Daily Archives: August 20, 2011

King Barack And Queen Michelle Fly Separate Jets To Martha’s Vineyard Only Hours Apart, Taxpayers Stuck With The Bill…

Source: http://weaselzippers.us (WHD) — Michelle Obama and President Obama traveled to Martha’s Vineyard just hours apart, costing taxpayers thousands in additional expenses so she could have just a bit of extra vacation time. Mrs. Obama and her daughters arrived just before 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times, […]

Who’s Entering the Back Door of the White House?

Source: http://randysright.wordpress.com Judicial Watch has won their case in Federal Court to force the Obama administration to release their records for who visited the president in the White House during an eight month period from the beginning of 2009. Although this is an important victory, the list will probably only be seen as a further vindication of […]

Ron Paul Wins NH Straw Poll

Source: http://hampton-northhampton.patch.com Ron Paul got a great birthday present Saturday, as the 76-year-old defeated 11 other Republicans in Saturday’s New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll. Paul, a congressman from Texas, won a commanding 45 percent of the vote and bested runner-up Mitt Romney by 35 percent votes despite not actually attending the event, which was […]