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Freedom of Speach, Ed Vallejo and the first Amendment as it applies to this blog.


When setting up a blog and all the extra plug-ins needed to protect the site from spammers there are times when you have to deal with situations / options that you do not like.  My friend Ed Vallejo pointed out a very good point regarding censorship of comments which I appreciate and take to heart, thus this reply.

Firstly, by default the best spam blocker sets comments as spam or needing approval for those considered safe.  I have no issues of someone disagreeing with anything I post and encourage the banter.  Banter only stimulates conversation and an exchange of knowledge and I encourage it.  I support the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and expression as long as it does not intrude on the rights of others.

Back to the software issue, offering up real stats as to why I maintain the default settings….. I am looking at 246 spam comments, iPhone 5 to sewing machines, verses 16 real comments, as was yours, held in an approval status. The point is well made, and fully agreed upon but no comments are censored other than for spambots as all others are approved, whether they be in agreeing or disagreeing.  Happy to see either, as that means they are thinking and willing to communicate.

As of now, real time, I am looking at a comment ratio of 78% spam.  That being the case and stuck in a 24 hour day, it would ugly to have to review every post to search for spam and delete it should the comment gate be opened. I have no issue with comments that agree, disagree or challenge, kinda like the last option :), but would never see them as time would be spent “taking out the trash”.

Please do not confuse the comments above as saying my blog is a “free speech zone”, as it is not.  To clarify, where your feet are standing, where your butt is sitting, where you are going to or coming back from, they are all free speech zones.  If we happen to connect feel free to speak your piece / or peace, and it is all good and shared.  Disclaimer, pimping Iphone 5, software and sewing machines need not apply.  I see freedom of individual speech quite differently than marketing bots.

Due to the high spam content I will keep the default settings. It may slightly delay valued feedback but it will make that feedback visible and not buried in spam.  I can except this tradeoff.  Any comments or concerns are appreciated.

Ed, I hope this helps to explain the current condition and reason behind it,  I enjoy the input :)



Agenda 21 Coming To A Farm Near You As Federal Government Moves To Ban Family Farms



The U.S. Department of Transportation in an Agenda 21 style order, has moved to essentially ban a large part of family farms.

For hundreds of years family farms have been passed from generation to generation and it has been a way of life for younger family members to learn and work on their farms.

New rules being prepared in Washington could change that forever.

Apparently discussions are now under way to require farmers to have a commercial drivers license to operate farming equipment. This would require farmers to hire expensive commercial drivers instead of using members of their family.

ABC 25 Waco

The time-honored initiation into working the family farm could one day be a thing of the past, with discussions underway in Washington to require operators of farm equipment to have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL.

Ned Meister’s work in agriculture began similarly at the age of ten.  Meeting with News Channel 25 Wednesday at the Texas Farm Bureau, Meister explained the critical role of family on the farm.

“The vast majority of our farms are family farms, operators of equipment are usually family members, and if [those changes] were to take place, that would eliminate some of the family participation in the farm operation.”


Farmers also fear the prospect of replacing family help with expensive professional drivers, something that could end up costing everyone — if it doesn’t break the bank. 

“When you consider salaries and benefits and all the other things that go with hiring people that otherwise would have been doing by your family, well it’s just a more expensive proposal,” says Meister.

This is clearly an outright attack on family owned farms and would be a huge benefit to large scale GMO companies such as Monsanto. This is also part of the systematic deindustrialization of America.

Freedom Through Preparedness With Prepared.Pro(Ad)

If we continue to let politicians, corporations, and lobbyists control our food supply, the American people will soon have no choice but to eat GMO food from large corporate farms or go hungry.

These plans line up directly with the United Nations Agenda 21 which is now being implemented worldwide.

Our country is under full scale attack by bureaucratic world government type globalists who are openly working to destroy the American way of life in favor of a totalitarian police state.

Imminent Revolution


This is AWESOME video I wanted to share it here for all to see and to have handy to share with others.

Much thanks to who created this video!

An excellent personal endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul for President


I think this an extremely well worded and sincere endorsement for Dr. Ron Paul.  No big celebrity or business mogul, just an average citizen like you and I.  This is in two parts and notice the second part did not have many views, which often is the case, so I wanted to include both together here.

Quick question, who have you woken up today?

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

GM collected $17 million from TN for jobs, then left



Written by
Chas Sisk | The Tennessean

Workers watch the final Chevy Traverse roll off the line in November 2009 at the GM assembly plant in Spring Hill.


‘Tennessean’ Watchdog Report

As General Motors teetered on the brink of collapse nearly three years ago, it was able to tap an unexpected source of cash: the state of Tennessee.

The automotive giant received nearly $17 million — most of it in the week after executives disclosed the cash crisis that ultimately led to a federal bailout. The grants made GM the biggest single recipient of cash for job training from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, a database obtained by The Tennessean shows.

Part of the FastTrack incentive package that helped Tennessee bring production of the Chevy Traverse to GM’s Spring Hill plant, the grants were meant to train thousands of new workers who would hold down high-paying jobs for decades. But most of those jobs are no longer in Tennessee, as GM shifted production of the Traverse to Lansing, Mich., in 2009.

The outcome of the Traverse project in Spring Hill points out that there are few certainties behind the state’s efforts to spark economic development through incentive programs. While the announcement of investments generates optimism and headlines, downturns in the economy, business decisions and other factors can later sap projects of the touted benefits.

More than $250 million in incentives have been awarded for economic development through FastTrack and related programs, according to a database of more than 3,800 transactions dating back to 1999 and released by the department last month. Of that, $78 million has gone directly to companies for job training.

GM is not the only company to receive FastTrack job training grants, only to later pull back its presence in Tennessee. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Peterbilt Motors Co. also rank among the top 15 recipients of job training awards in that span; both have since laid off hundreds of workers.

But no company received as much money, in as short a time and while facing as dire circumstances as did GM.


Iceland citizens write a new constitution through online collaboration



By Agence France-Presse
Friday, July 29th, 2011 — 8:49 pm

REYKJAVIK — A group of 25 ordinary citizens on Friday presented to Iceland’s parliamentary speaker a new constitution draft, which they compiled with the help of hundreds of others who chipped in online.

The group had been working on the draft since April and posted its work on the Internet, allowing hundreds of other citizens to give their feedback on the project via the committee’s website and on social networks such as Facebook.

“The reaction from the public was very important. And many of the members were incredibly active in responding to the comment that came through,” Salvor Nordal, the head of the elected committee of citizens from all walks of life, told reporters.

Katrin Oddsdottir, a lawyer who had shared her experience on the committee through micro-blogging site Twitter, said she believed the public’s input was “what mattered the most” in preparing the draft.

“What I learned is that people can be trusted. We put all our things online and attempted to read, listen and understand and I think that made the biggest difference in our job and made our work so so so much better,” she said.

Iceland’s constitution was barely adapted from Denmark’s when the island nation gained independence from the Scandinavian kingdom in 1944.

“Since then, a holistic re-examination of the constitution has always been on the agenda, but always halted because of political infighting in the parliament,” committee member Eirikur Bergmann, a political science professor at Iceland’s Bifroest Unioversity who also tweeted his way through the committee’s work, told AFP.

But after Iceland’s economic collapse in 2008, which triggered massive social movements, pressure mounted for a revamp of the constitution and for the process to be led by ordinary citizens, he said.

The committee’s website (, in Icelandic and English) quickly became an incubator for comments, with more than 1,600 propositions and comments on the suggested text.

Moreover, the council was present on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, allowing Iceland — and the world — to follow its progress.

Most of the suggestions had to do with an economic model for the island nation of 320,000, committee member Silja Omarsdottir told AFP.

“The other proposals … that form a noticeable trend have to do with the Internet, web neutrality, transparency and freedom of access to the Internet,” she said.

Some citizens also gave specific suggestions.

“It would be be more natural that a parliamentarian would have to resign from parliament should he take on the position of a minister,” Bjarni Kristinn Torfason suggested on the council’s webpage.

Helgi Johann Hauksson thought the council should be more specific: “who we ‘all’ are needs to be defined when it is written ‘all of us are equal in the eyes of the law,” he posted.


Rule: ‘Martial Law’ – Obama To Use Dictatorial Powers To Raise Debt Ceiling If Need Be



The U.S. debt is totally out of control — now sitting at $14.3 Trillion, raising the debt ceiling will only buy a little more time until a massive crash takes place and total chaos ensues (economic and physical), a total fall of the republic.

The agenda seems to be to push for raising the debt limit ceiling to save this once great nation’s AAA credit rating — but what does a AAA credit rating mean if you go totally broke later and fall even harder?

The 14th Amendment states: “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

This is the new tactic that the powers that be plan on using to obtain their goal (create more debt).

Obama can also use PDD51 or other Executive Orders provided to him under Pandemic Level 6 (which was extended by Obama until March of 2012) to raise the debt ceiling.

Pandemic Level 6 gives them all they need to do what ever they want, we are technically in a silent martial law.

Obama stated the other day that “Any solution to avoid the default must be bipartisan,  supported by both parties and the American people, not just one faction.”

But yet one faction (Obama and the powers that be) will use Executive Orders to get this passed.

Doublespeak at it’s best.

Listen to this FOX News clip of a public threat being made (just as The Intel Hub eluded to last Sunday in the viral article titled: Pentagon To Deploy 20,000 Troops In CONUS For Civil Unrest, Possible Threats To Populace) where they hint (threaten) martial law;

This is what the staged spectacle has come to, so predictable we called it nearly a week ago.

There are also threats of canceling Social Security, Veterans benefits and more as we spiral into the abyss.

One person (or should I say sheep) said, “The country had a perfect credit rating and now they want to ruin it”.

But what would extending the debt really do, but bring us more into debt, more into trouble as stocks and paper money dwindle to nothing.

The DOW fell as the Tuesday deadline approaches. Investors worried about the countries AAA credit rating.

Expect to see even more of a staged circus sideshow in the coming days and possibly some type of major staged event.


Random Thoughts Of The Minute :)


Here we sit, some us contemplating the political posturing of the last few days.  Not picking out sides or the pluses (if you saw any please let me know) or the minuses in the debates over the phenomenal debt we find our selves in.  A debt created that is 10% caused by large corporate tax breaks and 90% by an bloated, inefficient, self-serving government with a goal of supporting corporate and foreign lobbyist verses the citizens and continuing a strategic goal of empire building abroad for the purpose of corporate gain, control of the regional natural resources and to feed the military industrial complex. The same government that created the 10% corporate tax breaks. Sadly, the only group that does not profit from all these actions and is forced to bear the burden of this cost is again the unrepresented US citizens. The debt ceiling clock is ticking, the world as we know it will end when we wake from slumber on August 3rd, so tune in at 1pm EDT today for the updates as the political circus continues the show.

Hopefully they will be past the fear mongering, fake spending cuts, pretending to be acting for the citizens as I think most but the narrowest of minds can see through this game by now. Please don’t tell me about needing the money to pay social security checks unless you cover who stole the monies and used them for what and how they will be held accountable.

Please don’t wear that red, white and blue tie and tell me about making sure the military gets their pay check, showing your patriotic spirit and support for our military. Once they come home and are discharged you have no problems with them living homeless and consider them one of the top domestic terror threats.

Also, please stop telling me about how you are doing your part to protect and maintain our great Democracy.  As a reminder, the founding fathers loathed a democracy as it is a system of mob rule. You will not see that word anywhere in our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution. We are a Republic, where all people have certain inalienable rights from birth, and can not be revoked by mob rule.

What happens if both sides of the same tool do not come to an agreement?  The current plans from both sides are a con job to the best of my knowledge, proposing cuts to fictitious potential expenses. Basically, an announced $900 billion cut means a cut of wanted future spending while still $800 billion over the current spending.  Go back to sleep America, nothing to see here.

Here is a silly scenario that may pull it into perspective.  Let’s say I spend $10 a day to eat.  After some thought I consider all the new restaurants in town and decide to save the work and time preparing meals and the cleanup while adding variety to my menu so I plan to start eating out more often.  I’ll enjoy the sites, sounds and food offered, which will come at a cost, but worth while.  So now I’ll plan on $20 a day to eat starting next month, which is fine, Oops, the business I work for is forced to shut down a week later, need to drastically consider my new finances.  I need to cut all my spending and start with my food costs, so I will budget 25% less for food, taking the planned $20 a day down to $15 a day, for my cost savings of 25%.  In reality, I can now justify spending 50% more on food ($10 – $15).  I maybe spending 50% more than today, but I am saving 25% on my projected food cost.  So no you are conning yourself, as the politicians are conning us, and the end result will be the same, we are broke!

That is the BS clear and simple, coming from both sides.  Neither address the real problem, neither fix the problem, neither attacks spending, the size of government, dysfunctional programs, the Federal Reserve, both want a custom made band aide while not addressing the root cause of the problem while still raising hidden spending.

Remember, we are dealing with 99% politicians and 1% Statesmen, such as the honorable Ron Paul, and you sit back and wonder why you are not represented. I hear much talk from the right about representing the Tea Party. As a reminder, the Tea Party was originally a grass roots effort.  Within a couple days of Obama being elected there were huge “ning” sites, bus caravans to rallies, etc. once the grass roots cause was funded by the GOP. That is why the original focus was all anti Obama, no mention of the Constitution, 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, 10th amendment and such. Later the Tea Party seemed to split in two entities, one for profit and one not.  I will let you guess which one held a big event in Nashville, TN while paying dear Sarah P. about $200k to speak. I do not know the current status but either way it did get many people off of their couches, setting down their TV remotes controls and getting out to rallies and meetups as some of us had been doing previously for Ron Paul. Whatever it takes to remove the apathy and get people moving is a good thing I suppose. Hopefully once partially awakened their natural instinct to be involved and learn more will take them past the channeled negativity and start looking at all that is really wrong, for how long and what is the cause.

So here we sit, we have “left wing” and “right wing”, same owners, then add “Tea Party”, ditto, not looking good for the home front.

IMHO, if we do not remove the lobbyists, remove central banking control, Federal Reserve, of our monies, turn our offensive military back to serving a defensive role and limit the size and scope of federal government as called out in our Constitution we will soon be a third world country with people shaking their heads while asking what happened.

Remember that being patriotic means supporting your country, your constitution and way of life, not an alliance to a ruling party or class. A citizen’s job is to keep all accountable at all levels when discussing government along with the protection of every citizen’s inalienable rights.

Bernie Sanders: The Top Ten U.S. Corporate Tax Avoiders


[Chris: Oh Bernie, if that "I" stands for Independent you fail, more like flop to whatever thought process is popular.  Still a good point to show, and basically much of our taxes go to the tax refunds of the corporate empire running this country via lobbyists, while they contribute zip.]


Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Boeing, GE, Carnival Cruise Lines…

Here are the first 2 stories in this series:

Tax Time?  Not for Giant Corporations

BURLINGTON, Vt., March 27 – While hard working Americans fill out their income tax returns this tax season, General Electric and other giant profitable corporations are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether.

With Congress returning to Capitol Hill on Monday to debate steep spending cuts, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations must do their share to help bring down our record-breaking deficit.

Sanders renewed his call for shared sacrifice after it was reported that General Electric and other major corporations paid no U.S. taxes after posting huge profits. Sanders said it is grossly unfair for congressional Republicans to propose major cuts to Head Start, Pell Grants, the Social Security Administration, nutrition grants for pregnant low-income women and the Environmental Protection Agency while ignoring the reality that some of the most profitable corporations pay nothing or almost nothing in federal income taxes.

Sanders compiled a list of some of some of the 10 worst corporate income tax avoiders.

1)      Exxon Mobil made $19 billion in profits in 2009.  Exxon not only paid no federal income taxes, it actually received a $156 million rebate from the IRS, according to its SEC filings.

2)      Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, although it made $4.4 , billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion.


Looking for someone to blame? Congress is a good place to start



By Charley Reese12:00 a.m. EDT, July 11, 2011

(This column originally ran in the Orlando Sentinel on March 7, 1995. Former columnist Charley Reese retired from the Sentinel 10 years ago. His final column ran on July 29, 2001.)

Politicians, as I have often said, are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Everything on the Republican contract is a problem created by Congress. Too much bureaucracy? Blame Congress. Too many rules? Blame Congress. Unjust tax laws? Congress wrote them. Out-of-control bureaucracy? Congress authorizes everything bureaucracies do. Americans dying in Third World rat holes on stupid U.N. missions? Congress allows it. The annual deficits? Congress votes for them. The $4 trillion plus debt? Congress created it.

To put it into perspective just remember that 100 percent of the power of the federal government comes from the U.S. Constitution. If it’s not in the Constitution, it’s not authorized.

Then read your Constitution. All 100 percent of the power of the federal government is invested solely in 545 individual human beings. That’s all. Of 260 million Americans, only 545 of them wield 100 percent of the power of the federal government.

That’s 435 members of the U.S. House, 100 senators, one president and nine Supreme Court justices. Anything involving government that is wrong is 100 percent their fault.

I exclude the vice president because constitutionally he has no power except to preside over the Senate and to vote only in the case of a tie. I exclude the Federal Reserve because Congress created it and all its power is power Congress delegated to it and could withdraw anytime it chooses to do so. In fact, all the power exercised by the 3 million or so other federal employees is power delegated from the 545.

All bureaucracies are created by Congress or by executive order of the president. All are financed and staffed by Congress. All enforce laws passed by Congress. All operate under procedures authorized by Congress. That’s why all complaints and protests should be properly directed at Congress, not at the individual agencies.

You don’t like the IRS? Go see Congress. You think the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency is running amok? Go see Congress. Congress is the originator of all government problems and is also the only remedy available. That’s why, of course, politicians go to such extraordinary lengths and employ world-class sophistry to make you think they are not responsible. Anytime a congressman pretends to be outraged by something a federal bureaucrat does, he is in fact engaging in one big massive con job. No federal employee can act at all except to enforce laws passed by Congress and to employ procedures authorized by Congress either explicitly or implicitly.

Partisans on both sides like to blame presidents for deficits, but all deficits are congressional deficits. The president may, by custom, recommend a budget, but it carries no legal weight. Only Congress is authorized by the Constitution to authorize and appropriate and to levy taxes. That’s what the federal budget consists of: expenditures authorized, funds appropriated and taxes levied.

Both Democrats and Republicans mislead the public. For 40 years Democrats had majorities and could have at any time balanced the budget if they had chosen to do so. Republicans now have majorities and could, if they choose, pass a balanced budget this year. Every president, Democrat or Republican, could have vetoed appropriations bills that did not make up a balanced budget. Every president could have recommended a balanced budget. None has done either.

We have annual deficits and a huge federal debt because that’s what majorities in Congress and presidents in the White House wanted. We have troops in various Third World rat holes because Congress and the president want them there.

Don’t be conned. Don’t let them escape responsibility. We simply have to sort through 260 million people until we find 545 who will act responsibly.

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