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How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History



How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History

by Thomas Woods

The Panic of 2008 was stage one of the collapse Ron Paul has been warning about for much of his career. Stage two is unfolding before us in the form of the debt crisis, of which the recent downgrading of the U.S. by S&P is only a symbol.

In short, the calamity that Ron Paul has spent his career warning about is upon us. It boggles the mind that Americans could think a difficult choice confronts them in the Republican primary when they have the opportunity to support a true economic prophet, not to mention the greatest congressman in American history.

We are out to change that.

The purpose of our recent billboard campaign in Iowa has been to plant important seeds in the public mind. Our boards read, “The only candidate who predicted the economic crisis is the only one who can fix it.” This is a theme we intend to hammer home repeatedly. When people hear the name Ron Paul, we want them to think: “That’s the guy who predicted this economic mess.”

There is a temptation (not shared by us) to portray Ron Paul as another plain vanilla conservative Republican who favors low taxes and balanced budgets. But a key principle of marketing is differentiation. There is no point in going to the trouble and expense of producing a television ad that Michele Bachmann could also have produced. Ron Paul is not an older, male Michele Bachmann. If we pitch him that way, we will give voters no reason not to vote for the actual Michele Bachmann.

Our efforts to promote Ron Paul will differentiate him from the pack at every turn. Our full-page ad in the Ames Tribune emphasized his prophetic remarks on the economy, his willingness to speak unpopular truths, and his consistent and unmatched track record of fidelity to individual rights and the Constitution.

And for people frustrated with Congress – i.e., everybody – we added that Ron Paul has stood up to that entire body by voting no all by himself more than all other congressmen combined. His arm cannot be twisted, and he is incorruptible.

This is what people most urgently need to know about him, and it’s what we intend to tell them, relentlessly.

Can you help us?

Be assured that contrary to what goes on in the rest of the political world, and indeed in the very Super PACs to which Revolution PAC will be compared, no one here is making six-figure salaries or will surprise you with mysterious five- and six-figure expense reimbursements in FEC reports. We are regular Americans, each of whom has a track record of support for Dr. Paul and what he stands for.

Remember, there are no donation caps for a Super PAC. Mitt Romney has raised many millions through his own Super PAC, with fewer than 90 donors. Do you suppose those people sent him that money out of a deep philosophical commitment to whatever middle-of-the-road so-called principles he was embracing that week? Can you even ask the question with a straight face?

A better question is: what can we do, and how much can we raise, not because we hope for special favors and a spot on the gravy train, but because we know that what Ron Paul stands for is morally and economically right – and urgently necessary for the health of our country?

Please help us.



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World Financial Officials Hold Emergency Call to Discuss U.S. Credit Downgrade



March 11: French President Nicolas Sarkozy, left, speaks with British Prime Minister David Cameron during an EU Summit in Brussels.


Financial officials from the Group of 20 major economies reportedly held an emergency conference call Sunday to the discuss the debt crises in the U.S. and Europe following several days of market panic and a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.

Reuters reported that Japan and South Korea said that they were still confident in U.S. treasuries.

“I expressed our country’s position on the (G20 conference) call that there will be no sudden change in our reserve management policy,” South Korean Deputy Finance Minister Choi Jong-ku told Reuters.

Standard & Poor’s adjustment of the U.S. credit rating Friday night added to growing fears over debt levels and economic growth in the world’s biggest economy and in large European nations such as Italy and Spain. The downgrade from an AAA rating to an AA-plus is also set to hurt Europe, whose economy is closely linked to the U.S. and whose weak members depend on strong demand abroad for their goods to help them grow.

Early Sunday morning, markets in the Middle East tumbled at the start of their first day of business since the downgrade, even as some experts said that the rating change may not be as bad as originally thought.

“Investors have voted and are saying the U.S. is going to pay them.” Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics said. “U.S. Treasuries are still the gold standard.”

Zandi noted that neither his parent organization, Moody’s, nor Fitch, the other of the three major rating agencies, had downgraded U.S. debt.

“Anytime there’s a problem anywhere on the planet, investors come to the safety of the U.S., and they don’t go anywhere else,” Zandi said.

Many economists see the world’s big central banks as the last line of defense at this moment in the crisis, after policymakers in Europe and the U.S. have failed to agree on the kind of shock-and-awe moves that many investors demand. (more…)

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