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The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

Not some new revelation but good to see the thought being shared. Source: http://www.ritholtz.com Every generation or so, a major secular shift takes place that shakes up the existing paradigm. It happens in industry, finance, literature, sports, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, travel, communication, etc. I would like to discuss the paradigm shift that is occurring in […]

Rasmussen poll: Ron Paul in third place – The State Column

Source: http://www.ronpaultoday.com A Rasmussen poll released Friday shows Texas congressman Ron Paul trailing former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Texas governor Rick Perry in New Hampshire, the second poll to show Mr. Paul continuing to gain support in the key primary state. A Rasmussen poll released on Friday finds Mr. Romney clobbering the field of […]

Fox News Deletes ‘Who Won the Debate?’ Poll Page After Ron Paul Wins

Source: http://cryptogon.com September 25th, 2011 Update: You Can Actually Embed the Poll On Your Own Site—If You Want HAHAHA. Fox News. What a bunch of idiots. Code Someone will eventually sober up and take it down, but for now, it works. —End Update— Hilariously, the poll, originally located here, is still accessible via Google cache. […]

Conservatism, Libertarianism and Ron Paul

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com A current CBS News headline reads “Paul blends conservatism, libertarianism in pitch to voters,” reporting: “Paul’s fiery libertarian rhetoric drew warm reaction at Orlando’s Conservative Political Action Conference Friday as he offered a scathing critique of the federal government and promised to ‘restore the greatness of America.” If judging him by the Goldwater-Reagan […]