State Senator Mark Green (R, District 22). We had a nice turnout, and more rallies are planned for the future. We encourage all freedom-loving Americans to attend similar rallies near them, and STAND UP to those who want to strip away our precious, God-given rights.

Please visit and appreciate the event organizers:

Senator Mark Green:

Tennessee Gun Country:

Midsouth Shooters Supply:

Freedom Deli:

Studio 931:

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