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Ron Paul Super Bomb September 19, 2011


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Ron Paul Campaign Releases Statement on Jobs Report



End wars, spending and reintroduce sound money

Lake Jackson, Texas- The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign released the following statement from National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton in response to the U.S. Department of Labor’s August 2011 Employment Situation Summary:

“The August national unemployment rate of 9.1 percent is another unfortunate chapter in the Obama administration’s almost superhuman mishandling of the economy.  Total nonfarm employment was unchanged, withzero jobs created.  The number of involuntary part-time workers is up, and the number of those marginally attached to the workforce is up.

“Six million workers, 42.9 percent of total unemployed persons, have been jobless 27 weeks or longer – a frightening proposition considering that mortgage, rent, food and back-to-school bills may go unpaid.  The most recent four-week moving average of new unemployment claims, favored for being a less volatile indicator of our jobs picture, is a frowning 410,250 – also cause for dismay.

“Indeed, much more than these data hangs in the balance.  Americans are enduring painful long-term joblessness.  They’re witnessing their savings disappear due to lost income.  They’re seeing their personal debt rise due to lost income.   And they gaze despairingly upon their retirement plans as these arrangements are tabled or upended entirely.

“We’ve been told our economic situation would get worse before it gets better, yet circumstances have remained near to their utmost worst for nearly three years.

“We’ve been told that help was on the way, yet taxpayer-derived aid was granted to pet causes and favored political allies.  Too often, bailouts were targeted to the President’s corporate and financial sector allies, a policy similar to that of tossing life preservers to those partying on yachts.

“Americans have had enough.

“It’s high time that the President and his Washington establishment allies – those in both parties – ‘man up’ and face the responsibility to enact authentic change.

“First, America must put an end to the unconstitutional, undeclared wars that are nothing more than destructive conflicts having an unclear connection to U.S. national security.  And we should stop putting our war-weary armed services men and women in danger by being the world’s police force and dispense with state building while there are pressing needs at home.

“Ron Paul has called for an authentic stimulus that communities across America will find economically and affectionately stimulating: the return to America of 305,000 of their sons, daughters, husbands and wives who are deployed overseas.

“Dr. Paul says time and again that these men and women’s absence from the U.S., their deployments by international organizations such as N.A.T.O. and the United Nations, and their involvement in unconstitutional, undeclared wars puts America at risk.

“America’s heroes should finally return, reunite with their loved ones in the vicinity of U.S. bases – many of which face closure, as foreign bases thrive – and they can spend, save or invest their pay right here in America.

“A return to the U.S. of service men and women and their equipment just months ago would mean that Vermont would have possessed the needed Blackhawk helicopters and personnel to adequately respond to Hurricane Irene’s destruction.  Instead, Vermont was required to borrow helicopters from Illinois and New Hampshire.

“In the wake of Hurricane Irene, there’s a national conversation about the constitutionality, efficacy and efficiency of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) happening.  Yet, none of Ron Paul’s Republican primary competitors have raised the issue that, since the U.S. reportedly spends more than $500 billion on overseas adventures, just seven days’ worth of U.S global militarism would pay for Hurricane Irene response.

“Second, President Obama and his Washington enablers of both parties must end the appalling practice of overspending and borrowing.  American households are becoming poorer as the economic doldrums continue, however Washington enjoys a kind of golden age as it grows and promotes its relevance in every facet of life.

“The Obama administration offers empty promises on a jobs fix despite the economic reality that government does not create jobs, and in lockstep those in government garner little criticism as few in the media hold Washingtonians’ feet to the fire.   This selective examination of the facts, too, must end.


Why I Support Ron Paul


A very good summery was found here. Source:

“What will happen if the dollar collapses? Hyperinflation will then become worldwide. I said, If. I should have said, When. It is very near total collapse already. Once the house of card falls, it will fall very quickly indeed. Money will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.” — Swami Kriyananda

Ron Paul has been predicting this dollar collapse since he was elected to Congress in 1976. In fact, he was motivated to run for Congress after President Richard Nixon disconnected the U.S. Dollar from gold in 1971. Ron Paul’s record speaks for itself. However, don’t take my word for it. Please, watch this video and see for yourself:

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How can we shift society to understand the importance of liberty? 

The best way to encourage a societal shift to a culture of liberty is to demonstrate a free society on a daily basis. The Free State Project and Southeast Liberty Project are two projects in the liberty-movement dedicated to bringing liberty-minded people together in one geographic location. This can increase activist mobility, effectiveness in changing local policies, etc. This is a good start.

Secondly, one must research economic history to understand that the wealth of society today has come through voluntary economic interactions. When looking at history through this liberty perspective, one will recognize that the chaos in history – whether it be economic panics, wars, or assaults on peaceful individuals – have largely been provoked by government policies.

Really, it’s akin to convincing people that before the War on Drugs, not everyone was shooting up heroin and smoking marijuana. If you suggest repealing the War on Drugs, someone may claim, “Then everyone would be doing heroin and cocaine!” A good response would be, “Is it the War on Drugs today that is keeping you and everyone else in society from doing heroin and cocaine?”

This is a movement that attempts to enlighten people to what individual liberty is through education and practice. We cannot shrink the size of government and end these overseas endeavors if we continue to believe the role of government is to protect us from cradle to grave, attack brown people in another country, and regulate every facet of our lives, businesses, and economy. For this vision of liberty to become a reality, people must individually awaken to the reality that they can take better care of themselves than the government, that they can interact with other human beings without government intervention, and that peace cannot be accomplished through a coercive government empire (such as what the U.S. has in place today).

This is currently a movement of education, practical solutions to reach a high-minded goal, and a dedication to practice the principles of peace, non-aggression, and voluntary cooperation in our daily lives.

Can Ron Paul Compromise and Bring People Together? 

The original Tea Party was organized by Ron Paul supporters in 2007, and it was a clear anti-war and anti-debt endeavor. The modern Tea Party movement inspired by Sarah Palin, etc., is not affiliated with the Ron Paul campaign. In fact, they generally support Herman Cain or other candidates who support more of the status quo.

Ron Paul received over 300 cosponsors – both Republicans and Democrats – for his Audit the Fed bill. Paul has worked with Dennis Kucinich, arguably the most Leftist member in Congress, on legislation to end the U.S. imperialism overseas. Paul currently has a growing amount of Democrat and independent support with the new Blue Republican initiative, which has received encouragement through the Huffington Post.

Ron Paul has proposed this as a very reasonable compromise: cut the militarism overseas (which will save hundreds of billions of dollars annually), and use those funds to tide over people who are reliant on government’s welfare programs. At the same time this is going on, give young people the option to opt out of these government programs. This naturally will result in a society focused on individual responsibility, self-sufficiency, etc. However, it would ensure that the elderly and all others reliant on government programs in the present would receive the care and funds that they need.


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